(R Goodwin)

This week has been a little crazy....

I thought maybe after Christmas things would calm down and I would have a week at home nesting!

 My nest definitely needs to be feathered..

Have you ever felt that way?

 You just want to be home...


My surroundings effect how I feel...

If my home is a mess I have an anxious feeling....

I believe woman are more that way than men....

(Thompson Custom Homes)

After working with many couples most men don't understand how a women's home effects her...
Its a part of them....
I know that sounds silly, but its true!

(Brooke Giannetti/ Velvet & Linen)

My home represents family,  cherished objects, creativity and a place of peace...

(Brooke Giannetti/ Velvet & Linen)

This post was going to be on Plaster walls...not sure how I got into nesting...

(Ann Decker Architecture)

(Brooke Giannetti/ Velvet &Linen)

Brooke and her husband used pool plaster on their walls...
I would love to plaster all of my walls with pool plaster...

The practical side of me wonders how easy  are they to keep clean...

Maybe that's how I got onto Nesting...

(Brooke  Giannetti/ Velvet & Linen)

I could nest very easily in Brookes new home...

Ryan Associates


I have a client who told me on the sly...

Just make my wife happy and give her what she wants...

If she's happy with our home I will be happy!

I just love that...honey, did you read that?
(The hubby corrects my blog for me....)

(Shannon Bower/ Milieu)

(Thompson Custom Homes)

(Eduardo Arruga/ Milieu)

(Milieu Magazine)

Hope you enjoyed this random post on nesting and plastered walls...
It sounds like the walls are drunk...
 I have been up since 5am working on this post and I'm getting a little wacky here!

Thanks for stopping by...


  1. My walls are drunk and they need to sober up! You hear that walls? Great post. I love the idea of pool plaster, especially in the bathrooms. I agree completely with you on nesting. When things are haywire in my home (like now) I have a restless feeling and it's hard to be productive. I don't think men in general feel that way. The creature comforts of everything in order allow for peace.
    5am? Really? I feel lazy...

  2. First I have to say I am the same way about my home and surroundings. I love nesting and staying in my home. I do whatever it takes to keep it soothing and peaceful. Candles, soft lighting and soft piano music are always playing in the background. I LOVE my home and we have spent years making our Calif. ranch our own. Now about the plaster walls, LOVE them!! all of your examples make it look so lovely. I like the elegance with the rustic walls and beams. Really enjoyed this post, happy weekend.

  3. Wow what beautiful walls. I had no idea what pool plaster was, but I love it!
    Your client's husband is a dream!!!

  4. Too funny, drunk walls... Love it! Here's one guy who loves nesting... No better way to find one's center when things get crazy. (A glass of wine helps, too.) Had to chuckle when you talked about starting out writing about one thing and ending some place else. It's happening to me right now as I write my next blog post. Wish Sally and I could talk a client in New England into doing an interior like these pictures! Tough sell... :-)


  5. Such beautiful images...I agree home is such a huge part of what makes us tick...it is absolutely my comfort zone. I cannot wait after a long busy day to come home put on my coziest robe and call it a day.....home is where my heart always is! I loved the pictures you shared, they all had such a warm and inviting feeling to them as as common theme. Nesting is in my blood and I am a perpetual nester....guess its in our genes! Happy nesting.

  6. POOL PLASTER WALLS????? i see i have an investigation ahead of me.
    thanks julie!

  7. Julie,
    So true, I cannot relax fully unless everything around me is in order. I had hoped for a slower January as well, I've not had nearly enough days of nesting. I guess, maybe I can hope for a slower February! I love Brooke's new home and can't wait to sit down and peruse the new Veranda with their new home featured.
    Hope things slow for you in the next few weeks to afford you some time to relax.

  8. Dear Julie,
    This is a wonderful blogpost! Love every picture you have chosen!

  9. I love this post Julie and can relate to switching it up in the midst of writing a topic. I love all of these images and especially the Giannetti home- I could step right into it, too. Beautiful post! xo Nancy

  10. Gorgeous images Julie. I follow Brooke's blog and have her book. She and her husband do amazing work and I love their place in Ojai. The day bed shown in the Thompson Custom home is exactly what I'm looking for to use in my great room across from the kitchen! So funny.. I showed my husband this post (and that particular photo) and he said ..it's set up for the photo. why isn't the couch facing the fireplace? :\ Anyway, regarding the female need to nest and have her home JUST right .. this really hits home with me. Honestly Julie, I nearly lost my mind and had at least 2 anxiety attacks going through this construction and living in a very small space with no kitchen and no order. My husband (and men in general) just don't understand how important this is to a woman. I feel like a new woman with a kitchen and bedroom again.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend! xxleslie

  11. You are so funny. I have been straightening and moving things around…post holiday nesting!
    Great images.

  12. Lovely rooms, cozy and comfortable-looking. But I, too, am wondering what "pool plaster" is. Time to expand my vocabulary, it seems.

  13. I love Brooke's home too and was so glad to finally see more of it in Veranda magazine. Who is R Goodwin? Love the photos, but there is no link.

  14. OH my gosh Brookes home in Veranda is a show stopper!! WHat a dream home...

  15. Yes, it's all about nesting for me and I have loved every minute of getting home from market and being left at home…Alone! Because I've been nesting and loving every minute of it! I loved every single picture that you showed! What a great post! I've missed you and your blog posts! Glad to be back!

  16. My mom used to have a saying that rings in my ears all the time "If your house is not in order, you cannot move ahead" and I believe it totally! I also believe she meant this in not only a physical house, but our mind/spiritual self as well. I am hoping to get some nesting done over the next few weeks!

  17. Julie-
    This is such a beautiful post. You captured so much here.
    Thank you.

  18. Julie this is a wonderful post with so much truth to it! I feel we have a very deep connection to our homes, our surroundings! I think you will enjoy some of the thoughts in my latest feature.

    Featuring "Inner Spaces"

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