A New Kitchen Remodel

I have a client that sold her home and is buying another....
It's in escrow and I haven't seen it yet

The kitchen will need to be remodeled..... 

She has sent me some ideas and we talked briefly on what she thinks she might want.

It is a track home in Southern California....

Southern California tract homes are typically built very basic! 

You could pay five hundred thousand to a million dollars and up for a home that has no crown molding, basic windows with no wood detailing, and a..... well, a nothing kitchen.

 In other words its a box....

Now, there's nothing wrong with that but..........
  you can get so much more for your money in other areas out of
 Southern California.
  What we pay for is that good old 
sunshine and beach atmosphere...

source, our kitchen Pinterest board

source, our kitchen Pinterest board.

We have been talking about using beams, natural woods with an industrial vibe...
OK..... put those thoughts on hold!

I just got a call from my client and as I was working on this post....

She has some new ideas and might be thinking of black cabinets and taking out walls making it one big room.....

Now let me remind you.....
  I haven't seen this home yet...but.... I have seen some very bad photos...

Source, our Pinterest boards.


I love this.... Its creative and artistic! Source, Our kitchen Pinterest board

Some clients go through this when their gathering ideas.....

It will be my job to go through their ideas and let them know which ones will work and which ones will not....
 and put it into a workable plan with ideas that I think will work for their space and budget....
did you get that...
What will work within their budget! 
Everyone has a bottom line.....
Their budget will determine what they can and can't do......
This is when creativity comes in.

source...Our Pinterest board


source, our Kitchen Pinterest board

Source..Our kitchen Pinterest board

Notice the dark and light mixed with the wood beams.... Love this!

Source our kitchen Pinterest board

If we take out walls it will be similar to a shot gun home.....long and narrow.....I cant wait to see this house. 

Source...Our Pinterest board

This could be an option....a mix of light and dark cabinets...

Source..our Pinterest boards

Here is that raw natural wood mixed with a traditional feel....I personally like it!


Designer Andrew Brown photo..Kevin Spearman

I have always loved this kitchen....it is one of my favorites....

See out Pinterest board

My client sent me this image....from Lonny magazine. 
She loves the black cabinets and marble counter tops. 

Source...our Pinterest board.

Another example of mixing dark and light....


Designer Barbara Carlton

I just talked to my client again...... she has some new ideas and so do I!

 Can't wait to see her new home and to start working on a design plan...


I want to thank all of you for your sweet comments you left me regarding my Dad...
 I do appreciate all your thoughts and prayers..
 He started Chemo and Radiation to prevent the Cancer from blinding him....
At this point it is about quality of life...
as much as we want him to be with us....
we want him to be out of pain and suffering....
Thanks so much,


  1. Oh Julie, so sorry about your father. Wishing your family all the best.

    Tell me about prices in California...that's why our house is so tiny on Lido Isle. I love the white and black contrast...and I bet she gets a lot of light. Looks like a fun project.

  2. I love all these kitchens ... can't wait to see what you find and what you do! I am so sorry about your Dad ... I have been so caught up in my Dad that I haven't been paying attention!! I hope he is doing well. It is very tough as we try to navigate these road with our parents. I wish the best for you!! xoxo

  3. Julie, I'm so glad to know your dad is starting Chemo and will definitely be praying for him! All the way home from our beach house today I thought of what I would want to post on next…it was definitely a kitchen remodel as that is top on my list of "wishes"! Next on my list is wishing you could be the designer! I love all of these ideas! They are wonderful! I wish I still lived in sunny California a lot of times! I love Birmingham but there are two places my husband knows I would move to and still be happy…California and Hilton Head Island, SC….my two favorite places in the world! Even over our wonderful beach home. I'm not ungrateful for it…trust me…I just know I couldn't live there for long! Not sure why! But these kitchens rekindled the idea to pursue my own kitchen re-do. I will keep watching this transformation as you do it! Thanks for sharing your beautiful ideas! It was so good to read a post like this after being so withdrawn from my blogging friends! Happy New Year, Julie!

  4. Julie, I hope your Dad tolerates the chemo as well as it can be...my Dad is over the pneumonia and had a treatment today. Lovely kitchen inspiration here. You will do a great job and this will be a fun project. XO, Mona

  5. First, glad you dad is getting treatment. I hope it will be successful and allow him to continue living a quality life. Health IS wealth.

    Sounds like a challenge but a fun project. As you know I love beams and the mix of dark and light is classic and timeless. I cannot wait to hear more about this as it unfolds.

    Thanks for sharing all the beautiful images and cheers to a wonderful healthy 2013!

  6. Hi Julie, sounds like a fun and diverting project. I like the idea of one big room - wish I had done that in my own house. Looking forward to seeing photos as you progress. I am sending all best wishes for your father, that the treatment goes well and he is as comfortable as possible. And thinking of you, too!

  7. What an exciting project, Julie ~ those beams...I'd die for! Continued prayers for you and your family.

  8. Oh, Julie, what a project. You must let us know what eventually happens. Sounds like your lady is a bit up in the air at this point. And, believe me, I know about basic tract houses and the prices they command in some markets. We are very very fortunate in Texas...our prices are so far below what you're quoting...and the homes are in great areas as well. Good luck !!

