Chairs and an Entry Update...

I always love a good transformation...

My client bought these chairs.....
 but the fabric was all wrong......

I took them to Juan, my upholster  and he worked his magic....

We restyled the front and had the fabric come 
 down to cover up the wood in the front.

 We wanted them to look lighter and this did the trick. 

We used a fabric from Kravet.


Remember these chairs I found for my dining room.... 


I ordered the new fabric from Robert Allen....
it is perfect. 

What do you think? 

I love it!  

The legs are being painted and hopefully they will

be recovered next week....



These are the pillows on the sofa in the Living room.....

and the chairs will be close by in the dinning room... 

It needed a darker fabric...

everything was on the lighter side and I felt it

needed depth to create interest.



Here are some of the fabrics that I'm using in the living room. 

This is taking so long......

It feels like I've been working on this forever!

The ottoman was recovered in this Duralee fabric by John Robshaw. 

It looks so much better!


Are you a flea market junkie?
 I am.....

I found this chair but I'm not sure I'm going to keep it....

 It might go to a client.


I also found these sea fans and framed them.

This is the entry way....
I'm looking for a new piece to replace this old dresser. 

It's as old as the hills....it's from the eighteen hundreds

and  I love it.....
 but its a little blah!

If I keep it in the entry I would have to paint the wall....

which is a problem....

 this wall connects to so many other walls.....

there isn't a natural break and we are thinking of moving.....

so who wants to paint the whole house when it

really doesn't need it and I might not be here....

I think it needs more color.....

like this one from our Montecito trip..


or this one....

from Christy Fords home...

we did a post on her here


This entry way is interesting and creative......

its symmetry and balance create a perfect space....


Well that's it for today.....

 I will let you know if I find a new entryway 

I want something that has a blue patina and has some pazazel!

 Good luck with that...right!



  1. Love all your fabric and color choices for your living room. I am getting ready to paint my dining room chairs and recover the seats and am trying to decide on what fabric, too. Decisions decisions.

  2. I think your on the right track- a little color is always an attention grabber in the entry, and of course symmetry is
    soothing to most everyone. Beautiful ideas for changing it up.. and YES- I am a Flea Market Junkie ! Loads
    of fun- cannot wait to go to Brimfield one day.. who knows ? Then the Paris Flea markets..


  3. Such pretty fabrics! It will be wonderful! Love, love, love the sea fans. Can you refinish the entry table to suit your needs? But, sometimes a girl is just in a mood for a change. Can't wait to see.

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  5. Love that blue fabric so pretty. xo

  6. Yes, good luck. I never seem to find exactly what I'm looking for when I'm looking for it :) The recovered chair looks SO much better. Can't wait to see how your wingback turns out. The fabric you chose is perfect for it.

  7. I have a passion for recovering old chairs. I would need another house for all of the chairs that I have wanted to redo over the years. I am excited to see your dining room chairs in their new look.

  8. That chair came out wonderful with the new Kravet fabric! I love the blue and yellow fabrics, too.

  9. Rome wasn't built in a day, and you have a lot going on! I love the material you chose for the chair! What a transformation, and i can't wait to see your chairs!! I love the fabrics here.
    Isn't Christie's buffet gorgeous?
    I hope that all is del with you, friend.
    Happy Monday.

  10. This was a fun, newsy post. Love the reupholstery on the chair.

  11. Oh my gosh I can't wait to check in! Love all the fabrics and I am so jealous of those chairs you found! That is exactly what I have been on the lookout for my dining room as well! I love how you framed the sea fans! Gorgeous! Would you pass on the name of the frame by any chance?

  12. That first chair....amazing transformation!!! And I'm crushing on those framed sea fans!

  13. Wow! I'm in love with every single thing ~ the ottoman could be a favorite, or the dining room fabric, maybe!

  14. Yep. Flea Market Junkie ... truly. I really can barely pass really bad furniture left on the street. I think it is a sickness!! The John Robshaw Fabric ... gorgeous on the ottoman!! xo

  15. Cannot wait to see those dining chairs in that gorgeous blue fabric!


  16. LOVE LOVE LOVE everything!!! the chairs are awesome! Love the fabric on the ottoman too!!

  17. Taylor,
    Everything you touch looks amazing!!! Great redo on the chairs!!!

    xo Elizabeth

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  20. It looks great, Taylor - love the chairs!!!

  21. I love seeing transformations like these! Plus the entryways are gorgeous - I always pick up great tips from your posts. :)

  22. Juan is a magician and love what he does to update a chair! We're facing the same issue with our entry - to keep or not to keep a 19Th century Begian cabinet. But alas, no move in our future so we'll have to decide soon! Thanks for stopping by The Buzz today.
    C + C

  23. are you kidding me??? I have chairs and pillows with the blue peacock fabric..love this whole post!

  24. i love your updated fabrics.
    your color palette is so easy on the eyes.
    warm, at the same time very fresh feeling.


  25. I love everything you've chosen! I always think I'm NOT a flea market junkie and then I remember…I own an antiques shop! What is the difference? Seriously…I do love re-doing, re-covering and re-viving old pieces! Might even start doing that to my own self soon! Loved this post and am so glad to be reading such wonderful blogs again! I am re-born after reading this!! LOVED it!

  26. pazazel? is that like pizzazz times ten? ha!

    thanks for your kind words. lovin the sea fans and need to frame mine!



  27. WOW that's awesome work - great transformation - i DO love thrift stores - i don't have "good flea markets" by me - atleast that i know of

  28. I love your flea market chair and the fabrics for your living room are gorgeous - as is the new fabric for the dining room chairs. Can't wait to see them redone!

  29. I really love that Robert Allen fabric. Did you say what color the legs are being painted? I love flea markets.

  30. Your upholsterer did a great job - it looks perfect. Look forward to seeing all your fabric in the living room - such a great selection.

  31. Love the chair makeover! Also loving the chair you got from the flea market!


  32. Great list!
    If you're going to invest in something it should be furniture. It should last you a loooong time.


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