Kravet, Lee Jofa, Ralph Lauren, and Brunschwig and Fils

The L.A. design center is always a great place to go and to find inspirations for clients. Kravet's showroom had some fun vignettes.

We were looking at fabrics and furniture. Kravet has some wonderful furniture and a line of fabrics that are beautiful. They also have a fabric line that is called "smart fabric".
  There is no extra charge for fabrics if you choose from the smart line. 

What do you think about using pink or mauve in your home?

Great neutral palette.

This is Ralph Lauren's beautiful fabrics on a Kravet sofa. Love the black floral pillows with the white sofa. Notice the black trim details at the bottom of the sofa. 

Love the blue and white jars!

These little numbers were with R.L's fabrics. OK, we should have put them underneath the sofa picture. No one is perfect!

Lee Jofa chair and fabric 


We also visited the Lee Jofa showroom were we saw this gorgeous chair with Brunschwig and Fils' fabric. Love!

Notice the trim detail! This is what sets your  home apart when you work with a designer. Those little details that add the extra touches and interest. It looks designed and not like everyone 
else's home. 

Love, love, love!

(Brunschwig and Fils)
The border is incorporated into the fabric design.

Lee Jofa set the stage with this wonderful rug and complemented it with beautiful fabrics in grays, whites and browns. 

Hope you enjoyed the tour through the showrooms.  


  1. Totally have pink and coral in my house. Really like Kravet's service!

  2. Great tour! My music room is ever so slightly pink with big dark beams and I love it

  3. Some of my favorite lines here, and I am totally a kid in a candy shop when visiting showrooms like these.........I just go nuts! I love the beautiful things you have highlighted.

  4. Yes, I have (enjoyed the tour)!! If you all ever travel to DC, please visit our design center. I love our Kravet / Lee Jofa showroom....they are combined here, and is very well done. Thanks for the tour!! Have a great week, Loi

  5. Thanks for the virtual shopping, that gorgeous collection makes me want to reupholster every piece I own!

  6. Fun to see a showroom in LA it looks surprisingly like ours at the Boston Design Center, go figure. I liked a lot of the fabrics you've shown and since I'm scouting for some for our living room this helped me a lot so thank you both.

    Enjoy your week!

  7. I LOVE the floral pieces, and the furnishings are gorgeous. The blue and white is my favorite, and I love every single chair, especially the Brunschwig and Fils' single flower. Perfection.
    Thank you for sharing these rooms. So unique and new.
    Happy Monday.

  8. Wow, what a great place to visit and get ideas! Thanks for taking us there!

  9. i did enjoy the tour and am drooling over here. equally love the trim details and you are so right, those are designer details!
    now i am kicking myself for not doing that with a client's sofa delivered last week
    pink and mauve? NEVER, did that with a touch of powder blue in my first apartment......cringe thinking about it, but that is what happens on the second go around

  10. I still twitch when I think of pink and mauve from my commercial interior days back in the mid 80's. Pink and mauve commercial interiors look awful!!!

    I'm there with you on little details making a big difference. Brunschwig and Kravet are two of the best! Sally is looking at a stack of fabrics from both Boston showrooms right now as she prepares for a client presentation. We have clients who love Ralph Lauren. Personally, I struggle with the proportions and detailing of a great deal of R L's furniture. Some of it may have to do with the scale, proportion and detailing of many New England homes - smaller and more delicate.


  11. I love going to the design center for inspiration, and these showrooms are among my favorites!

    Not really a pink person, but I like the use of pink in the Kravet and Lee Jofa vignettes. I particularly like that Suzanne Kaslet floral on the chair, and how the showroom carried the pink tomes into solid pillows on the sofa.

  12. love this post. great blog and really lovely work gals! xo, annette

  13. I am not a pink girl but do so much enjoy going to the showrooms and drooling over the fabrics. I'm like a kid in a candy store! Love RL!

  14. I saw a couple of pillows I would love to have in my home. It's fun to see the showrooms, there are always some great ideas. Thanks for the tour.

  15. Kravel is always one of my go to showrooms! Yours is decorated better than mine:)

  16. Thanks for the tour! I like visiting showrooms, it's fun. I love the first image especially the green geometric rug underneath the coffee table. I wish I can see more of the rug, though! :)


  17. Looks like some fresh new things there! Love the large patterns on the chairs.

    Julie, to comment on my new blog you have to use the facebook app. I'm trying it out there for awhile, that's the only thing I'm using for now. It's located right below the post. Let me know if that works for you. And thank you SO MUCH for visiting!

  18. Just beautiful!! I love the pinks especially!

  19. Julie, I'm following you all on pinterest. Amazing kitchen board, my dear! I'll be repinning!

  20. Such gorgeous fabrics! LOVE LOVE LOVE them all! Thanks for the tour, ladies.
    ~ Wendi ~

  21. Gorgeous fabrics and wonderful furniture pieces...Looks like you must have a great project going...

  22. The chairs and throw pillows are in such amazing prints. I really like the color palettes too. Inspiring spaces...

    Quiet Luxury

  23. Loved the tour! Makes me want to run over to Atlanta to ADAC!! Such fun! Loved the Brunschwig and Fils!!! The floral is great looking!

  24. Wonderful tour--I loved the pink pillows but just the word mauve--Yikes that was my house in the 80's.

  25. Kravet seems to consistently have fabrics that I love, but that Brunschwig and Fils fabric on the chair is pretty darn amazing and unique!

  26. Hi there!
    It is me, Penelope!

    Kravet has rescued my very favorite fabric house....."Brunschwig et Fils" I was devastated that they were bankrupt! I started being a "decorator " 43 years ago....Brunschwig was a "stalwart"! Thank God Kravet bought it!

    I will always be grateful.......and I think you will be too!!


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