Classic Black and white Decor.

I've had black and white on the brain lately.....
I've been buying black and white clothes, shoes and designing a living room for a client using some beautiful black and white fabric.....
I find it a classic color combo...... 
It looks wonderful in clothing and decor.

(Mimi Brown)

It doesn't go out of style... 


Color looks great with black and white, or  simply go with an absent of color.........but I love when an  animal print is added.........like this belt!

(Daryl Carter)

(Briggs Edward Solomon)


(Designer Jimmy Stanton)
(Lori May Interiors blog)

 The art is going to be the focal point in the living room that I'm designing.....

Designed by Bob Brown

 The art is the focal point in this room....
 the eye isn't distracted by color but it simply gazes at the gallery wall...
it looks classic and sophisticated....
and well balanced...

 A good designer has a natural eye for balance...

I'm not sure that can be taught...
I believe it is instinctual...

you either got it or you don't!

(Glamour Magazine)

(Tom Scheerer)

The details and the fabrics create the interest in your room... 
I always suggest to my clients.......
buy great fabric for the pillows it will add interest and it will help your home look unique...
don't skimp on the details....
other wise your home looks like everybody
 else s..
 it should  represent you and your family.

(Janet Rice)

Try to find accessories that add a little surprise...
it doesn't always have to be expensive... 
I like going to flea markets or antique stores to find vintage lamps and those one of a kind items...

(Joy Tribout) 

Ok... this could be dark brown and white, but it looks so great that I had to add it to the mix...

This is our fabric for the pillows...the leopard might be an ottoman...
I might suggest a black lacquer coffee table or a marble and gold table......

Which table idea do you think you would like?

I like the detail in the drapery that Toby Fairly added and the wallpaper in the wainscoting.

This is the drapery fabric on the right....


(Atmosphere interior design)

There will be a little mustard added to the room....but our walls will be dark and our furniture will be ivory....


This is the sofa we will be using but in an ivory Linen....the wood will be in an ebony.


and this is the chair we will be using....but also in ivory.

Like I said....classic!

(Toni Chi)

I missed all of you....the wedding was wonderful..and I got a lot of work done but missed visiting some of your blogs.......
I think this is the longest break I've had from blogging
Next week I will be going to San Diego to look at my sons new brewery...his beer is called Saint Archer and the brewery will be open soon..

It's available in the San Diego California area....
you will have to try it...
you can find it at Trader Joe's and other stores.
 It will be available in other areas soon......I will keep you posted about it and I will take pictures for you of the brewery....

Thanks for stopping by



  1. Bom dia acordar de manhã e ver estas inspirações é de cortar o coração lindo para bens pelo blog.
    Se quiser visitar o meu é humilde perante o seu mas é meu.
    Alexandra Melo

  2. Wow! You have even outdone yourself today! I love all of the black and white.
    Went crazy pinning this one!
    Happy Monday.

  3. LOVE classic & timeless black and white ~ you have such a talent for putting fabulous prints together, those fabrics are going to be amazing!!

  4. I'm such a fan of black and white in interiors and clothing, and looking for the perfect black and white abstract art for the beach house right now! Love the black and white braid on the edge of the draperies. So excited for your son...have a fabulous time!!

  5. Ohhhhh I have a past life in San Diego and will be looking forward to your post. I will be sure to put it out on FB for my friends in SD.
    Love all the black and white rooms too.


  6. Good Morning Julie,

    I'm glad you enjoyed the wedding :) and now you have a visit to your son's brewery to look forward to. How exciting!

    Your furniture choices are perfect. I like the classic lines you show and the linen ivory fabric color will be perfect against the dark walls. My home is filled with neutrals and I always like a pop of color (mustard is a great idea!) and a black piece to anchor things down. The detail of the braiding on the drapes is lovely. You can't beat the classic lines and colors in a wardrobe. Here in Seattle, we wear lots of black and white and then I always through in navy and camel.

    Happy Monday! xxleslie

  7. That gallery wall is one of the best I've seen anywhere.

  8. I love black and white, too. I could live in any one of these rooms. Your fabric selection is perfect. Those drapes that TF did, are aaahhhmmmaaazing!

  9. Wow Julie, I am excited for your son - that sounds awesome! And of course I love this post and I know I'll love your room. I just painted my dining room black again - the room is all black and white and I love it

  10. I love that Tom Scheerer interior--that paper is fabulous! I'm a city girl so my closet is black and white and black, black, black! Great post Julie
    xo Barbara

  11. I love white and black with gold and white and black with rustic wood and white and black with little pools of color. You can't go wrong!

  12. Is there anything more chic than black-and-white together? Love this classic combination. So graphic, crisp and timeless.
    Welcome back!

  13. Gorgeous post!! I love black and white, it ALWAYS works whether its in fashion or for the home. Its totally timeless. Wishing you a wonderful week.

  14. So enjoy seeing black and white done in different ways - we have to talk ourselves out of buying more of those colors this spring and try something new. We're using some great Duralee fabrics in our renovation, including an animal print for the curtains. It's great to have you back blogging!
    C + C

  15. you ladies have me thinking........black & white looks great in clothing, why not interiors?

    this self proclaimed beer connoisseur is intrigued. congrats to your son, trader joes is big time!

  16. You were singing my song in this post. Lover of black and white forever, in my home and in my dress, it has and will always be a staple and a base for me. I pinned away on this post, Thank you for gathering such great images and your information was spot on. I would do a white marble table with gold in the room!
    xo Kathysue

  17. What a fabulous post, Julie! Everything was beautiful! I learned from a very elderly but VERY well respected designer years ago that every room needs a touch of black in it and I've always adhered to that rule. It truly is correct! For balance and purpose! I'm super excited about your son's brewery as my daughter and her husband are going to San Diego in July and very much into really good beer! I will definitely tell them to stop by! Isn't is great to be reading and writing blogs again? Thanks for stopping by earlier…mine was a sorry excuse for a post…but then again, there hasn't been any time for just blogging! Much love is sent your way and I always appreciate your input and your comments! Hope your week is off to a wonderful start!

  18. LOVE black and white and love that curtain fabric! Congrats on the wedding...any pictures?

  19. I love black and white. It's so classic and I always feel so elegant when I wear it to work. Congratulations on your son's new brewery. How exciting! I'll be looking for it at Trader Joe's. :)

  20. As you say, such a classic, I don't think it will ever go out of style. Lovely interiors, gorgeous outfits and the little pup is the cherry on the top! x Sharon

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  22. Who is the manufacturer of that fabulous black gold and white chinoiserie fabric. Love.

  23. The decor you are showing is pleasing to the eye. That means that you have good taste so you'll be able to appreciate fitted wardrobes and fitted kitchens as they should be.


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