Before and After - Ken Taylor Photograpy

 Ken Taylor Photography
This is Ken's studio.  He bought this house about 8 years ago. It was a total mess when he bought it.  The windows, walls and bookcases were half painted all over the house.  He had one month to add walls, paint and move in.  It has wood ceilings,  wood floors, beautiful windows and the gardens are charming.   Here are some pictures from before and some after we designed it..


Notice the paint splotches on the ceiling. There were splotches of paint all over the house.

We covered up the fireplace to create an area for a portrait.

We just recently updated the studio with new accessories and pillows.

The living room window looks out to the back yard. It has a beautiful garden, rose arbors and a white picket fence.

An antique chair with gold accents.

The ceilings were sanded and sealed.

We  designed Ken's Portraits into our design plan...We wanted Ken's work to be the center focus, but still give the client the feel that she was in a living room.  That way, the client gets an idea of what the portrait will look like in her own home.

Ken Taylor's work.....

Ken's artistic eye captures details of a private moment.

A portrait makes a statement in a room. It can be apart of a design that says" elegance". Like an Art piece that is captured by an artist that makes your home set apart from others.

This portrait was also hand painted with oils to capture an artist's image.

Once in a life time!

Ken  photographed this little girl and hand painted it to be a work of art.

Hope you enjoyed the studio make over and Ken Taylor's photography.  ( OK- he is my hubby.! He also photographs all of mine and Danni's designs.)


  1. OMG each and every one of those kids is so beautiful! We've never done a portrait, but I love the lok!

  2. Hubby or not your husband does an amazing job with portraits! Beautiful home!

  3. Where do I begin? Ken is an extremely talented artist and photographer. The studio is warm and elegant, and provides the perfect backdrop for displaying his portraits. I love the gilded accent chair and the rich fabrics you used in the space. Even the gardens are enchanting. The combination of beautiful interior design and stunning photography effectively creates a single, visually inspiring and masterful work of art.
    Well done, Ken, Julie and Danni!
    ~ Wendi ~

  4. The transformation looks fabulous! What a huge difference! The interiors look warm, inviting and elegant and the gardens are very charming. Your husband is an extremely talented photographer and artist. I enjoyed looking at the portraits very much. Thanks for sharing!

    Have a beautiful weekend!


  5. Oh my...what an amazingly beautiful transformation!!! all the details are perfection. And your husband is a great photographer. Each portrait just comes to life. What a beautiful post. so glad to be back and visiting. Mona

  6. very lovely photography...
    and beautiful home..love what you've done with
    the fireplace and how you've fixed the ceiling..
    gorgeous home..

  7. What a beautiful space, made even more beautiful with the addition of those gorgeous photographs. What a talent!

  8. This was AMAZING. What a totally beautiful space, and the photography is just dreamy. I can imagine getting mighty inspired working and living in such a special and charming space...he is truly talented!! Thank you for sharing:)

  9. BTW Love all the decor and that black chair with gold accents is fabulous!

  10. GOOD MORNING! YOu came to visit me last night and I thank you so much! BUT I HAVE TO TELL YOU, I am originally from WHITTIER CALIFORNIA and tell me please, is this house that you are featuring in theh Whittier Hills? It looks EXACTLY like a home I would often see as my husband and I would take long hikes up the streets in back of Whittier College!

    So nice to meet you! Anita

  11. That living room window is to die for! Such a fabulous renovation! xo

  12. Beautiful room....beautiful photographs and paintings......talent

  13. You all are gorgeous, and he is a phenomenal artist. I love the studio and all his work. So nice to see who you all are!
    xo Nancy


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