Scarlett's Nursery

This is Scarlett....Our grand baby!
We think she is just the cats meow and yes ......
I'm so Corney, but if you have grandchildren then you know exactly how I feel.... and if you don't..... just wait!
 It's the bomb!

My Daughter in-law and son had these pictures taken of Scarlett by photographer Jennifer Daigle. 


This is my favorite....isn't she cute?
This was my dresser when I was a child and than my daughters...
 I actually painted it for my daughter when she was young and now it is Scarlett's. 

My daughter in law, Jennifer Taylor is an interior designer and designed Scarlett's room....Isn't it cute?


The pig was my sons first stuffed animal... 

Love this....Daddy's little girl!


You can find Jennifer Daigle Photography here..... 


  1. Oh my is she beautiful! Lovely pictures! Congratulations! and I absolutely love her room...it's fit for a princess!

  2. She is so beautiful! What gorgeous pictures, the nursery is just darling and her name is perfect. Congrats, on your beautiful new addition to the family!

  3. What a gorgeous baby girl and her name is perfect for her. Her nursery is gorgeous too. I am so looking forward to grandchildren on day! x Sharon

  4. Scarlett is such a beautiful little girl! Her nursery befits her!

  5. Baby Scarlett--I'm in love! What a cutie and the photos are just amazing-congratulations!

  6. Scarlett and her nursery are beyond ADORABLE!!!

  7. Congratulations! As a grandma of only 2 years I'm totally with you. It's beyond comparison. Scarlett is precious. Enjoy!

  8. Oh my goodness, Scarlett is BEAUTIFUL! And her nursery is incredible!

  9. Perfection! All of it - the gorgeous Scarlett, the lovely nursery, the beautiful photography. What a dreamy post.

  10. Dani
    Congratulations you have complete permission to brag all you want!! That baby is adorable...the pictures are wonderful and your daughter in law did a wonderful job with the nursery! You must be so proud!

  11. Oh my word...she is an angel. They say grandchildren is the reward for parenthood. I sure hope so. I would love to see that dresser some time. But don't move Scarlett for it.

  12. Oh my. She is a lovely lovely baby. I'm looking forward to grandparenthood. All the benefits - none of the headaches! Thanks for sharing this with us. Her nursery is sublime! Congratulations to all of you!


  13. She is beautiful!!!! And, I love her name!!! Congratulations on this new addition to your family.

    Your daughter-in-law designed a scrumptious nursery --- feminine and chic. I love the zig zag stripe on the wall and her little reading/cuddling area. Also, love that you kept your sons "pig"...it looks brand new.

    Happy New Year...and many happy moments with Scarlett!
    xo Elizabeth

  14. Hello, Scarlett!!! Lovely meeting you :) Beautiful photos of a very beautiful baby girl!

  15. What a beautiful baby and a lovely room! So cute!! You're daughter-in-law is so talented and I love the dresser! How sweet.

  16. She is precious - congratulations! And the nursery is beautiful.

  17. I am sooooo excited for you. As a grandmother to a 15 month old, I know exactly how you feel, and trust me, it only gets better!! She is gorgeous and with a fabulous nursery. Happy Sunday!!

  18. Oh. My. Gosh. She is the most beautiful little thing I've ever seen. I want her!!!!

  19. She is gorgeous!! Those little lips! And her room is darling. Congratulations!


  20. I feel horrible.. I've fallen so far behind on your posts!! Don't know what happen but I am grateful that you stopped by mine.

    Your grandbaby is just perfect in every way .. what a precious little sweetheart. The photographs are AMAZING as is her nursery. Lucky little girl!!! The picture on Daddy's skateboard is so cute and made me chuckle. Guys are always so fun to watch with their first born. They try to act as if they aren't going to get taken by this "little thing" .. but then they fall hard:) and become the best dads.

    Enjoy every second and I know you will take lots of photos.


  21. I am so happy for you, she is such an adorable baby. The photographs are so beautifully taken and I also love her whimsical nursery.

    Enjoyed reading this post a lot!



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