My Dream Home

  Cindy from Rough Lux Perspective blog asked me and several other bloggers to create our dream home and write a post on it...
 Let me tell you....
this has been a challenge...
I thought it would be so easy...but it wasn't!

 I started to gather ideas as if I were going to build a home.....
but I couldn't find my dream ideas all in one picture. 

I would build my home in Southern California....I couldn't think of anywhere else that I would want to live.... I can't leave the kids and my grand baby.....so here I stay...

I would have a gorgeous garden with beautiful flowers.... 

Of course there would be roses growing over the carriage house or my guest house or shoot.. both....
you might as well dream big if your going to dream....


The furniture would be neutral and I would have to have some antique pieces... 

I would want to have a wood ceiling like this and a chandelier hanging from the room above the coffee table.....
In fact this room has good bones..


The blue and white jars are a must!  

A little bit of blue would be scattered around the room...


This is a little traditional for me but I love the colors.....
so imagine these colors....
 but in the first image.


My dining room would have this wall paper and be casual like the image below...
a little bit of this and a little bit of that....

I love this kitchen with all the light flooding the room... 

This is our kitchen table and chairs


or this one....
I would love to have a banquette...


Now this is a family room!
I would love to have the raw beams with the painted wood... 

and this is my other family room...you might as well have two....


I would have these great Ralph Lauren lamps...

My bedroom would be painted this silver blue.....relaxing and pretty... 

I would want this tub looking over the pacific ocean.....so nice!

and it would have to have some marble...

So this would be my office.....I would die to have an office like this....look at all the cubbies for fabric samples....to dream for!

So pretty...a perfect place to have barbecues and a gathering...

Of course my back yard would be done in blue and white.....this picture is perfect....
I wouldn't change a thing....


I also would want these doors and windows.....
This is getting a little addicting.....
I have to come down to earth now...and wake up to the real world.....
back to my little adobe that I have been very blessed to have....
but a girl can dream once in awhile....Huh?

Please check out the other bloggers here and take a look at their dream homes....

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Thanks Cindy for asking me to be apart of this dream home series....  

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  1. Hi Julie! Oh my gosh! So you and soooo perfect. Now if we could just get it all done this year and move in...right?

    I agree this was really hard to do but kinda fun!

    Hope all is well!

    Cheers, Kelley

  2. How lovely...warm and elegant and down to earth...who would want this...AND a tub with an ocean view! I think this must have taken a bit of time to ponder and write, and I appreciate it so much. Great way to start my day.

  3. I meant to say who WOULDN'T WANT THIS? I n
    eed to proof before I press enter!

  4. Very pretty. It's always fun to see what spaces other people connect with.

  5. Your dream home is stunning. If only money weren't an object, mine would look very similar.

  6. I'll take it!!! That's pretty much my dream house too!

  7. This would be my dream house, too. I love all of this including the location.

  8. Can I just go ahead and move in? This is truly a dream home…I wouldn't change a thing you said or showed us! Perfection all the way! Thanks for this amazing post!

  9. Gorgeous!! I love all your selections - inside and outside! And that office with the cubbies for fabrics = my dream, too!!!

  10. You have built my dream house as well!

  11. I love your photos selections. You have built my dream house as well

  12. I'll take it! Lol, I can see how this is a dangerous challenge!

  13. You've created a beautiful picture of your dream home! So many details would be part of my dream home, too. It must have been so much fun coming up with your selections for this post!
    Hope all is well,
    ~ Wendi

  14. Picture perfect! Beautiful kitchen, love all the blue and white accessories, and the outdoor sitting area is amazing! Great post!

  15. When can I move in?! Love all of your choices. fun to dream isn't it, but when we have to actually put it down on paper, it becomes a bit harder, you did a wonderful job,

  16. What a beautiful dream home! Everything about it screams casual elegance.
    C + C

  17. If everyone would hurry up and build their dream homes then I wouldn't have to go on vacation I could simply go visiting...;) WOWZA, fabulous home!


  18. I would be quite comfortable in your dream home.

  19. It is so you! I love every detail...and I agree with Loi...that office is amazing...but keeping it tidy....have your fabrics ever been that tidy? Sadly mine have to reside in baskets....

  20. I love your new house! I have some of these same pictures in my files...they are so wonderful. It's so much fun to dream like this...it saves lots of money too.

  21. OH THOSE TUBS! Yes please...love that family room too. Great taste!!!

  22. Wow, I love all of your choices! Such a dream house that would be!'

  23. Some of my favorite rooms here! Love a good dream house.

  24. I could move right in - so many of my favorite things - shingled house, neutral palettes, gorgeous peonies...I'm there!!

  25. ahhhhhhh and i hope i would be invited to your housewarming. i will bring you the best cinnamon bread to thrill your sense of smell since this dream house of yours will satisfy all the others!

    smiles to you.


  26. What a fun post, I was trying to choose a favorite feature...not a chance, every space is perfection!

  27. Hello, Julie. Some of the elements you love remind me of my Grandma H., someone I admired greatly. Beautiful choices. I'm still making my way around to everyone who participated in this. I'm happy to be part of this just to get to be introduced to you and some of the others I didn't know before. I'll be back! ~LeAnn, linenandlavender.net

  28. Great taste! But of course, I already knew that. I love the easy Southern California vibe in your aesthetic.

  29. Just gorgeous! I see that I am going to have to have a 2nd dream home and will need to steal a whole lot of these ideas! x Sharon

  30. Beautiful ideas! Love your tub overlooking the Pacific, of course all the blue and white and those incredible outdoor spaces!! Well done........

  31. It is beautiful...the best of so many worlds. I can see a long pinfest happening from this post, thank you! Lovely to meet you via Cindy too...I look forward to following.
    Jeanne x

  32. Happy Easter to both of you and your families!

  33. Your dream home is beautiful! Love the charming exterior and the gorgeous interior! That double story family room is fabulous!


  34. It's really hard to build and design a dream home, especially if you want to combine every little thing that you see on Pinterest. Haha! However, the thing that we have to consider first is location. Where are you going to build your dream home? After that, the different rooms you want to have and lastly the decors, which I think is the hardest part. Haha! So, to everyone trying to put a dream home together, start now! I'm sure you can use your inspiration board someday. :)

    Levi Ervin

  35. That’s wonderful! Your dream home has all what it takes to be called a dream house! I think it’s the fireplace, backyard, and the living room; and those blue jars provide the ‘dreamy’ factor. I wish you both, Julie and Dannie, a good luck for making this dream home come true. Invite us over for a gathering when you finally build this home. =)

    Erick Bush

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  37. Fro tip to toe,we can see the mystery of dark and white.its conceivable to see even in those
    corporate carpets

  38. Those photos can make everyone dwell on dreamy thoughts. There's nothing bad on making a picture of your dream house. However, it's important to make it feasible and reachable. That way, it would be possible for you to make your dreams come true.


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  40. Let me just say, I love your taste in design. Of course, all of us dream of our own dream homes, and would love a simple home with intricate details. I love your color scheme of blue and neutrals, as well as the fact that you want overgrown flowers all over the place. That would make it so romantic. And you know, the best thing about it is that it can all be possible.

    Paul Dabbs

  41. Your room is beautiful! The built in book shelves add so much to a home -you have them decorated so nicely.
    custom home houston

  42. Lovely home. I want a house that looks like that too.

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