O.R.C. Week 4

Here we go again...

We are in week four of the One Room Challenge...

What makes it a challenge is that we only have 6 

weeks to redo a room...the master mind of this 

challenge is Linda from Calling it Home Blog.

I had the ottoman reupholstered, but its the only thing I got done this week!

You can see my new table in the background.....

This was the ottoman before...I should say..its my dogs ottoman!

This is my family room before...notice the shelve above the T.V.

I need to restyle it and I'm not sure what to do yet..

I've got to go shopping and buy some accessories.. 

The new sofa comes on Saturday..
Thank God! 

We are going crazy with out a sofa!

This is the area up close...

I just placed these items up here for now....
pretty bad..huh!

You can check out earlier posts here and here.

I only have two weeks left....
I hope it all gets done!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. LOVE the ottoman. Your dog will too. And, OMG, those little shelves? They are always a bit of a problem, but you will find a way, I know it! xx's

  2. Love it! I also really like your table settings. I'm a fan of black with navy. Go figure!

  3. You have no sofa at the moment and your dog has an ottoman. My dogs have taken over the sofa! You will easily pull it all together - looking forward to seeing the finished product. x Sharon

  4. Love how you reupholstered your ottoman! Xx jana

  5. That ottoman is stunning. This is going to be so great!! We just bought a new ottoman for a client so her dog could sit on it and look out the window. Have to please every member of the family :)

  6. Yes to that gorgeous ottoman.....hope you get the sofa in time...yikes!

  7. The ottoman looks great and crossing fingers on the sofa!

  8. Loving how your ottoman turned out! Once that fabulous sofa comes in, your whole room is going to start coming together beautifully!!

  9. Your ottoman looks great in that stripe, Julie! Still dying over your table and chairs, so awesome! I hate those little niches, I always try to cover them with monster art or a mirror!

  10. Julie,
    I can't even imagine getting a room completely redone in 6 weeks. I guess some do it but if you have to have things reupholstered that can take at least a week or two. I love the ottoman. It will be fun to see what you do with that space above the TV. Those kinds of spaces are such a challenge for me.

  11. Can't wait to see the reveal!! Love the ottoman!!

  12. I know, I can't believe we are down to 2 weeks!!! Aghh! I am positive that your room will look amazing! Absolutely love the fabric on your ottoman! Good luck this week!

  13. I love your newly reupholstered ottoman, it looks so tailored and beautiful! Great fabric choice!


  14. Love the ottoman. Your built-ins are really pretty. Great place to style things. I hope the sofa makes it, but it is ok if it doesn't. What matters is that you tried. Hang in there.


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