Organic and Agoura Antique Mall

My daughter and I have been going to an organic farm and buying our vegetables...
We have decided to buy organic, non GMO . 
My veggies are lasting a lot longer, taste better and its cheaper...Plus I get to hang with my daughter...

For the life of me.. I can't remember the name of these darn tomatoes...probably to much GMO in my diet over the years...But, a little fresh basil and balsamic on these puppies ...YUM!

We always have butter and garlic on our artichokes...

A trip to Agoura Antique store to buy two of these beauties for a client...they are 2 feet tall...perfect for a buffet!

I fell in love with this lamp!

This picture was a beauty!

And she stole my heart!

Dang...Isn't she cute!
 Grand babies are so much fun! 

OK...Heirloom tomatoes...I think!


  1. Julie,
    Hahaha. I've tried to buy additional organic veggies. Both daughter-in-laws by strictly organic. It's getting easier but we don't have an exclusively organic farm to buy from. That is great that you do. Is that the cutest little bundle of joy, or what?! Have a fun weekend.

  2. Going to market for veggies and fruit is such a pleasure. The ginger jars for your client are beautiful at 2 feet, although they are competing with that cute baby!!

    The Arts by Karena

  3. Your granddaughter is precious! Such a little beauty :)

  4. I love reading your posts because you frequently mention your daughter and granddaughter - I'm so happy for you that you get to see them! I always tell my daughter that she and I are "besties for the resties" (a nine year old phrase ;)

  5. Your granddaughter is gorgeous, Julie!! I'm a big organic buyer and love going to the local farms. Like you, I was encouraged to do this by my daughter - funny that they are teaching us now…

  6. could not stop staring at your grand daughter julie, what a precious little beauty!!

  7. OMG what a cherub....she is SO precious!! Enjoy every minute. Heading to a local farm stand is one of my pleasures in life, and such a simple one. I am so happy when i am there and very inspired to cook up something good!

  8. Julie your little Granddaughter is a beauty indeed, what a little doll baby!! Loved the urns and heirloom tomatoes are the best!! Real tomato flavor, not like the super market tomatoes at all.
    Have a wonderful weekend,
    xo Kathysue

  9. The baby is the best!!! I'm getting more and more into organic gardening, and eating. Be sure to come to the Holiday open house at the Antique mart next Saturday. 12-6. Lot's of fun, and you get into the holiday mood real fast!

  10. Aww, Julie - she just stole the show, SO, SO precious!!

  11. First-
    Your granddaughter is absolutely adorable! They are so much fun!
    You are right on the organics. I love them too. And the jar is amazing.
    Have a great week, Julie.

  12. Grand babe stole the show!! Love heirloom tomatoes...organic is always better.sorry!!


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