The Six Week Challenge..

Oh my gosh....

its been busy and we are only half way through the week...
Thank God I'm not doing a gigantic redo....
For those of you who don't know, I'm following along with The One Room Challenge...ORC..I have 5 weeks left to complete the redo of my family room...

The chair pads are done and I love how they look!

I'm replacing my old island with this one....I found  it at an antique store...it has a marble top!
I fell in love with it!
The marble has a patina feel..in other words, its been used, but it has character and I love it!

This ottoman belongs to my dog, she sleeps on it...really! 

That same dog that has peed on my drapes...
You can see who rules my house!
The ottoman with a chair that I gave away a couple of years ago....when company comes over I have my hubby put it in the garage...I do have some blue and white pin striped fabric I could recover it with or I could look for a new fabric...
I know...
I only have 5 weeks left!
I know...get with the program..


This is what were sitting on now...
I moved these chairs into the family room from the living room....you saw the blue sofa in the first post, which we brought to my husbands studio to help sell it...

You can read about that here ...
I had bought a tan sofa and sold it to a client...so now I'm waiting for the new one to arrive...

I'm sure that was a little confusing! 

I will show you the up- dates next Thursday....
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I love what you are doing! The wicker chairs and new pads are wonderful. Can't wait to see more!
    The Arts by Karena

  2. That island table looks yummy!!! Please show us more photos of it :) And I love how you accented the chair cushion

  3. Love the island and all the choices! Great chairs!!

  4. What an awesome new island! It's looking great!

  5. you had me at the first fabulous chair. those fabrics make me swoon with happiness. I. CANT. WAIT. to see more.

  6. Julie,
    You must thrive under pressure. You've gotten more done in a week than I could have. I absolutely love your new island. That is a treasure. I cracked up at your account of the dog's ottoman. Our dog laid claim to a club chair in our family room and when we have guests I have to make sure the person doesn't sit down and stand up with a blanket of dog fur! Ha.
    Can't wait to see how it all turns out.

  7. LOVE the new island! The chairs are looking good...
    I have a solution for the ottoman, and the dog. Have a slip cover made that's washable. I use painters drop cloth. My dogs can't ruin it!
    Looking forward to next posting to see the progress. You're a brave woman!

  8. The new island is killer... love that it's vintage and the marble top is a beauty!

  9. The chair pads look awesome! Dogs rule my house too. xo

  10. Unique islands are my favorite, it will totally make the kitchen! Pretty chair fabric too, Julie!

  11. Your new island is beautiful and charming, love it! Such a great find!

    Looking forward to see more next week!


  12. The chair pads look amazing, and that island.....can we all just drool over that island. Wow, Julie.

  13. Wonderful post Julie! The island is definitely drool worthy .. with a marble top! love that;) I like the fabric you've picked for the chair pads. Had to smile re/ the dog's rule .. my pup is laying next to me as I type on her "blanket". I think I need to find a 6 or 8 month challenge .. 6 weeks won't cut it for me ;) Have a nice weekend!

  14. My 5 pound dog is the boss over here, too! Can I even explain how much I adore that chair and the chair pad???!

  15. Wow...that island is gorgeous! Excited to see what you get accomplished this next week :)

  16. Yeah, my dogs rule as well. It is comforting to know who is really in charge!! LOVE that island ... looking forward to your final reveal!

  17. Those chair pads are awesome. I might be using that fabric for a clients family room. You are so talented!

  18. I love the island - what a terrific find and the chair cushions look amazing!! Can't wait to see more!

  19. O M G !!!!!
    that island!! love that it is vintage cannot beat an aged patina and it looks perfect julie!
    having fun watching

  20. The island table is my favourite one, it has a soul! As I see it's probably not your only item from an antique shop, can you please tell me more about how are you finding there such treasures? I would really love to own a ''little slice of history'', but even if I am visiting a shop, all looks more like this kind of huge, bizarre mess so I'm spending there a lot of time and walking out with nothing... Sometimes I'm also not sure about the real value of an item. Do you have some special tips that could help a beginner antique buyer? Thank you :)


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