Spring Decor.....

 (Lillian August)

Its funny how a post will take a life of its own....

Every image I was attracted to had a beautiful and feminine feel to it...
I had no clue where I was going with this.... 
it developed as I was creating it...

  Every image was prettier than the next...

A celebration of spring

(Mary McDonald)

 A lot of people change their decor with every season....
new pillows, flowers, decor they even change their slipcovers....

(Michael Smith) 

Do you change your decor every season?

(Lillian August)

(Mary McDonald)

We have very mild seasons in Southern California and I think that's why I don't notice the seasons changing like the rest of the U.S....
I keep the same old decor all year long......
I do put out fresh flowers...

 but I'm not a big holiday decorator either.....
I like things very simple....

 I celebrate spring with fresh hydrangeas around the house...and I love orchids.

(David Kaihoi)

I adore this wallpaper....it is gorgeous! 

(So You Think You Can...Tumbler)

(Alina Cho)

I do change things around my home a lot...
the hubby never sees the same thing twice.....
I'm always experimenting with new ideas....
the neighbors use to tease us...
they would say..... 
the Taylor's walls are thicker than the rest of the homes in the neighborhood because Julie has painted them so many times....
like it added to the thickness!
 Ya right!....
what can I say...

Who wants to live with the same old decor all their life!  
Creativity is an occupation hazard!  

(Ruthie Summers)

(This is Thyme Tumbler)

(Belgium Pearls)

Isn't this a beautiful image.... the hot pink is just sexy looking!

(John Saladino)

(This is Thyme...Tumbler)

(Fernand Toussaint)

I'm taking a few weeks off from blogging....

I have to finish up with a few projects and life.... 
I'm also going with the hubby up to Santa Barbara for a couple of days....
we are going to a wedding with good friends... 
I can't wait! 
I will be back....see ya soon!
Don't have to much fun without me.... 


  1. Enjoy your break, Julie!
    This is such a beautiful post. I love the blue and white and the flowers against he neutrals.
    See you soon.

  2. I remember growing up in So. Cal, my mom used to say she wanted to live in a place where she could see the seasons change. Now, living in the midwest I think, "was she crazy?!" Just kidding of course. I love the change of seasons, and would love it if this one would GO AHEAD AND CHANGE!

    That hot pink room and the John Saladino room are spring gorgeousness contained in a room. I could stay there for SO long.

    happy spring,

  3. I'm not a big seasonal decorator either and it may have something to do with our climate. We just don't have very many cold days here and absolutely no fall. I usually just switch out candles and add flowers, too. I used to want to live somewhere with four seasons, but as I get older the idea of snow does not appeal to me...at all. Have fun in Santa Barbara! I'll be in the wine country next month for a friend's wedding. Can't wait!

  4. Enjoy...but don't work too hard. There is a beautiful floral theme to this Spring post :)

  5. Beautiful post. I love John Saladino's work, and I love pink and fresh flowers, so all of this is perfection to me.

  6. These are such pretty springtime images and to answer your questions, we change our decor every ten years or so! Hope you have a wonderful time off... Spring has finally sprung here! Yeah!
    C + C

  7. Gorgeous post!! This has me feeling so inspired to celebrate spring! I dont' do a total overhaul (though it would be fun) but I do add lots of flowers in pots in different rooms and love to bring in spring scented candles.....inexpensive ways to usher in the beautiful new season!

  8. Olá não conhecia este blog mas pelos visto sigo porque vem na minha lista de blogs estou a adorar, parabéns.
    Alexandra Melo
    Blog de decoração reciclardecorar.blogspot.com
    Blog de moda esse ainda é bebe precisa de um empurram, é modaelist.blogspot.pt

  9. Lucky you taking some time off! The Santa Barbara area is one of my favorite places to visit. These images make me feel like I need something pink in my home! The blue and white porcelain looks so pretty with the wood and splash of pink. Gorgeous!

