Blogging and Friends

 Its funny how blogging connects you with people all over the world who share the same passion as you do. 
 I am joining Mona at Providence LTD and Marsha, at Splenderosa blog as they have gone down memory lane and have shared some of the bloggers they first started following and became friends with.....  

In other words....I am totally inviting myself to join in.....

  I loved their post and thought it was a great idea.....
So, here is some of the bloggers that I have become friends with and would like to share with you their blogs.......

 John and Sally at Wilson Kelsey Design have been a delight to get to know.   
 They are a husband and wife design team that work together.  
They are very talented and its been fun getting to know them and to see their business grow. 

 John and Sally started blogging around the same time I did.

We have shared ideas together about social media...
We both were so new at it that it was nice to talk to someone with the same level of experience in blogging.....


 Stacy, at South Shore Design blog is a very talented and smart lady, did I say smart.....Yes, she is .....who now has an online store. 

We have asked her many questions, poor thing....from blogging to sponsors you name it, we have asked her! 

This is a image of her work
 Stacy always finds the best deals all over the Internet and shares with her readers.. She offers fabulous items on her on-line store.


 Debbie, from Inspired Design Blog has shared her life with the world....her struggles and joys....Debbie we are so proud of you!
She has helped so many women and she is an inspiration to all who read her blog.


 Kathysue, from the Good life Of Design blog.... will teach you how to set a table, show you great ideas and how to make it look beautiful.

 Her blog is very informative and is uplifting..

We both have special people in our lives that share the same name. Her grandson Mikey, has followed my son, Mikey's skateboarding career. 

We sent him a T- shirt and an autographed image of my son for his birthday.........Hi Mikey


Mona and her sister from Providence LTD blog  have  become our  friends and if I'm ever in Arkansas I am going to go visit them....  
Hope that is Ok Mona...

I promise I won't stay long.....really.

 I will bring my own pillow....

 We just did a post on these talented sisters.


Tina at The Enchanted home is another blogger that we have followed and we consider as one of our blogging buddies.

This talented women could build a town if she wanted to.

 Tina is going to be visiting our blog soon. 

 She is going to share with our readers some tips on what has helped her on-line store and blog grow......  

Can't wait to share that with you.
This is her home, but we will have many other images to show you....
This is Tina's faithful dog...



Carla, at Aston Design Studio is a very talented designer who's work and blog I have been following since I started. 

We both started blogging around the same time. 

Carla eats and sleeps design....She really does. She is a goal setter and very driven....I admire that about her........ 


Renae, from Renae Moore Design blog......I'll be going to crash on her sofa one day.......just kidding! 

Renae and I became grandparents a couple of weeks apart.

 We have talked on the phone about design and share a lot of the same passions. 
 She loves fabric like I do and has an eye with patterns and styles. 

Maryann, at Classic Casual Home is another designer and blogger. 

She shares her love of family, friends and design on her blog and is another very talented lady.
 Her home is going to be featured in a magazine soon....Way to go Maryann....

This is Maryanne's living room.

 Maryanne's dinning room.

 Remember the old saying..... make new friends and keep the old.....One is silver and the other gold.


Well, here are some of our new blogging friends that we are getting to know....... 

Loi, at Tone on Tone has a great blog and owns an antique store that has some beautiful Swedish design furniture. 
He also is a talented photographer. 
If you have not seen his blog, just wait.....his photos of his garden are to die for!

His home is beautiful and he has exquisite taste.


 Kelly, at The Polished Pebble is another blogging friend that lives about 45 miles from me and I'm hoping that one day we can meet for lunch...
OK, Kelly you name the day and time and I will be there...

Kelly is one talented lady that can turn any old thing into a piece of art.

She has taken vintage objects and has them turned  into wonderful lamps that are unique....and one of a kind pieces.
 She also now has an online store.

 These are images of Kelly's work.


 Lisa, from Lisa Mende Design is another friend that has a very kind heart that I have started to get to know.

 She is a designer that shares her love of design, life and family on her blog. 

She also was interviewed in a on- line magazine.....Check her blog out to read here interview.....

These two images are some of her work.


Cindy, from Rough Lux Lifestyle is another new friend that I am  getting to know. 
 She lives up the coast from me and lives in this gorgeous home. 
Yup.....this is her beautiful home!

 I would never want to leave....

Her gardens are out of this world....



 Pam, at Simple Details has more energy than anyone I know.
 She could paint furniture change her whole house in one afternoon.   Visit her and you will learn how to do something and everything from this talented girl and get some great ideas.....

This is her living room....and yes, she painted that beautiful table and made the pillows.  This girl can do anything...

We want to thank Mona, at Providence LTD for listing us as one of her blogger friends.....Right back at ya girls.....
   Visit Marsha, at Spenderosa Blog... she has all of the bloggers who participate in..... By invitation only.

