The Iron Gate

The Iron Gate is a decor store in Franklin Tennessee.

 Designer Rozanne Jackson is the talented owner.

The Iron gate first started as a candle store.

 Rozanne started adding decor and furniture to it as time went by.

 Clients loved her taste and design sense and a design business was formed.

 Love when that happens....

We love her sense of balance and how she adds old objects with contemporary pieces to create elegant spaces..

   Rozanne feels that a well appointed space should not feel decorated.
 Rather, it should feel like you've already been there many times when you first walk in. 
 (taken from her bio on her web-site)


Love how she used the coral in this bookcase.

We use it all the time, its a natural piece that just adds character to any style.

One of Danni's and my favorite looks is when industrial style meets country in a kitchen .
 Digging the natural wood ceiling and the white painted wood walls. Love....
We wrote a post on this style, you can read about it here.

Love this image, simple, but elegant. 

Great idea to use a large mirror to fill a space. 

Black and white can be timeless and so sophisticated.

Love how her photographer,Chris Little captured this image.

Rozanne was born with a natural talent. Natural talent can not be taught, it is something we inherit.  There are so many talented designers with and without an education. You can be taught how to draw, measure a floor plan or how to use a computer but, you can not be taught good taste.
Rozanne also has a blog, to visit The Iron gate go here.


  1. oh man! this got me going...wish I could have a better peek at that mural behind the bed!

  2. The Iron Gate looks fabulous! I want that mirror in the first picture!! Might need to road trip to Franklin :) Thanks for sharing!

  3. She has awesome talent...luxurious comfort! Thank you!

  4. There is something I love in every photo - that does not always happen. A lot of unique pieces as well. She has a great eye.
    All best,

  5. I know The Iron Gate well in fact you've shown a few pictures with my pillows they purchased from my busniess in the third and fifth pictures. I llvoe when people have such natural talent all these rooms are wonderful.


  6. Beautiful work, I love their clean, edited look.

  7. I love the wonderful mix: from faux bois to beaded crystal to white slipcovers....brilliantly done!

  8. So pretty. Was this her home or rooms in her store? I love the black and white living room. Very nice that she found her way into something she's so clearly talented at.

  9. I like her philosophy on design. The mirrors are gorgeous and i like her simple and non cluttered approach.

  10. Looks like an amazing shop....and she has wonderful style. I too love a long full length mirror in a room, it has such impact. And that mix of styles in a kitchen works every time, beautiful!

  11. I love the desk in the first image! So lovely!

  12. I would LOVE to visit her shop and plan on doing that when we go to Nashville soon! You are so right…a lot can be taught but good taste is definitely something you are born with! I would love any and all advice from her! Thanks for sharing this!

  13. I love birdcages ... I don't really know why, I don't really like birds ... but that large round birdcage ... fabulous!! Love these images and "meeting" new folks! xo

  14. I have had that bedroom picture with the beautiful painting on my files for ages but didn't know who the designer was. I 'm so excited to see more of her work. She has wonderful style. X Sharon

  15. My love of built ins just grew tenfold!!! xo

  16. Oh my gosh, all of those are so stunning, but the first image took my breath away. And then again on the last one. BEAUTIFUL!!

  17. I love Roseanne's designs. She is one talented lady. I love how her rooms aren't crammed full of things but simple and elegant, perfectly curated. Thanks for passing on this lovely talent.
    xo Nancy

  18. I will definitely visit her blog. Her work is unbelievably beautiful. I love every image here.
    As always, you share the most stunning work.
    Happy Thursday.

  19. Thanks so much.. wonderful photos.. cannot wait to visit her shop. Looks like a little Fall Ramble
    is in the works soon and Franklin is on the agenda.

    Oh, and congratulations on the new little one. Can't wait to take a peek at her. Im sure she is
    precious !


  20. you are so speaking my language here!!!! love the vibe in the photos and the work of this designer.

    smiles to you.


  21. Wow, amazing photos and I would love to visit the shop some day!


  22. Simply elegant it is must agree to what you've said. Love so much inspiration in here. Got my eye on your next posts.

  23. How nice to see her personal interiors. The Iron Gate is always my first stop when going to Franklin. I've spent wayyyyy toooo much money in there because I just love the atmosphere. Even my husband loves the store.

  24. Such beautiful styling and elegant vignettes! Rozanne is one talented lady. Thanks for sharing!

  25. Wow! This place is straight out of my dreams! Happily pinning away..

    The home schooling is going better and better. It started off quite a challenge, but we're settling in and starting to have fun. Thanks so much for asking!


  26. I have just fallen in love with this woman and her wonderful style. Wish I lived a bit closer to Tennessee. And, what you said about talent and style, as well as elegance, is an inherent capability...you really cannot learn it. Great post !

  27. the kitchen lanterns,
    the painted floors, and the birdcage are just great!!

  28. She has great taste, no doubt about that! I love the charming kitchen and of course that birdcage! I also enjoyed the way she styled those shelves!

    Thanks for the introduction!

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  29. So much eye candy here!!! You are right about " home schooled" designers..you can't teach taste!!!

  30. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  31. I mentioned this post on my post about slipcovers today...thanks so much!

  32. I have been thinking of implementing an iron gate to my home. I need one that is at least ten feet tall. That way it is unlikely that anyone will try to climb it. I just want people to stay out of my yard.


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