Decor has gone to the dogs!

We thought you all might want to see something besides Christmas, And what else but Dogs! Like they say a dog is a man's best friend. Do you think this hound can keep up with the story?
( Antique and design Magazine)

So many designers show their work along with their dogs in the pictures. The coats of these cute pups are a perfect match to the fabrics used in this room.
( Lucas Design)

We are in love with this image. Again, the dogs match the decor!
( Munger Interiors)

We know how he feels. All the hustle and bustle at this time of year just wears a pup out.
( That inspiration girl)

( Source-That inspirational girl)

Day dreaming about what Sally Wheats is going to do next.
( Designer Sally Wheats' dog)


( Country living)

This little guy is worn out watching his owner (Mona) decorate her tree. It must be so warm and cozy all wrapped up in his fluffy blanket.
( Mona's dog from Providence ltd )

No you can't have any wine!
(Kattie Ridder)

Heck with the dogs, those zebra chairs are fantastic!
(Ivy and Piper)

 Show me a great old leather club chair and I'll show you a nap.
(Casa Decorada)

We dedicate this post to Christy. She had to put her long time pal to sleep this month. Our heart goes out to you.  Love you Christy.


  1. *** The loss of a dog always breaks the heart of ANY dog-lover... especially me. I'm so sorry...

    These pics are PRICELESS, and these darling 4-leggers just bring SUCH a BIG SMILE to my face... The black lab near the end (on the big leather chair) reminds me ALOT of our NEW PUP... our 8 yr old wouldn't "dare" sit in "Daddy's chair" (but she has taken over our BED!), buuuut this new lil' PUP has TRIED his chair, and she found SHE LIKES IT!!!

    THANK YOU for soooo many smiles, especially at 10:45 P.M... that insures a good nite's sleep for me!

    Merry Christmas!

    Linda in AZ *

  2. I love this post! I had a toy poodle for over 12 years & had to have her put to sleep this past spring. It was so much harder than I ever could have imagined and I miss her so much right now at Christmas. The cute faces of all these guys made me smile though!


  3. Oh, so cute. We do get so attached to our dogs, mine is everything to me - in fact he looks just like the one lying on the white bed. Also, I just got a little room inspiration so thank you. Fiona

  4. What a great post!! Love it, especially the one with the two blonde labs...too cute!! We have our beloved Teddy who blends right into to some of our rooms, they really do make our lives so much richer don't they and are certainly the ultimate "accessory' in any room!

  5. This is such a heart warming post! I don't know what I'd do without our sweet little dog. He's such a precious and special part of our family.
    Thank you for sharing these adorable images with us, Julie and Danni!
    ~ Wendi ~

  6. Love all these pictures. Oh, I hate to hear someone had to lose a loved one.

  7. Ok my heart just melted! A house is not a home until there's a furry one in it. The picture with the lab sleeping in the leather chair slays me, so cute!

  8. Such adorable furry people! Nothing cheers people up like their animals. That puppy of Mona's is so adorable. I have a Shih tzu, so every time I see her little pooch I melt.

  9. a home is always more attractive with a dog enjoying the decor. love this!

  10. Oh my gosh. I was scrolling through the images thinking these are some of the sweetest dogs I
    've ever seen and then I came across Cappi. what a surprise and it brought tears to my eyes. Don't know if you know that she has congestive heart failure. She is the love of our lives....and now she's famous too. Thanks so much for including her. XO, Mona

  11. That was wonderful and there is nothing better after a hectic day than coming home to a sweet doggie...so happy (always) to see you! These are some of the best images of dogs at home I've ever seen, thank you.

  12. Awww, such cute babies. Must get home and love on mine. Thanks for the reminder!

  13. what a lovely post!! am loving all these decors (well, what I've actually seen of them as I was a little fixated on the dogs!!)...
    I think it's important to remember when designing one's dream home to design around the dog as they live there too and sometimes can make a mess of your oh so perfect sofa fabric...

  14. I am dying these images are so cute...love the labs that match their decor!!

  15. Beautiful interiors and lovable dogs, what's not to love? Images no #3, #4 and #5 are my favorites!

    Cute post!


  16. Our dogs are our family. My sympathies to Christy for her loss.

  17. This post made me smile.... I love to see rooms with dogs. Beautiful rooms in everyway!

  18. I have been saving pictures with the idea of doing a similar post and you clever girls beat me to it. (Great minds think alike LOL) Love these images. There is something about including dogs in interior pictures that make the rooms look so much more inviting and lived in. Wishing you both awonderful Christmas. x Sharon

  19. Christy, where ever you are - our hearts go out to you. We lost our Chipper in mid October. Left a hole in the fabric of our lives that will take a long time to mend.

    Any interior looks better with a dog...

    John and Sally

  20. What a GREAT idea a for a post! SO amusing and beautiful pics, too!

  21. What a fun, adorable post! As much as the dog hair drives me crazy, our sweet lab adds so much to making our house feel like a home, no matter where we are or what the decor! Beautiful images...and pups!

  22. Bet this made Christy cry. We sure love our dogs. I think they improve the decor, like fresh flowers :)

  23. Such adorable photos, I'm showing to my daughter! We try to keep our dog off the furniture, being a pug...the shedding...it's funny walking into a room and surprising him if he's on a sofa or chair! He jumps off fast, he knows!

    Have a most wonderful holiday! Janell

  24. Beautiful post, great blog, some images that make me smile. Thank you.
    Following you for sure. Have a great holiday.

  25. I love this post! Interiors and canines! My two favorite things. ;-)

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