I can't believe I got this done in time....
If some of you don't know, I joined the One Room Challenge ...
I had 6 weeks to redecorate a room...
Linda from Calling it Home Blog came up with this idea and its become quite a thing!
 You can check out the other bloggers who participated here.

I bought a new sofa, new pillows and reupholstered my ottoman....
My lamps are vintage and so is much of the pottery...the flag is also vintage...my husband had it framed for me....its missing two states...its so cool!
 It's a little big for the area...but we love it!

The lanterns in the back are new and so is this vintage porcelain vase. 

The little blue jar is from Anthro.
 The pillow on the left is a Robert Allen fabric and the right is a Ralph Lauren.

This space was a challenge...anything but white looked to busy...

This is my new table and chair pads....
The vintage pot in the middle is a porcelain piece that I love.  

Unfortunately I still have tile!
Someday I'll redo the whole kitchen.

I found this island at an antique store...I didn't do a thing to it...I decided to leave the worn patina and marble alone.

I hope you enjoyed the tour of my family room and kitchen.... 
 If you want to see the before pictures check out week one here, week two here, week three here, week four here and  week five here.

Don't forget to check out Linda's blog, Calling it Home....you can see all the other bloggers who  participated here.


  1. Okay, we have to talk!!! What a transformation. I absolutely love it. So well done. Comfortable, casual, vintage and with some american history!!! The island is a real looker. I'm looking forward to the day you decide to redo your kitchen. I wonder what you'll do? Such a lovely home...

  2. Love it all and that marble topped island is amazing!

  3. Beautifully done. I love it all. The white pieces keep it fresh and light and I adore the navy accents so much! Bravo!

    The Arts by Karena

  4. Simply an amazing transformation! I love it all and that kitchen island is a show stopper! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Gorgeous, everything is so pretty. I love that kitchen island, amazing.


  7. Julie, you have got to be thrilled with how this came together!! It's true you - beautifully chic and classic and yet comfortable! You're the best at mixing pattern, and those pillows are so good! Love the flag and all your gorgeous new pieces! Congrats, friend, enjoy!

  8. Julie, I am dying over how beautiful both your family room and kitchen are! Love the colors and patterns and let's just talk about that kitchen island - it is amazing! Also love the kitchen chairs, the framed flag, and all your gorgeous accessories. You've got to be thrilled with how it turned out!

  9. Looks wonderful I love all the blue pillows and texture, its so comfortable too!

  10. Beautiful! I love all the blue and that island is so pretty!

  11. That flag is perfection in there. I think the large scale looks fantastic! And I superlove those dining chairs. Such a gorgeous space Julie!

  12. I could look at this over and over again...I am crazy about your island...but I am crazy about all of it...what an inspiration!

  13. Where do I begin? The flag is perfection, not too big at all!!! The color scheme is a beautiful take on Americana without being kitschy at all. Classic, timeless , cheerful are the words that come to mind. Love all of the pillow fabrics and the ottoman turned out great. Beautiful job!!
    xo kathysue

  14. you must be thrilled julie, really really lovely!
    and that island.....WOW what a find. the mix of pillows has taught me to stop and think differently,; same shade but different is far more interesting, so lovely. also like the effect of two fabrics for your kitchen chairs. well done!

  15. WOW....it looks amazing! I love the transformation and how you've really changed the whole look of the room! So chic and so inviting! Great job!

  16. Oh wow Julie! This looks so pretty! I think I missed some of the progress posts so I'll check those too:) LOVE the blue and white pieces .. the porcelain, pillows and ottoman are perfect. Your kitchen is gorgeous too and I like the little vignettes you've created. You'll have to check out my instagram to see my home as it's being build. .. I'm on the 6 month challenge ;) with two weeks to go. Thankfully I'm seeing a light at the end of the tunnel because I'm running out of energy.

    Have a great weekend ahead!


  17. WOW! So gorgeous...I love everything you have done tasteful and elegant but feels so inviting and warm...love that island too and needless to say all the blue and white is the crowning touch.

  18. You had me with all the blue and white. What a great mix of patterns against a lovely backdrop. Bravo!

  19. It's absolutely gorgeous! I am a sucker for blue & white - I'm sold! You did a fantastic job & I'm so jealous over those pillows!

  20. Wow~ An absolutely stunning space! I love the framed flag and pillows. As a fellow 6 week participant the six weeks was indeed a challenge and you rose up. Well done!

  21. WOW!! I love it all but the table and chairs are to die for!! Well done!!

  22. I absolutely adore everything ...you used some of my favorite fabrics, love the flag, but the pies de resistance is that table and chairs!! I put it on my blog today for everyone else to enjoy!! P.S where did you find those tortoise napkin rings?

  23. Julie,
    This looks wonderful. I love the transformation and the blue and white detail, without going overboard, is my favorite. Such a great sofa. How fun to have a flag before Alaska and Hawaii were declared states. The chairs for the kitchen table look so comfy.
    I can't wait to visit some of the other ORC participants.
    Enjoy a relaxing weekend, you've earned it.

  24. Wow...that sofa...the framed vintage flag...the sofa pillows...the china...the marble counter top! Amazing transformation! GREAT job!
    House of Highlands

  25. A..... I love the flag....I am a huge fan of the "Americana" style! The whole room is perfect! The blue and white and the island in the kitchen...wowza girl! Very nice:)

  26. oh that flag is simply amazing...I don't think you can have an american flag too big. this looks like such a cozy space....love it all! your kitchen is amaze too, even with the tile. great job!

  27. It looks amazing! I love the new couch and pillows! The flag is amazing too! Great work!

  28. Oh Julie!! This is fantastic!! I LOVE the flag and it is NOT too big!! I simply love it ... and all the RL touches, what a beautiful space! Congratulations.

  29. Julie, this looks so great. I love the pillows and the flag. This is so warm and welcoming. I will forever be jealous of that island. Great job!

  30. Love this room - it's so fresh and open. I like your white tile counters - it seems to balance the white around your fireplace and all of the other white accessories in the room. Granite is too busy!! Save your money on a kitchen redo - it's just a backdrop to your wonderful vignettes.

  31. I see you like blue ware also ...I love your white kitchen we are redoing our kitchen cabinets in white... I love the clean look... I too like your white tile... I will choose white tile instead of granite... I love the look...


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