Soft Blues and Sandy Beige decor

With summer around the corner and the sunny weather in Southern California, we cant help longing for the beach. Soft blues and sandy beige. Can you hear us sigh!  The smell of Coppertone sun lotion and the sand in our toes.  A girl can't help to dream....

Notice how designer Benjamin Dhong mixed different woods. It adds interest, like it was collected along the way.

Close your eyes and imagine listening to Chris Issac playing in the back ground and watching the waves crash on the shore. A slider door opening to the ocean breeze. 
 We know, you read our minds, we didn't forget about the Pina Coladas!

Designer Berner sutphins

Love this image.Who else but, Ralph Lauren

A Sisal rug also gives that beach-e feel. The different textures in the furniture and the rug remind us of driftwood along the sand......

Designer Berner Sutphins 

This home could be anywhere, but it could lend its self to a home on the bluffs of Zuma Beach in California.
Designer Ron Marks created this beauty.
 Photo by Bruce Bucks

 Love the chairs around the dinning room table. T.G. has rattan envy!  We are keeping our eyes out for some chairs that aren't a fortune. Wish we had a Scotts here, like the one in Atlanta.

What a great idea for those old wicker chairs you might have, paint them blue!
Designer James Howard, another great artist.

 Berner Sutphins

Designer, Berner Sutphins
We have vacation on our mind and we don't really have one planned! Whats with that.......
 We are trying to get some ideas of when and where we want to go.
 So for now, we will be dreaming of laying on the beach with our Coppertone 45, dreaming of Pina Coladas.

 Back to reality, Danni is packing this week and getting ready to move.
 We are taking a little break from blogging. We should be back in a week or so. Hopefully we will have the images to show you from our photo shoots. Until than......
 Thanks for visiting us, Danni and Julie



  1. Such beautiful coastal home images. Fresh and light. Wishing Danni much luck with her move.

  2. I could live here nicely. It is such a beautiful home. :) Jenny

  3. All so beautiful, one of my most favorite color palettes. So soothing and elegant! A vacationk pink a coladas? All sounds good! Best of luck to Danni and her move.

  4. I love the smell of Coppertone lotion too! Reminds me of my younger years.
    These images are gorgeous, and If I was designing a beach home, this would be it. Not too beachy but relaxed.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Happy Monday.

  5. Such a classic and versatile color palette: love blue and beige. And, the sitting room from Benjamin Dhong is so fresh---love the "no rug" look.

    I hope you two have a productive week ahead. Don't work too hard....be careful with the heavy boxes, Danni. Look forward to your next post.

  6. Ok, this is my favorite post I've seen all day, and I've see A LOT. Every single image stole my heart. GREAT post!!

  7. Love those twin bamboo chandeliers!


  8. did you notice the mirrored panel concealing the tv in the bernard suphir photo? brilliant!

    yes to coppertone, warm breezes and a pitcher of pina colada's please
    enjoy your break!

  9. Absolutely stunning rooms. I could easily live in any of them!

  10. Those chairs are so cool with the two different patterns. Love them! Hope your Monday was good! xo

  11. A southern CA girl:)here.. my absolute favorite palette and don't you love the smell of coppertone, coconut, and pineapple - ok I'll take the pina colada too!

  12. I live in Southern California and I've longed for a blue and white family room for years. These images have pushed me to begin planning to achieve that dream. Such fresh and welcoming rooms.

  13. I like those bamboo/rattan chairs too...and the rug underneath!
    Prayers for Miss Danni...do what you need to do, we'll be here when you get back.

  14. I could so use a vacation now and in that home would be perfect. I know this isn't an easy move for Danni but think of it as an adventure and all the possibilities that lay ahead. I wish I could give you a hug Danni but it sounds like you'll have a good friend by your side. Hugs to you both!


  15. HI Ladies,

    Oh do I need a vacation! Adore the chairs in the first image and that PL Pot!
    The bamboo chairs say beach house casual!! The mirror panel in the fist image is gorgeous!

    I hope Danni's move goes well..if you have time...

    A feature Interview on my site with Tina from The Enchanted Home...


    Art by Karena

  16. Oh these beachy images get me excited for vacation, but the Ron Marks photo is fabulous with the pagoda lanterns and amazing drapery fabric!! Good luck with the move Danni - will be thinking about you and sending best wishes your way!!

  17. What I love is that these rooms hint at the beach.....no flashy fish on the wall.....beautiful! You know Ballards has some chairs like that I think! Good luck with the move....

  18. I love to visit here and am sorry that I have been so crazy busy, that I have not visited in a while...love this post girls.

  19. enjoy your brake take care

    and I love all images you picked.

  20. playing catch up on my blog reading today--love this post as blue and white is my all time favorite, classic color combo. Have a great day!

  21. Hy sweetie! lovely post, maybe we can follow each other? Kisses


  22. love the beachy feel here. I could use a vacation myself. Danni- good luck with the move!

  23. Love all the textures and wood finishes. Good luck with the move.

  24. How lovely! The wood finish look wonderful. Have a beautiful weekend, Kellie xx

  25. Love all this. I'm your newest follower. Come on over & enter my 2 giveaways going on through Monday. Big Texas hug....

  26. Beautiful. I wish I could have a house like yours.

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