The New Country Kitchen...Meets Industrial.

This feels like a farm kitchen, but look at the windows, contemporary, and a little industrial. Did you notice the hood over the oven? This designer  has successfully balanced a mix of antiques and industrial styles together to create a very interesting and pleasing room.( Steven Gambrel.)

  This is far from the old country kitchens.
Pam Pierce  designed this beautiful kitchen.  She brilliantly mixed a farm table with an industrial island.

A mix of industrial and down home feel..  Paula Deen would love to be in this kitchen!
(Designed by Austen Patterson Architects)

Love the pot rack.( Canadian house and home)

(Designer Jackye Lanham)

The copper hood just brings in enough bling to give it a little sparkle. The barn wood top island gives it that old country feel.
(Sergreto designs)

Windsor Smith designed this kitchen with wonderful industrial chairs and a country looking island.  Another mix of Country meets industrial. 

This island was made from old barn wood.
(country Living Magazine)

Jackye Lanham

The bar stools that Karen blake used, in our opinion make this kitchen .They could have easily been in a contemporary room with a more modern influence.  What do you think of the new country kitchen?


  1. These kitchens are gorgeous! I especially love hte first and third kitchen!

  2. Wonderful line-up of country kitchens with a sleek, industrial edge. I like the mix of cool metals and textured wood. It makes a space so much more interesting. My favorite has to be the first image. I wonder if those benches are old church pews?
    Great post!

  3. I love the mix. I have some of these saved, too.

  4. All quite spectacular, my faves are the ones that combine new sensibilities with old world touches of rustic elegance, such as shown here. Really spectacular! Two of them I am also using in my post today, its a fun one...try and stop by.

  5. These are all so beautiful. I am loving kitchen #3 and the kitchen with the copper hood.... major swoon!! xo

  6. I love these kitchens and you have now helped me to make a decision I'm changing my kitchen island out. I wanted something more industrial but was afraid of the mix and as it turns out the mix would have been wonderful. Love this post and these gorgeous kitchens!

  7. The best of both worlds. Love the island in the 3rd image.

  8. love kitchens that have a mix of rustic and refined... and a little color beyond white...
    the natural wood tones are gorgeous...
    beautiful pics..

  9. I am a big fan of contrasts and these kitchens do that so well! It's funny because I just drafted a post today using that first image (it's Steven Gambrel btw) - it's one of my all time faves. The island in that third one is so original too! Great post!

  10. I'm deeply in love with this post!!! Do I sound corny??? LOL But seriously, this post is gorgeous!

    Thank you for stopping by today. I always enjoy reading your comments! :-)

    Have a great day!


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  11. SOOO much to love. I don't think I could pick a favorite but I am working on a ski home and the kitchen with the beamed island is great inspiration.

  12. Love love the look!! It is useable, practical and aesthetically pleasing. I could move in to any of the above kitchens!! Great post, Kathysue

  13. oooo, I love the Austin Patterson Architects one. That ceiling!!!!

  14. I really love where design is at these days. It's so wonderful to see traditional interiors redefined. There is always an unexpectd element that gives each space it's own fingerprint.

    Great Gallery..

  15. They are all fantastic images. I really love the use of old reclaimed wood in many of the pictures! M.

  16. Fabulous collections of images here! I love the industrial edge that, while apparent in all these kitchens, blends seamlessly with the country feel they have. I am definitely saving some of these in my inspiration file!


  17. I love all these kitchens. The combination of industrial and country is perfect - the blending of the hard and soft creates just the right balance. Lovely post. x Sharon

  18. I absolutely LOVE these kitchens! The combination of rustic & industrial & modern is just perfect - the best of all design worlds. I'm lusting over a few of these vent hoods - especially the copper one, and the hoods in pics 1, 3, and 10. And that kitchen with the old barn wood.... SUPER-LOVE!

  19. Love your collection of gorgeous kitchens especially #1, #3 and #6! Adore the combination of industrial and rustic elements in these spaces!

    Thanks for your well wishes, Julie!


  20. There are so many wonderful elements in each of these kitchens, but the first one is one of my absolute favorites!!

  21. I love the old world touches...what a great collection of photos!

  22. Oh dearest, first of all, thank you for coming to try on one of those spring coats!!!! Your visit is so kind. AND THESE KITCHENS...OK, I have loved gray every since last year through blogging, and now I cannot get enough of it in my décor. I have original maple wood work in my French style kitchen. BUT I AM SO TEMPTED to paint over the wood in gray and paint the walls white. I do have a stainless stove and fridge and I just think that look would look great with all my vintage white bowls. But gotta convince the MISTA....you know?


  23. Hi again! Please check out my latest post. You've just received The Versatile Blogger Award! :)
    ~ Wendi ~

  24. Oh gosh...I will take every one of those kitchens.....

  25. The old barn wood featured in the Country Living Magazine needs some paint. Anyway, I would love to cook and hang out on one of those kitchens.

    My Blog: http://easyhomeconcepts.com

  26. Nice blog! and nice design of kitchen, this type of kitchen make homes attractive.

  27. Just found your site and I love it! That's a very lovely kitchen you have there. The floor, the furniture, and the wall matched perfectly.

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