  9. Hi, Julie - Thanks for all the kitchen inspirations. We are designing our tiny basement kitchen.....very timely. I wish we had more room and a bigger budget....

    Sending you and your father my very best! Take care, Loi

  10. hi julie.

    i totally understand about your dad. my mom starts chemo in a few days, and i will be traveling to be with her for her 2nd treatment in a few weeks. hang in there.

    i would be too timid to spring for all black cabinets as the color can be so austere, and i like kitchens that are warm and not sleek. that first kitchen just speaks to me!

    smiles to you.


  11. oh my julie, what a collection of inspirational kitchen images you have collected!
    a new project always get the creative juices boiling over, looking forward to your magic.
    forwarding love to you and your beloved father

  12. Yikes, it sounds like you have your work cut out for you! I like your dark and light vision very much. Excited to see where this project goes!

  13. sweet Julie, I pray your dad does well with his treatments and I know you all are working on making his life the best it can be right now. This kitchen idea sounds like so much fun, and OHHHHHH the possibilities! Yes, I'm with you in having to see the space before I think of more plans. Best of luck and I know your awesome skills and tastes will wow your customer.
    xo Nancy

  14. Julie-
    You and your family are in my prayers. I have lost both of my parents, and it is so difficult to watch them suffer.
    These rooms are gorgeous. Your impeccable taste shines through. Can't wait to see what you do.
    Happy New Year!

  15. Your dad continues to be in my thoughts! Have fun with this kitchen - it looks like it is going to be a blast. How I would love to have a client who will let me do black kitchen cabinets!!

  16. Sounds like you have some creative challenges ahead of you, but you certainly have some beautiful inspirations here to work with. :) Happy New Year!

  17. Oh Julie, I am sorry about your dad and know that there is a master plan for all of this. Your post was making me laugh so hard....how often does she call? This is going to be great and I hope she is happy that you want to share it with us.

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  19. *hugs* Julie to you and your family - prayers for your dad ALL the way!!!

    i *loved* remodeling my kitchen - but i have some 'regrets' - but it was my 1st time - so you live and learn, right? - i was gonna do black cabinets but decided against it - and then went cherry - now i wish i went glass/white - something SUPER modern/no wood .. but i love the raw wood idea!!! - i wish i had MORE space!!! - my next house! - i mean this is just my "dollhouse" aka starter home :o)

  20. ps - for some reason i wasn't "following" you - well now i'm a google friend/follower - *yay*

  21. Your client is soooooo very lucky to have YOU!! Love love love kitchen #1!! xo

  22. You found some of my favorites! I haven't seen that first kitchen...I just love the color of the cupboards! Gotta love those California track houses! Good Luck!

  23. Julie, I'm a long time lurker and enjoy your blog. Hopefully, your Dad will have some quality of life and that you will be able to spend many happy hours together.

    About the kitchens--wow, wow, wow! They are so beautiful! I am in love with the first one as well--it has a little more warmth than the others. Oh yes, I think the correct term for your client's home is a tract house, not track. It refers to similarly styled homes built on a tract of land--like a subdivision or development.

    Again, love your work and your blog!

  24. Dear Julie
    I'm so sorry to hear about your dad...I hope you were able to enjoy Christmas and your time with him--please know that our thoughts are with you!

    I love your kitchen post--I find that people really get into their kitchen design (especially if they cook!) I love the bold dark floors and lighter cabinets---I just finished a kitchen with white cabinets and a custom white banquette with bright yellow Quadrille pillows--so sunny! Wishing you all the best, Barbara

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  26. As usual- loved this post.. always fun to have a kitchen to work on. I pinned two of my favorites of this
    group.. I have a kitchen to spice up for a client in the near future, so this got my creative juices flowing.


  27. Excellent.It seems from the images that you have expertise knowledge of Kitchen remodeling.

  28. I love that wooden counter on the 7th photo! I'd love to have something like that at home! Soon maybe, when my two little boys grow bigger because as their age, they tend to scratch the floor. It's just a simple wood design with a top but it's so attractive to my eyes!

    Chase Conely

  29. The best way is to make a few sketches that your client can choose and from there, she can just add or remove whatever she likes. What you have is a blank canvass. And I think your client wants to start something from nothing. She can do whatever she likes with the place and remodel all she wants. Maybe that's why she chose to buy that place. The 2nd and 3rd photo to the last would be a great kitchen inspiration if she wants a kitchen with black cabinet. It looks more spacious and accommodating to guests.

    Keaton Oakes

  30. “Their budget will determine what they can and can't do”. - Definitely! When remodeling a kitchen, you have to set a certain budget. This is the first thing that you must do before working with your ideas. The budget will determine your price point to everything that you will purchase to make your kitchen ideas in place. I agree with you that this is also the time when creativity dwells in. You have to think of ways to make your budget fit with the design that you want for your kitchen. +Camille Edington

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