If you would like to visit our friends..... here is their Blog sites.
Wilson Kelsey Design 
South Shore Design 
Inspired Design
Provedence LTDDesign
Good Life of Design
Casual Classic Home
Carla Aston Designed
The Enchanted Home
Tone on Tone 
Lisa Mende Design
The Polished Pebble 
  Rough Lux Lifestyle Blog
Simple Details


  1. Thank you Julie and Danni! Lets do it...lunch I mean,
    and get the whole group together!


  2. Thanks so much for sharing all these talented bloggers. Many I know, other I can't wait to explore.

  3. I think this is the nicest compliment anyone could give a person. Firstly, thank you so much for including Mona & me, mentioning our inspirational posts last Tuesday. And, you've added quite a wonderful life of talented ladies for all of us to visit, if we don't know them already. I'll post about this in the morning, Julie...thank you again for letting me know you've done this. xx's

  4. I love this, some of those talented ladies, I know...and some are new to me. Thanks for this list.

  5. Wow what a line up of amazing talent! Most I know but a few I don't so I'm off to visit the ones I don't. Thanks for sharing this amazing group!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  6. WOW!!Here I am reading and thinking geezzz..they know sooo many talented people and bam! there I am! Thanks sooooo much, I am honored to have been included with such an esteemed and talented bunch!
    I must say the perks of meeting so many amazing people through blogging is by far the bet one. It is so incredible how we connect with people all over the world that we would otherwise not meet!! Now we need to figure out a central meeting place for us all to get together one of these days and meet up in person. How fun would that be? Definitely on my bucket list:)
    Anyway, many many thanks for including me and considering me as a friend as I do you....keep doing what you do because its wonderful and enjoyed by so many!
    Enjoy your weekend:)

  7. All of these are such wonderful blogs and I have loved getting to know so many of them! I'm super excited to check out the new ones that you mentioned that I had not heard of! Thanks for sharing this!

  8. Oh my gosh, how sweet are you!! Here I was getting my daily dose of you, planning to check out these blogs I'm not familiar with on the weekend (crummy forecast always means blog reading)! And, what a fun surprise to be included, truly an honor, kind friends!

  9. What an honor to be in this line-up of so many wonderfully talented bloggers. Thank you so much for including me!! I have enjoyed getting to know you and visiting via email. I look forward to a growing relationship with you in blogland. Who knows maybe someday we will meet!! Say hello to your Mikey and that sweet new grandbaby!!
    Sending you a great big cyber hug and a thank you,

  10. Oh, THANK YOU!!! I am so honored to be included in this group of super talented bloggers. Some I know and admire and you introduced me to some wonderful new blogs to go and investigate! Have a fab weekend. xo

  11. You are such a sweet friend! I have seen many these talented blogger's work/blog and some are new to me. Thanks for putting this together.

    I will check them out when I get a chance!

    Enjoy your weekend!


  12. I love all of these too! Have a wonderful weekend!

  13. isn't blogging amazing?! the friendships are true and deep. i just happen to consider you ladies one of my very favorites and friends i want to get to know more.

    i have been thinking lately how i want to devote more time to blogging again and meet some new "co-inspirarors", thanks for this perfect list!

  14. visiting via Marsha; love her! and enjoying your beautiful blog. do you know about Vicki at 2 Bags Full? she's having a blog party to introduce folks around and to increase readership. she's another beautiful soul.

  15. Hi, Julie and Danni ~
    What an incredible honor! Thank YOU for including me here. Especially among such talented designers, wonderful blog writers, and good friends. I'm thrilled and so grateful!

  16. How sweet and kind...I am sooo glad I am your new friend!!! We really should get together for lunch or something! Lots of other blogs listed here that I want to visit. Have a wonderful weekend. I am in Mammoth now and its snowing!

  17. Great list of bloggers whom many of them I follow as well! Tina's home is gorgeous as always!!

  18. Hey there long distance friend! Sally and I thank you for including us in your list of blogger friends. Definitely one of the perks of blogging and social media in general is meeting and getting to know people we would have never otherwise met.We're the richer for it. It would be a hoot for everyone to get together some how, some where - a jamboree style thing.

    It's been so busy with work around here we haven't been able to get posts up regularly of late. Hopping by the end of next week we will be able to come up for air and get back to a somewhat normal routine...


  19. Julie,
    Thank you so much for the kind comments and link up! It is very much appreciated. I've found lots of inspiration here on your blog and love to see the work you two have done! It's been wonderful to connect with you through our love of design!

  20. I agree that the beauty of "blogging" is all about "kindred souls"! How else would we have ever found each other!

    I consider myself ever so lucky to have met many "members of my tribe" by way of blogs and the internet!

    And this is a perfect example!


  21. Thanks so much girls for including us. You are so so kind in your praise. I can't think of anything I would enjoy more than a visit from you and a sleep over so we could laugh and share all night. That would just be a blast. You are doing an incredible job with your blog. I can definitely learn from you. XO. Mona

  22. It will be fun to see some of the new to me recommendations. Very nice post.

  23. that was a great post! so many great ladies and so many fabulous homes and ideas!

  24. What a nice post! I have cyber- visited many of these talented folks! Funny how we can connect with each other in this not-so-big world!


  25. What a wonderful idea! I often wonder what I did before blogging...probably bored my non-design crazed friends to death with my incessant chatter about renovating and decorating. How nice to find like-minded people in the blogisphere.

  26. Some of my very most favorite blogs and blog friends are among this list...heading to check a few "new to me" blogs!! Happy Monday, ladies ~

  27. Some of my favorite people are featured today! And I'm glad to have the opportunity to get to know new blogs! Thank you for sharing with us!

  28. What a nice way to acknowledge your blogger friends! It sounds like you've made some wonderful, lasting connections with some very talented ladies!
    ~ Wendi ~ xo

  29. Lots of great bloggers you featured and such a lovely post for them! A few of them I consider my blogger friends as well ;)


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