Fabricut or Duralee Fabric .....

I love going to flea markets and antique sales....
Its one of my favorite things to do......

 I found two chairs for my dinning room that will be perfect but.....

 Are these the ugliest chairs you have ever seen?

 Now, maybe in their day......

 they might of been something else, but a cat has made them home....
and they look like they had been in someones garage....... 

in other words .........

they are no longer the cats meow, but for $25.00 they will be perfect for my dinning room. 

The style is perfect and once their reupholstered they will look great. 

I could paint the legs a fun color.....

 Or paint them the same color as my dinning room set.
 Check out the post I did on painting my dinning room here.
I did have these fabric samples in my office, but I  sent away for some new fabric samples.


This fabric is from Fabricut and it's a pretty large print. 

It could work on the back of the chairs and a stripe on the front.

This is one of my pillow fabrics, it could be a little boring.
 I would like to introduce a little red in my dinning room.
 You really learn your personal style when you have a blog and Pinterest.

 I have two styles I'm attracted to for my own home....

One is a California Beach Style and the other is a Houston feel. 

 I always recommend to my clients to start a Pinterest page
It helps them define what they want.

These are the fabrics I used in my living room.


I will show you the new samples as soon as I get them.
 It would be nice to get them done before the holidays, but I'm not counting on it.

(Wistfully Country Tumbler)


Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? 
 I was hoping I would be done before Thanksgiving. 

Are you familiar with Novica? 

 They have wonderful products and they are going to give my readers a gift certificate.
 Would you like that? 

 I will post the give away this week and Tina from The Enchanted Home Blog will be with us the next week. 
Tina is going to share with you how she got started blogging and some tips that have helped her.

 I'm also going to be meeting Penelope Bianchi for lunch on Tuesday
She is lovely and I'm looking forward to meeting her in person, to see her home go here.

Thanks for stopping by.
Lets talk soon!


  1. The chairs are a
    great design and look very comfy. I'm confident they will be so pretty once you have them upholstered in one of the pretty fabrics you've shown.
    I love Penelope's blog and can only imagine how lovely she is in person. Have fun.

  2. The chairs were a great find! You have such lovely taste that whatever fabric you decide on - it will look wonderful! X Sharon

  3. The chair are a great desing and the look pretty. You have such lovely taste that whatever fábric you decide on . I love the blue combination .

  4. All kinds of great things happening over there (happy to be part of it)! I loooove your fabrics. Such beautiful choices and my favorite color scheme. Cannot get over the deal you got, 25.00? Thats crazy!!! I cannot wait to see them done, I can envision them and know they are going to be amazing!

  5. I am loving fabric #1! Cant wait to see the outcome!! xo

  6. I love the chairs!!! You really scored on this one!
    Can't wait to see what you do with them.
    Happy Monday.

  7. Love the fabric combos and those chairs will be gorgeous when you're done with them!


  8. I love the bones and lines of the chairs. And they look very comfy, too. Can't wait to see what you choose. Please give my best to Penelope!

  9. Love the scale of the chairs!!! Perfect for a dining room! If your experience with fabric availability is anything like ours these days.... Well... Plan on waiting for a while.... :-(

    Sally and I met Penny when she was visiting her daughter on the east coast this summer. She is an absolute delight! You will have a wonderful time!!! Give her an hug from us.


  10. What a fun post! The chair will be so pretty when you finish. Your fabric choices are gorgeous! Just started the house this weekend and did a little on line shopping. I'm attempting to pace myself.. and keep a to-do list. My work always gets in the way!

  11. Great find! Can't wait to see the final product.

  12. Those will look great reupholstered. If you only have two styles you like, you are lucky....I am all over the map with it. I do think you should paint the legs. The holidays feel like they are already here, so good luck with the deadline. You didn't say which year :-)

  13. Your chairs have great bones. They will awesome with new upholstery. Can't wait to see how they turn out. Enjoy your lunch!

  14. Lucky find! I love rummaging through flea markets and such. Good luck choosing fabrics!

    Happy Christmastime,

  15. fantastic find! have a wonderful lunch and tell us all about it!
    xo Nancy

  16. I am a chair fiend! Your fabric choices are going to be perfect!

  17. LOL I'd say I've sen far uglier chairs! But I know you'll make it a ton better...can't wait to see!

  18. Love all your fabric choices. That chair will be gorgeous! Mentioned your blog in my post today. :)

  19. You are a pro at recreating - just loved rereading the post on your dining room painting. I can't wait to see you work your magic!!

  20. Those chairs are great! It's easy to see beyond the fabric that the scale and lines are gorgeous!

  21. Love those chairs they have a great form but yes they need to be re-upholstered and the legs need painting. I've done the same to finds and love them. I hope you'll share the after pictures and can't wait to see. I'm done Christmas shopping and have to be by November since this is my extremely busy period for my business but I love it.


  22. Those chairs will look great! I love all the fabric.

  23. I LOVE THOSE CHAIRS!! I am looking for something just like that for my dining room! I am passing this post on to my daughter. When she was young it would drive her nuts when I would bring home an old stinky chair. The worst one had not only cat hair ...but...well I won't go any further1 I love the pillow fabric..but I am sure whatever you choose will look fabulous!

  24. I'm using the John robshaw in a clients dining room--love all your colors and prints--they looks so smart
    hope you are having a great week! Barbara

  25. I love finding such great treasures at estate sales! Love you chairs and love your fabric choices! Can't wait to hear about Tina next week! That is a great idea for a post! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  26. The chairs will be perfect once you give them a little makeover love! Can't wait to see the final product...

  27. 25$......shut up! Those are fabulous. I love your fabrics...in fact I am working with a few of those same ones! Blue and tan is such a classic combination! Can't wait to see these finished.

  28. This is an ABSOLUTELY AMAZING idea!! I love it! What a cool way to share ideas and perspectives of fashion!
    duralee fabric safari


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