    Enjoy your time off;)

  10. So jealous youre going to Santa Barbara! My favorite movie is "Soemthing's Gotta Give" shot there, LOVE it. I do not change my decor every season, or year....probably more frequently than that!!! hahaha, jk. I change pillows choices every year and do something different each year, that's all, nothing major. Im ready to do some major things, like my grown son's BR and guest room.. I am always trying to finish this house! By the time I get around to doing all rooms, I go back to where I started and it's time to refresh it. Have a wonderful break!~
    xo Nancy

  11. I just love Ruthie Summers and John Saladino. I could look at pictures of the work they do all day!

  12. How I laughed at your walls being thicker. When we sold our old house, my husband said we would surely get less for it because there was less square footage than we bought it for, from all the layers of paint on the walls. He hates the choas of painting (always done be me.) But I adore change in my surroundings. It speaks to my soul.

  13. I love to change my pillows and accessories out for the change of the seasons. We live in Northern Calif so the season changes are more noticeable, I agree that makes a difference. In fact I just put out my new Spring/Summer pillows in my room. Now it is happy and cheerful in here!!
    Have a wonderful time in Santa Barbara, it is such a beautiful place to live.
    xo Kathysue

  14. enjoy your time away. you have so many fans that will gladly for more beautiful inspiration

  15. Such gorgeous Spring images and we love having fresh flowers in the house...just makes everything better. With 70 degree temperatures this week, it finally feels like Spring!! Enjoy your time off!!

  16. So many gorgeous images Julie! Enjoy some time off and thank you for brightening my day!

    Art by Karena

  17. Loved this post! Fun, frills, design advice…everything I needed! I hate to admit this…but I never change anything anymore! Am I too tired? Do I change the shop so much that I just don't care any more when I come home? Yes! There are price tags hanging off of my picture frames! I should share pics of it! It's so very true! I wish I was that person that changed things and made them better all of the time! I think it reflects my personality…I don't like change! I like everything to remain the same and not be disturbed! However…I'm learning to go with the flow lately! Have fun on your break! We leave this Sat. for St. Lucia…I am living for it! Can't wait to celebrate jim's 50th and our 30th anniversary! That's a really big deal in my book! Also, yes….I always have fresh flowers in my house…no matter what!

  18. Aside from our bedding I don't change things up for the seasons. I have to laugh at your thicker walls...we've lived in our home 19 years and I've painted the dining room 15 times....I still don't have it right. Lovely fresh post and gets me in the spring mood.


  19. I love all these pretty spring pictures. We are starting to get wintry here, so spring is just a dim memory! Enjoy your trip and your break. It does us all good once in a while and I'm sure you will come back refreshed and raring to go. X Sharon

  20. You're so right - every image is prettier than the last! I wonder how they would feel in the winter? Just curious since I have never done a room like these. They are gorgeous!

  21. Awesome pics of Spring decoration.Beautiful fresh flowers arrangements. Quite inspiring....

  22. Truly a celebration of Spring. I love the gorgeous blooms mixed with the blue and white. Have a great day. Mona

  23. consider me seduced!! this is a wonderful post...love all the flowers!

  24. I do change a lot for the seasons. This post made me ready to start moving on it! Lots of inspiration.

  25. Wow, there are so many beautiful images and ideas in this post! I am not a person that decorates and redecorated, although I do change accessories and move furniture around the house frequently.

    I hope that you have a fabulous holiday from blogging and enjoy your friends wedding.

    Thank you for visiting my blog, Elizabeth

  26. beautiful post!!
    i can only dream of lillian august's career.
    i have watched her and followed her from the very beginning.
    in fact she built a home right next to a home i was doing in delray beach.
    it was very lillian.


  27. I'm reading this late Julie, hope you're enjoying some time off and having a wonderful time!

  28. Hope you have a nice break! Lovely rooms here, Julie. I love the Mary McDonald ones.

  29. Great inspiration! I try to add different flowers seasonally but also try to change my throw pillows when I can. Hope you are enjoying your trip!

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  32. these are so beautiful!!!
    there is no spring in sight here in maine ...yet.


  33. What a beautiful post full of eye candy! Loved it and had to pin a few images, Happy Spring and have a wonderful few weeks,

  34. Oooooooh! Ahhhhhh! So pretty!
    Enjoy your bloggy vacay :)

  35. Enjoyed reading those beautiful comments. It seems very useful and informative for us. Keep posting more wonderful thoughts.

  36. Thanks for sharing these beautiful images! Enjoy your time off!

    Happy Spring!



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