Beach House

This cottage is in Del Mar California...its a cute little beach town in Orange County... I would love to live near the beach..
After the weekend we had...I wish I was laying on the beach right now...which I will tell you about in just a bit...

It is ocean front...sounds nice HUH!

It is about 3,200 sq feet...

The rooms are small, but adorable!

Look at that view!

I would love to have my breakfast here every morning...

Love the flooring!

There are 5 bedrooms, 5 1/2 baths.

Love all the white wood details...

This would be a dream backyard...

The average list price for this area is

$4,533,178...it was listed in 2014 and you can

find out more about it here.

And this is why I had a bad weekend....
My hubby and I were driving to Ventura Beach and the traffic came to a sudden stop...
The man behind us wasn't paying attention and hit us going 60 miles an hour.
The impact pushed us into the car in front of us...
We were very lucky...
Just very banged up and of course we have whiplash...
Are we having fun yet?

I had to go to the hospital to be checked out...but all and all I'm fine...
It could of been so bad...

Thank God my daughter and the baby weren't in the back seat...

The crazy thing is my son and daughter were just a few minutes behind us in separate cars.
They both pulled over to help...
And my older son was driving on the opposite side of the freeway, but didn't know it was us..

Pretty crazy huh?

Hope you had a better weekend than I!


  1. Oh no! Several years ago that happened to me to, but I was not the first car hit I was the third it was a 5 car pileup and the guy was coming down the hill and plowed into a car and well, you know the rest the ride in the ambulance strapped down on that hard board was worse than anything. I hope you don't have too many repercussions with your whip lash, that is no fun. Take care.

  2. That house would fit right in on Nantucket or the Vineyard! S'gorgeous!!!

    YIKES!!! Glad to hear you're okay! Now it's the PIA stuff - battling with your insurance company over repair costs, loaner cars, etc. Today a friend of mine had just gotten in to an uber car in Boston when it was side swiped, taking out two doors, the mirror and front fender. The guy never stopped. Probably uninsured and driving with no license.


  3. Oh I am so glad it wasn't much worse. These things happen so fast and are so frightening. Take care. wish you could go and relax at this beach house! !
    The Arts by Karena

  4. Love that home and oh my, glad you are okay!!

  5. So glad you weren't more seriously injured! That stretch of the 101 sure is scary. Be well soon!
    And yet you still took time to treat us to a daring beach cottage!

  6. oh julie, 60mph? you are indeed very lucky. the soreness settles in after a few days but sounds as though you will be alright, so glad!
    i want that house. i really want that house. i want, make that NEED to find a buried treasure chest first.
    take care

  7. That's so scary - so relieved to hear that everyone is ok. You definitely need a few days of R & R at a house as insanely beautiful as this one. I just love every bit of it.

  8. How scary! I hate car accidents. Living in Houston I see my fair share with these crazy drivers. I'm so glad you're okay!

  9. That is so scary, Julie…so happy you are both okay. Thinking you deserve a getaway to a beach house just like the one you showed…gorgeous!

  10. OMG! How could you tell us about a house when the real story was about YOU???? Thankfully you are all OK.
    That house, for me all it has is a view! I would so much rather be down a bit more at Newport Beach or Dana Point.

  11. Oh my gosh, Julie! I'm so glad you're ok, how scary! I bet you'll be feeling the effects for awhile, hope you can take it easy for a bit!

  12. OMG Julie!!!
    I was coming home from Santa Barbara/Ojai and saw this accident! I had no idea it was you! The traffic was horrible. For as bad as it was I'm glad it wasn't worse. I was rear ended on the 405 in a Prius too, and the car was thisclose to being totaled. Rest up and recover...

  13. Omg I am so thrilled you are ok!! it was horrible and very much so could have been worse. I was taking Betty to school last Thursday and a young kid ran a stop sign going about 50 and tboned me, totalling my car. We were lucky not to be hurt. Things like this haunt me. On a happy note besides your ok...I love everything about that cute little house. Such a great use of space. Again so glad you're ok

  14. Oh Julie, so happy you are safe ... what a horrible accident. And happy that your children were close enough to help. And the beach house ... simply stunning!! I better buy a lottery ticket!!

  15. I am so happy y'all are ok!
    This house is amazing. I wouldn't leave the bathtub. What a view!

  16. Oh, Julie,
    I'm so relieved to hear you are both okay. That looks dreadful and its a fear I have everytime I'm on the freeway. The "not paying attention" seems to have gotten so much worse with the texting and calls made during driving.
    Rest and get well soon, whiplash is a terrible condition.
    P.S. This house is spectacular, imagine waking up to that view each morning!

  17. Oh dear! Glad that you, hubby and everyone involved are okay!! I was rear ended in an accident many years ago. Be sure to be checked out by your own doctors. My initial back injury from the accident worsened over a few months and thankfully I had documented everything. I was able to get lost wages, medical expenses and a bit for pain and suffering recouped. Best of luck❤
    Regarding the beach house, the small bedrooms wouldn't bother me. As long as I had beachfront location or that amazing view I think I'd do just fine ;)

  18. I am so happy you are ok, and that your children were not in the back seat, thank God!! Ok, I kinda feel bad commenting on the Del Mar home because of what happen to your family, but it really was beautiful... very beach, and very CA. It reminded me of a Barclay Buttera home. I wish you well. All the best, Rié

  19. Goodness, you must have got such a fright! But at least no serious injuries. What a completely adorable home. xx Sharon

  20. Oh my gosh..how scary!!!! The same thing happened to us 2 Thanksgivings ago, it was frightening but we were just so happy to be OK. So glad you are all fine.

    Onto other happier things..that house..OMG, I am in love!!!!!!!! I need to find out more, that is my dream beach house from inside and out...amazing!

  21. Oh Julie. Thank goodness you and your family are all ok. Those kind of accidents can really shake us up. Wouldn't it be wonderful to retreat to a home like this after such a stressful time?

  22. Julie, I will echo Karen's comment in regards to your serious accident. On a daily basis, the number of drivers on their cell phones coupled with their aggressive driving is frightening. Please take time to recover fully.
    Love your blog...


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