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When I style a coffee table I actually don't think about what I do...
I just play until it feels right..
I really had to put my thoughts together to explain this..

Its about the balance, color and size of objects you place onto the table...a creative vignette can be arranged or styled by following a simple rule of three. 
When creating your coffee table arrangement, its important to consider height, scale, and color... try choosing 3 objects or groupings of objects that go together in the room. 
If you have something that's to small, place it together with other objects by using a tray or  books like I did in the picture above...

Again, I used three objects on the right and three objects on the left side, even though there are two books and one piece of coral it feels like one object within the three...creating balance and scale.
I always like using coral in my displays...

The larger glass container has larger shells in it...and the smaller one has smaller shells balancing out the three objects to the right...

Triangular composition is created with the coffee table in the foreground and lamp table in the background.  
Triangle composition seems to work well in all design.
I hope this all makes sense!

Its hard to see this because of the mirror coffee table, but again 3 objects on the left...the three books and coral acting as one and the objects in the tray...even though there are 3 objects in the tray it becomes one...

I think odd numbers are more interesting...
The rule of three is a guide line that can be bent or broken.

I guess I like using trays

Again I applied the same rule...3 objects on the left...even though the small plate has 3 candles it becomes one object....
The two books with the jar on top also act as one....
But, there are 9 objects on this table...

The rule of three is a simple way to add depth and visual interest to your home....

Rules are made to be broken and sometimes the scale of your arrangements don't always allow you to follow it...
Take pictures of your arrangements, the camera will tell you if its in balance.
 I use this tool all the time...

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  1. Julie I love your thoughts and this and seem to use the rule of three quite often without thinking about it! I must admit though that often the #3 grows depending on what I feel like displaying. Trays, sea shells and books are always a favorite ! Beautifully done!!

    The Arts by Karena
    The Centre Cannot Hold

  2. I think my comment just disappeared...love your rule of three and your trays a gorgeous. I love coral...that may be on my next coffee table display. Thanks for participating with us. Beautiful post.

  3. I love both of your incarnations Julie. I almost used those same candlesticks on mine! I love that giant piece of coral. The shape and size provides such impact. Your living room is absolutely gorgeous. You have so many pretty elements that you worked in. I would love to come raid your house!! I could move right in! Thank you so much for participating! People are going to love this!!

  4. Great advice and your table tops prove it!!! They all are great.

  5. Love the blue and white and the shells. Your compositions are spot on. Great job as always!

  6. You did a great job explaining how you come about your compositions. So much is intuitive but it is definitely helpful to have some guidelines!
    Everything about the room as a whole is beautiful!!
    Great job:)

  7. Great series! Yes.. makes total sense;) Everything looks so pretty and I like the addition of shells and of course.. b&W. Enjoy your Friday!

  8. Julie-
    Younger disappoint! Love them all, sweet lady.
    Hope that all is well with you.
    Happy Friday.

  9. Visiting from Simple Details -- I love your taste! Our upstairs family room is designed very similar to your blue and white room. I was wondering if that little blue and white box is still available anywhere?

  10. So beautifully done!! I am impressed and you know i am just loving that scrumptious blue and white, plus the wicker and coral really sets it off. Bravo!

  11. LOVED!! Pinned away!! Most of your vignettes could just move right into my own home seamlessly. Loved your compostions,

  12. Beautiful! I love all of your blue. And YES to the "rule of threes" -- makes so much sense! :)

  13. You have a great eye, Julie! Wonderful advice, and such beautiful styling!

  14. Julie,
    These examples are great. I love the use of trays in this type of styling. Your blue and white items knocked it out of the park for me! :-)
    Enjoy your weekend.

  15. It's always a challenge to articulate what has become instinct and second nature. You're explanations were terrific! Love your reasoning for using groupings of three - build in dynamic tension. The other thing i notice is you are playing shape and form off of each other as well as texture and pattern. Beautiful!


  16. Love all these! I'm really noticing all the texture and interest you brought to all your vignettes.

  17. If anyone knows how to do it you do! Fantastic ideas!

  18. Love the first few photos that show the whole beautiful room and of course the table vignette.

  19. Can I just say first off how lovely your home is....blue and white is so perfect! You definitely have the styling "gene" because everyone of the tables are just right....not too much yet still interesting! Well done:)

  20. Beautiful! I think I need some coral now after seeing it in your coffee table styling!

  21. PRETTY and NEAT!
    GOOD JOB!I like the camera idea!
    Books, camera's and coral are MAJOR players in these coffee TABLES!!!!!!

  22. Stunning - and now I want more blue in my house!

  23. I have a very bad eye for things like this. Your explanation was very well described. I'm going to give it a try in my living room. I too like trays so I'm off to a good start! By the way, your home is stunning.
    The House of Hampton

  24. You have such a great eye Julie thanks for such a thorough tutorial, I like the idea of using a camera for feedback. And BTW--your room is beautiful with that blue and white.

  25. What a fantastic tutorial! This is something that I have to just play with until it feels right. I also use the camera trick. I realized how helpful it was by accident, and have used it ever since. LOVE this post!!

  26. That's why I love blogging - one can always learn new tricks. I am off to do some restyling now! x Sharon

  27. Love all your coffee tables! I am a big fan of my iPhone camera for just this reason! Boy does a camera show you things your eye doesn't. Weird, but true!! I LOVE those blue and white pillows on your sofa! Gorgeous!

  28. I am back just to look at your trays and am definitely going to add to my collection, especially a bone inlay!!

    The Arts by Karena

  29. Julie...you know I love everything that you do! My main reason for blogging is to stay in touch with each of you on this post and all of those following it....I am so grateful for you and love your remarkable talents!

  30. Your coffee tables look amazing - I always love seeing your accessorizing and these tables are a great example…perfection!


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