Screaming Fun! Decorating with Wallpaper!

 Have you noticed bigger and bolder wallpapers?  We have and it screams fun!  Designer,  Katheryn Ireland is known for fun . She has a talent for mixing patterns.

This dinning room is formal, but does not take its self to seriously. We love the cow hide rug. It adds a little playfulness to the room. Man, that was a big cow!
(Chambers and Chambers Architectures)

We love this  black and white bathroom. The bead board adds to the freshness. It looks like the painting might have  been painted by a family member and then causally hung on the wall.
Chambers and Chambers Architectures

(Jamie Herzlingers blog.)

Mayme Baker added this wallpaper on to the ceiling to add interest.

( Mayme Baker)

Designed by Porter designs

Designer, Melissa Rufty also is creative with pattern and color.  Wouldn't this be fun for a young girls room?

How could you ever be in a bad mood with this dinning room!  The colors would create an appetite,  not a good idea for a kitchen. We would all gain 20 pounds, but it would be great for a dinning room. It creates a mood. Company would feel at home and your food would look yummy!
(Jamie Herzlinger)

Lee AnnThornten

Dramatic, but fun
(Melissa Rufty)

Love the play on snakeskin wallpaper. Now that's fun!  What do you think about wallpaper?
Mayma Baker


  1. Beautiful examples, the most I would personally do would be in a small powder room but I do apprecaite the look when done well, and these are some great inspirations!

  2. Wallpaper has come a long way! I especially love chinoiserie inspired designs.
    Lovely post, ladies!
    ~ Wendi ~ xo

  3. LOVE the Lee Ann Thorten paper in the dining room.... beyond beautiful! xo

  4. I love all the colors and graphics but personally for me I prefer to let pillows and such do the talking. Mainly because I like to change color out often and painting is easier and CHEAPER!

  5. I love the black and white peacock paper and the similarly graphic brown and white paper. Although heavily patterned, I think they would work with almost anything.

  6. Oh goodness, so much gorgeousness here today! Lost track of my favorites, but I want both of those dining rooms, please! I love wallpaper in dining rooms and bathrooms, and these are exceptional.
    Have a great day.

  7. gorgeous wallcoverings...so my favorite!!..
    was quite happy to see that they are stylish again, and the patterns are more current..

  8. There is nothing better than wallpaper to give a space personality and individual style.Your images are wonderful examples.

  9. I guess if we New Englanders hang in there long enough, we come back in style. :-) Seriously, a delightful and refreshing post - just like the wall paper. I especially like the way Jamie Herzlinger used the wall paper as insets within the gold trim in the orange dining room.


  10. I love wallpaper! Such pretty patterns!

  11. Wallpaper has come such a long way! I kept thinking "oh, that's my favorite!" until I saw the next image, each more beautiful than the last. I especially adored the pink and orange girls room, though. Great post!

  12. Although lovely images, I am still having difficulty wrapping my head around wallpaper. I might consider a powder bath, as long as I'm not the one who has to take it down!

  13. we are spoiled with choices.
    Love your selection
    Viera VT Interiors

  14. Love wallpaper and these are all beautiful. We have a hard time getting clients to use it even with the comeback because of the cost. We have one client though that just loves it. We're redoing her entire upstairs and have done some really beautiful blue and creme paper. XO, Mona

  15. Love wallpaper and am in the middle of sourcing some for a few projects. My fave above is the black and white in the bathroom.

  16. I love wallpaper and I also love coordinating and mixing patterns from room to room. I did a post on a different kind of paper today!! coordinating my Christmas wrapping paper!! It is just like choosing wallpaper to me!! Love the whole process. If you need a good source for wrapping paper I posted about a great site I order mine from. Happy Wednesday,

  17. All great examples of how a wonderful wallpaper can transform a room!!! So glad it has returned to the scene.


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