Christmas with Ralph Lauren......Ideas for gifts

We loved all of these images by Ralph Lauren and would be happy if Santa were to put  a few of these  gifts in our stockings..... We love the belt buckle and the purse next to her.

This would be so smart on our dog, Sway. Anyone would be so proud to walk a dog in this hot little number! If it were cold enough in California to put a coat on a dog.

If you want to turn a few heads you might want to wear one of these shirts while walking your dog.

We would love to greet the hubby in this beautiful dress.

How would you like to take this little package home with you?  The dog that is!


Love, love, love.

Now this wouldn't be bad either. The earrings are amazing!  Santa, hellooooo!


  1. Taylor-
    I love anything Ralph Lauren does. He doesn't miss a thing or leave anyone out I am dying over the doggie coat. Do you think he could make all of us look like the models for Christmas?
    Beautiful images. Hope that you and Danny are having a great Sunday afternoon.

  2. Ralph has the golden touch and to me, anything and everything he designs is perfect and so well done.
    Wonderful images that capture his fabulous style so well.

  3. Ralph Lauren at Christmas time is always a delight..he seems to pull it off so elegantly..

  4. I thought I loved everything Ralph Lauren but those shirts with the huge polo player are a big mistake.

    I do love how you color coordinated all of your photos though. It's a gorgeous post.

  5. What a great post! I love every single image. And yes, the dog is so cute and I'd love to bring him home (since my hubby might have a problem with me bringing home the man with the incredible eyes instead)!
    Have a wonderful evening, Julie and Danni!
    ~ Wendi ~

  6. I am loving your idea of a red for Christmas. I'm going to have to ask for that red blanket satchel...love it. Beautiful post!

    Enjoy the rest of your evening!

  7. I wan the puppy in the bowl...way too cute. Miss visiting with you guys. Wish I could say I'm caught up...Not. But I'm trying really hard to get there to enjoy the holidays a bit. XO, Mona

  8. I love all the red and black and silver. Beautiful! I want that darling dog coat!

  9. I'd be very happy with any of these gift's. Although I think the little dog is the cutest of all. x Sharon

  10. How cute is that little dog costume! Sometimes I want a dog just to dress it :)

  11. Love these images too! So classy and kind of festive :)
    Nancy xo

  12. I am mesmerized by the tie blouse in that first picture...the combo of the satin with the southwestern print is amazeballs. There is no other possible way to describe it. Amazeballs. (c:

  13. This looks like a very Telluride/ Aspen Christmas, which I would love to be a part of!

  14. Gorgeous! Love RL! I'm totally grinning over the pup in the bowl! xo

  15. Oh my....drop dead gorgeous on so many levels. I want.....I want...I want!

  16. Wow! I am in love with everything in here especially the red doggie outfit, the red dress, the tote, and the first outfit! Great finds! I want them all!


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