Clients Wainscoting

I survived the O.R.C. and I'm so glad things are back to normal....

It was a great way to get my family room done....or at least for now! 

I wanted to share an up-date on the project I'm working on...its been a lot of fun...
The colors and the fabrics are some of my favorites....
The Ralph Lauren in the middle is for the dining room chairs and a pillow for the sofa...
The blue fabric on the right and the stripes are also for pillows...
The red leaf pattern will go on two chairs in the living room and the blue fabric at the top left will be for an ottoman..

The white fabric with the leaf print will be for  drapery...

This and the one below are before shots...we took the wall down behind the chair.

This is what it looks like now...we have a new chandelier coming..its from Aiden Gray...

I can't wait to see it!

The entry way piece will be painted the same color as the walls and go into the living room.
 I wanted it to look like it was a built in display area..

This is what the entry way looks like now

This is the living room and part of the entry way piece that will go against the wall....we took the doors off so my client could display items.

We added a window above this one...it lets in so much light and now balances with the other window.
New window...

Inspiration image

We are using this chair but stained in a dark walnut...almost black.

This will go on the chairs...the wood floors will start this week and the furniture has been ordered....were just hoping it will be done for Christmas..
Our fingers are crossed!


  1. Julie,
    This is probably one of my favorite rooms you've shared, besides your own. I love the fabric and have always wished for the space to use a knuckle arm chair. Great job with the wainscoting and other details. I hope your client will allow you to show us the finished room.

  2. Stop...I'm going numb. I can't believe the walls. That's exactly what I want to do in my stairway, entry and dining room!!! It looks amazing. Your clients are going to be squealing with joy when this is finished!
    Love, love, love!!!!

  3. I am in love with the fabrics and inspiration picture! It feels so good to see color instead of the sea of white that is so popular these days. :)

  4. In my opinion, everyone needs a professional to finally achieve the look they want. Love the painted wood, love the fabrics. Love you 2 too.

  5. Wow - I love all of that delicious molding! And great fabrics too!

  6. A lot of work, but it looks fabulous!!! The chair is going to be awesome!

  7. julie, such a huge change already!
    i have never been a big lover of red/white/blue, but between your home and now this, i feel like a convert. what a great collection of fabrics. looking out for the reveal

  8. Oh, I love the way this is looking. Glad you are bringing this home up to date.

  9. SO beautiful! I love the way its coming out and i am very excited that your blog updated on my blogroll today!! Progress:)

  10. I cannot wait to see this. I love the fabrics and the paint color is so soft and lovely. It's going to be GREAT!

  11. Love all the fabrics and the wainscoting is amazing! I literally just pitched this idea today to a client and then here you are doing the same thing! Great minds......right? :-) Hope it all works out before Christmas. That would be a pretty little gift to your clients

  12. The molding is to die for. It makes the entire space. Cant wait to see more!

  13. The fabrics are all perfection and the open look and wainscoting, just so beautiful! Can't wait to see the finish!

    The Arts by Karena

  14. This looks amazing! The before looks like the typical homes in my area. It's amazing how wainscoting can completely change the look of a house. I love that you added that window, too.


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