A custom Home

I love this look, simple but elegant...

The large windows allow nature to be apart of the decor...

I would love to have a custom built home....

I'm sharing with you images from Ryan Streets and  Associates...
You can find them here.

The plaster walls and blue shutters give it character..capturing a feel that says...

I've been here for awhile...even though its fairly new...

OK...that might of sounded a little corny but you know what I mean!

The beams give it character ...don't you love them?It reminds me of the old missions in Santa Barbara California.

The built in bookcases are covered with plaster and look at the shape of the fireplace...

Love it!

This image really reminds me of an old mission...

Is this door gorgeous with the zebra rug or what?

Every detail has been taken into consideration....even the door ways are pretty!

I have really been attracted to this style of decor lately...
The last couple of posts have been on plaster walls, beautiful beams and gorgeous shutters...

Maybe I'm going to win the lottery and build a custom home.... 

My mother always taught me to think positive thoughts.....maybe it will pay off!

To find out about Ryan Streets and associates go here

They have a very talented crew and on the web-site it mentions photographers and designers who helped out with the projects.


  1. My hubs and I owned a large lot for 10 years with plans to build when kids were out of college. Then our home became available. I could have never made all those decisions at once. We sold the lot for a nice profit and put in our renovation. These photos are wonderful

  2. I love love these rooms!!! I could never afford to live in a home like these, but I can take away inspirations and try to adapt them to my own home.
    Thank you so much for posting this .

  3. Very pretty, I love that these are the kinds of homes that will stand the test of time and are ageless...the very best kind! Love them all.

  4. Julie,
    Stunning. I felt like I was walking through a Santa Barbara home, the open, neutral space with enough architectural interest to make it welcoming. Wow! If I were going to build from scratch I would definitely incorporate many of the details from this home.

  5. Just gorgeous! I think my favorite details are the doorways - stunning!

  6. Beautiful! These are very similar to the suburban tract homes being built near me. I kid you not! The beams, round doors, cast stone fireplaces, and arches are all features in these homes I toured recently. I fell in love with them, of course.

  7. Wow, Julie!! Stunning homes and decor, and yes, those beams are a favorite!

  8. What a stunning portfolio!!! Those homes are beautiful. Each is edited, warm and soulful. Cheers

  9. I love this wood and white decors, beautiful !
    Thanks for sharing

  10. Beautiful rooms and we love new homes that have that old world patina. The doorways and architectural details make these rooms feel special. Thanks for sharing. ladies!
    C + C

  11. This is a gorgeous home! Love all of the details that make it that much more beautiful! Thank you for sharing!!
    xo. Leslie
    Segreto Finishes

  12. well keep those positive thoughts flowing julie as you continue to share such gorgeousness!
    this look may not translate to illinois but certainly many elements can......maybe we should play the lottery

  13. What a beauty. I love the kitchen, as well as the beamed halls. Stunning

  14. One of my dreams is to have a custom home that is very small. I am a minimalist and it seems very fun to have a home that I wouldn't have to fill with a bunch of stuff. There are some custom home builders here in my state that will be able to help me with this goal that I have.

    Van Lucas @ JPC Custom Homes

  15. I really want to get a custom modern home someday. A modern home is really something that would fit my style. I watch a lot of architecture shows and they are showing modern homes all the time. Now all I need to do is get famous with my music and I'm set. I will then be able to actually afford one.

    Maxwell Frey @ Design Build Duluth

  16. This is a beautiful home that looks very well built. I am vaguely familiar with programs like this, but am excited to hear about what they're actually up to in my town.
    custom home houston


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