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We had a beautiful weekend...it was 78 degrees out, perfect California sunshine!

Most of  you who follow my blog know I love vintage finds...I found this bowl at an estate sale and put it on my coffee table in the living room.

I want to share some of the things that I brought back from Round Top. This rug is one of my favorite things. You can see in the background that I had new curtains made.

 I can thank my dog, Sway aka FeFe, for peeing on the last ones....the little stinker!

I had a band of fabric put on the edges...

My new rug has a tad of blue in it.

This rug is a vintage rug that was washed and sanded...Yes, I said sanded down with sand paper!

 This style is actually really pretty...I wish I would of bought a couple of them.

I also found these prints and the ones below.

I have always loved pictures of birds and I had to buy two of these for each side of my window in the dining room.

This is an antique French Grape Pod. I loved the color, but I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it yet.

A lot of people hang them on the wall and put flowers in them.

I was trying to think of something different.

Any ideas?

My roses were so pretty I had to take a picture of them and show you...

A little up-date..

I was on the mend from pneumonia, but I got a cold from my daughter! I can't quite believe it! Cross your fingers and for those who are religious, please pray this cold doesn't go into my lungs!

 I have to many things to do to be sick!



  1. You're taste is amazing. I love the new drapes, and the rug is to die for. The house looks great. I found a collection from the Audubond 16 bird prints in all, at a estate sale. It was a good one!
    Take care of yourself,

  2. Julie what fabulous finds! I love everything your are pulling together, the amazing rug and the curtain panels, the bowl and grape pod holder. Adore all of the art!!

    The Arts by Karena
    Coco Chanel

  3. Julie,
    What great finds. I love the blue and white bowl along with the Round Top treasures. :-)
    I will hold good thoughts that the cold passes without lingering issues. Take care until you're well.

  4. So beautiful, Julie!
    Thanks for all the beauty!

  5. Love your find from Round top. I think I would put the grape pot on the bathroom wall and store rolled towel or extra toilet paper in it! Hope you don't get sicker, you need a break, that is for sure! Take care!

  6. Love your Round Top loot! Isn't Round Top so much fun? The rug is devine! I am so sorry for your health issues and will say a prayer for you, Julie. May God Bless.

  7. The blue and white bowl looks perfect in your living room (so love your draperies). And the prints are amazing…can't wait to see where you use all of your goodies!

  8. excellent finds julie, can you tell us more about sanding rugs???? please? sounds fascinating!
    also loving that coffee table, how did i not notice it before?
    take care my friend, you have been through enough

  9. I was going to suggest toilet paper or towels for the Grape Pod, but Kathysue beat me to it. I can't tell if this is a small grape pod or one of the larger ones that I have seen. But if size allows, how about using it for umbrellas or other gear in the mud room. What about using it for magazines? Or, use it in a boy's room for sports gear (tennis rackets, lacrosse sticks, bats, etc.)? Please give an update once you decide. Thanks!

  10. Love your texas finds. I'm liking cool things with nothing in them these days. Hope you feel better

  11. Love your texas finds. I'm liking cool things with nothing in them these days. Hope you feel better

  12. Oh Julie, hope you feel better soon! Could you use your grape pod in the kitchen or bathroom?

  13. Your Round Top rug looks great! Stay healthy! xo Leslie

  14. Gorgeous finds, Julie. That rug look beautiful at home. Can't wait to see what you do with the prints. Happy June

  15. More more more, I am dying to see more pics of your living room because of the snippets I do see I LOVE IT! Your Round Top finds are fantastic and I am loving the snippets of your home Julie.
    Hope you are on the mend soon...hate being sick in the summer, my husband got pneumonia 2 summers in a row and its not picnic, so take it slow!

  16. Taylor your round top finds are fabulous. I have one of those grape harvesters. They look great on a wall filled with something simple like Curly Willow. That rug is gorgeous...wasn't Round Top fun?

  17. I love your home and all that you do. I pray you get well and rid of all sickness soon! xo Nancy

  18. Great finds Julie and I love those blue prints!


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