Decor and Art and Introducing Rachel Rubenstein

( Decor by Miles Reed)
We love art. We both see everything through an artists eye. Art is so important in a room. It can pull a room together and make it flow.  It is the icing on a cake! 

(Miles Reed)
Julie remembers having a painters brush in her hand at a young age. Her mother would let her draw and paint on her bedroom walls. She would paint beautiful pictures. It gave her a tool to change her decor. Creativity has always been like food for Julie, it has been a part of her soul.   

( Miles Reed)
Danni was always drawing and creating. She used to make home-made play dough and help her brothers create battle scenes for their little plastic army men. In school she was asked to do extra art projects for her teachers because they knew how much she enjoyed them. Soon she learned to paint with oils., which became a big focus of her creativity. She has been in many shows and has sold many pieces. Danni has been teaching a painting class in her studio for years now where many students have attended.

 Interior design came easy for us. We can use the same skills as artists that we use in decor. Just like painting, we use tools such as balance, scale, and color when designing. A room can be like a blank canvas just waiting for the story to be told.

 And now, drum roll please....

We would like to introduce you to an artist that is impressive for her young age. Her name is Rachel Rubenstein, born in 1985. Her art has been displayed in many show.

She has an affinity for nature. Rachel uses found objects and molding paste to create intense movement and flow. 

 Cant you see this painting above a sofa in a contemporary designed room?

They would make an incredible statement. 

Rubenstein has a way of playing cool and warm hues off of each other. Like a reflection of a sunset off the ocean.

 She has a show coming up March 8th at the 262 Gallery.
Reception is at 6pm to 10 pm.
 262 S Los Angeles St, L.A. Calif.
  Visit her web site to see more of her pieces and where she is showing her work.


  1. LOVE her work, and I am happy to learn more about Danni and Julie and their love of art too!
    I know that the art show will go well.
    Happy Thursday.

  2. Thank you for sharing this artists work. Very accomplished for her age.

  3. In my quirky life I had an art gallery for 4 years and loved it. I had about 40 young students and some of my favorite works belonged to them. So naive and fresh. So beautiful and meaningful when framed well. I hope to have a studio again within the year and more students. You are so right about art, I will be so glad when our Reno is complete and I can get mine out from under the beds.

  4. Wow fascinating, I love how textural her work is, a eral statement piece. And love that first picture too. Great thing about art is its so subjective, no right or wrong, whatever calls your name. But I do agree on the impact it makes in a room......beautiful!

  5. Rachel's work is wonderful and I love her use of color. I like how it looks almost three-dimensional. Wonderful artist and thank you for introducing her to us.


  6. Rachel is a talented artist. I'm sure her show will be very successful. Thanks for sharing some of her work with us.

  7. Wow- her work is stunning! I am in love! Thanks for sharing :) xo

  8. I know I've said this here before, but your posts on art are SO valuable to me!! I love everything, and save these because it is not my specialty at all....I always struggle to find the right piece. These are FANTASTIC!!


  9. Oh my...... so young and so talented!..... just like you ladies! :)

  10. Real depth and strength to her work. WOW! I would want to find a way to light her work such that the texture and 3D aspects of it are enhanced, along with the color and composition.

    Loved reading about your younger days.


  11. Miles Redd? Thank you for showing us Ms. Rubenstein.

  12. What an amazingly talented young lady. I adore her artwork and love the way it looks like it has layers.

  13. Love the texture and color. Those large canvases make would make a great impact in a space. Thanks for the introduction!

  14. I love art...she is really talented. Gorgeous, and the texture is great.

  15. So talented! Great color and design. Thank you for sharing!

  16. miles and rachel make for quite the pair! adore these rooms and the art ties all the elements together, great introduction. so when do we get to see danni's work or have i missed some posts?

  17. LOVE the color of the interiors in the first 2 photos!! Hope your weekend is going wonderfully. xo

  18. Love the abstract art.
    Happy weekend

  19. What gorgeous artwork..love the texture and the one with the white background and blue center...fabulous!!

  20. Rachel is very talented. Her mom must be very, very proud of her! ;)


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