The Leather Club Chair

Nuevo Estilo

Are you still in love with the leather club chair? 

( Nuevo Estilo)

Are they like a pair of blue jeans? 

(Image Brown dress with white dots)

The older they get the better! 

( Jeff McNamara)

( Brown dress with white dots)

Are you tired of this famous chair that has been apart of our lives for so long? 

( Le Journal De La Maison)

Will we continue to see these vintage beauties in the coming years? 

( Decor De Provence)

They even mix well with this French style decor.

Red Ticking blog has them for sale at her store. 

Kelly at The Polished Pebble blog recovered the seat with an antique Navajo rug. Could you see it in a ikat or paisley fabric?

(Kim Winkler)
 Are you tired of this affair or will you continue to love this chair? We would love to know your thoughts. Will it be like a pair of blue jeans, always being in style? What do you think?  


  1. Yes still love it and have a few in our house, they are must haves in the family room and in a library and my sons each have one in their rooms too. A classic!

  2. Definitely not tired of it. Just sources a pair of chesterfield styled ones for a space! Found them at Home Decorators (of all places!) M.

  3. I have 2 leather club chairs and love them!! I will never tire of them. xo

  4. I think the leather club chair is a true classic. It goes with almost any style of interior and just looks better and better with age. I love the examples you've shown here. x Sharon

  5. I'm in the love department when it comes to leather chairs! I actually just purchased a petite leather chair for our guest bedroom and love it! They never go out of style.


  6. I love those and what gorgeous rooms. I wish we had leather club chairs instead of recliners. Hubby had to have the recliner of course. At least it doesn't look too much like one.

  7. This is funny -- this is one thing I have never loved. Don't know why because everyone else loves them. But these rooms are gorgeous!!

  8. Just sold mine via Craig. Waay too big for my narrow space. The guy who bought it was thrilled - he had been looking for quite some time and mine was a good one!

  9. Love, love, love. I think you can read my mind. Was looking yesterday. The chair paired with the settee is amazing.
    Happy Monday.

  10. I emailed your entire blog to my hubby at work. We are about to build his home office and leather chair pair...here we come to get you!

  11. It is a classic piece and can be updated to suit individual needs, this just proves that. I have never owned one - we had black leather pieces in London - but this does come close to a pair of good old jeans.

  12. There will always be room for leather chair somewhere. It's a classic, like blue jeans. I can remember falling asleep in one more than once while studying in the library at Cornell. While I still love my blue jeans, today I favor a nice comfortable linen covered bergere.


  13. Kelly's Navajo rug-covered chair is fabulous. I think it would always be in style, as would many leather club chairs. I am still in love with the look of a pair of old French Deco club chairs, well-worn and iconic.

  14. It's a classic and classics never go out of style. :)

  15. Like any true classic, the leather chair, especially the well-worn ones, will always be a favorite in my eyes. We have 2 in our house, one is better than the other but they are still my husband's favorite places to sit.

  16. I love a well worn leather club chair. These rooms are wonderful!

  17. timeless... love the vintage ones. Some great examples here!

  18. I have a pair of 10 year old leather club chairs and they are still going strong. I love them.

  19. Love these worn and loved classic versions! Don't love the standard leather recliner styles that look like big burgundy cows. Really love the Ikat idea!

  20. YES! Especially the weathered, more edgy one! Like the one in the first image. Divine!

    Hugs to you both from Seattle,


  21. I LOVE the leather club chair....Mr. MD would LOVE one too!

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