Coral, Shells and Decor.

(Designer Tim Clark)
We always seem to be attracted to Coral in design. It is very versatile with many styles of decor. We gathered some images to share showing different settings where coral and shells have been used.

Jeff Hunter used them by just placing them in a basket. He also adds star fish on the mantel.

Jeff Mcnamara chooses a beautiful mirror covered with shells.

Love the blue coral in the shelves.
( Lynn Morgan)

So soft and pretty. Love the pictures hanging on the wall. Notice the clam shell in the back ground? Those suckers are pricy!
( Adam Hunter)

Love how the shelves were painted a soft blue to high-light the shells.
(House beautiful)

(Oscar De La Renta)
 Love, everything about this design. The blue pottery, books and the gorgeous red coral. We know it looks like twigs painted, but it is really coral!

Meg Braff 

Meg Braff , brilliantly added the coral in the back bookcases. Bringing a little blue to tie it in through out. Notice how she thought of every detail. She added red piping to the upholstered chairs to tie in the bamboo red chairs. Julie could move right into this house.

In a vintage style setting the coral also looks great.
(Inspirational girl)

Mark Sikes, OK, just shoot us! Another Love!

This design with the coral being the center focal point is drop dead gorgeous! It creates a texture that adds to the white on white decor. Does anyone know who designed this? We love it!
(image found at indulgences blog)

Image found at Full bloom cottage blog. 

(Designer, Joseph Menton -Photo Emily Menton Redfield)
  Coral mixes right into a Traditional style setting. 

Designed by Martensen Jones, Photo, Stephan Karlisch

Scott Meacham

We add coral to almost all of our designs. Can you tell we kind of like it?!

Agoura Antique mall, Agoura California

Agoura Antique mall

Homes and Gardens

(Barclay Buteria)

Designed by Martial, image by Carlos Domenesh. 

John Jacob 

This image we love. An antique book opened with coral laying on top. The little details add so much personality to a room.
(Designer Amy Howard, Cote De Texas  blog)

Joni's living room from Cote De Texas

(Barclay Buteria)

Roger Davis 

Rooms and Garden store in L.A. Notice the price? $295.00 if anyone is interested in buying it.

Coral can be used in any style of decor. It is an organic element that seems to flow with any design. Do you like coral in your home?
(Agoura Antique mall)


  1. These are all really stunning images. I love coral and shells too, just another natural element to bring indoors. Mother Nature's art!

  2. I love decoating with coral… I have coral scattered throughout my house, it gives such a beautiful organic feel to a space.
    These are gorgeous images, thanks for sharing!

  3. I have some beautiful shells, but sadly no coral - yet! These images are amazing - my favourite is the gorgeous grey bookshelf by John Jacob - perhaps because he's a fellow South African x Sharon

  4. Oh how I love shells, especially the ones I find myself on some beachy vacation

  5. Great designs. I loved looking at all of them. xo Jenny

  6. I don't have coral in my home, I have seashells and sand dollars but no coral.I like the looks of it but living in New England it isn't the first thing we would think of. We're more into things from the woods then the beach I suppose. These rooms are gorgeous and love the one by John Jacob.


  7. What a stunning post!!!! Love shells and coral too...that Mark Sikes pic is breathtaking as are many others. Makes me want to incorporate some coral and oversized shells into my own decor. Well done!

  8. Yes, I do love coral and the texture of sea fans. I love how you can place them anywhere to add a little texture and that it doesn't have to be in sea themed rooms. Love the framed sea fans. Coral can get quite pricey, but I have lucked up at Scott's in Atlanta and found a few good pieces.

  9. I would love to find a piece of coral to spruce up my decor for summer! xo

  10. These are amazing pictures. Thank you! It goes to show that coral is not limited to any particular design style. The pictures from Indulgence blog is a favorite with that magnificent piece.

  11. Wow... what a gorgeous post! I've never used coral before, but you've given me some great ideas on how to incorporate a few pieces into my decor. Thanks for the inspiration!

  12. This is great and I plan to book mark this as I've been considering adding coral to some shelves in my family room. I keep thinking it won't work with French, vintage, patina -but clearly it does! Thanks for the inspiration -

  13. Beautiful images and some wonderful displays of coral. I love the scuptural quality of coral. Fun post,

  14. stunningly gorgeous, one of those posts that you did not want to end!
    adore coral, just a bit harder to locate in chicago but when i travel, my eye is open. this may sound odd, but two's company has faux blue coral on a lucite base. amazingly it is good. reminds me of the blue coral on a shelf in lynn morgan's room.

    lucky you in southern california...........

  15. I love the use of coral and shells in decor. The clam shell is fabulous!!

  16. so beautiful! I love Oscar de la Renta's beach house!!

  17. We are all about coral and shells! Use them in almost every interior we put together.

  18. STUNNING!!! This post is why your blog is one of my very favorites! :)

  19. I just snagged three sea fans on a recent girl's weekend. Dreaming up a framing DIY for them as we speak! I LOVE the look of these rooms very inspirational for me and what to do with my new fans!!! M.

  20. What a beautiful post filled with a lot of images that I've not seen. Have a great week. XO, Mona

  21. Just gorgeous images! The second and fourth have me swooning. Love.
    Happy Thursday.

  22. while i'm not big on beach decor, i do love the feel that coral gives off in a glamorous room :-)


  23. I love the look of corals, I think they look great everywhere and add a touch of nature and beauty in a space!


  24. What a gorgeous post! I especially loved the blue dining room but there are so many beautiful designs here. I just got my (faux) coral which is mounted on a stand and I can hardly wait to find a spot for it in our new home!

  25. Just wanted to say thanks for your kind messages and well wishes for Teddy. Wishing you both a wonderful and happy Easter.

  26. I have some framed sea fans, piece of red coral on my Natural Curiosities book, a coral lamp finial, and some more coral pieces that sits on my bookcase. I love coral and you had lots of great images!

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  29. I really loved reading your blog. It was very well authored and easy to understand. Unlike was Additional Blogs Which I Have read are really not good.

  30. Wow! This makes me believe that bringing bits of the shore inside your home to create a real coastal oasis.

  31. The shell and coral stoppers atop these vintage glass bottles are a clever way to display the shore’s bounty. Placing them together gives the impression of a well-curated collection.


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