What I love about Fall....

There has been a feeling of change in the air, an excitement, a brisk feeling as you step out side. 


When the rest of the country is experiencing Fall, Southern California is still in the Summer mode.
 It takes a little longer for us Callies to receive Fall. 

  Autumn mornings and falling leaves.

 Crisp mornings and leafless trees.

 Beautiful colors cover the streets.

Things I love about Fall....

Nutty breads and pumpkin baked goods fill the air

 Leopard ......

The leaves changing colors 

 Cinderella Pumpkins  

 Sharing our blessings

The warm colors of Fall are my favorite. 

Ralph your a genius.

A good Brie with a nutty sauce

A perfect kitchen to warm our souls...

Beauty in creation

Celebrating the bounty we are given

Jeans all year around. 

You can't forget about a great pair of boots. 

Wearing warm gloves 

Pumpkin pancakes.....To everything there is a season.. 

Grass withers, flowers fall 

That is what I love about Fall! 
 What do you love about Fall?

 Kitchen image, Cote De Texas Blog
Images of Furniture, Ralph Lauren
All other images on our Pinterest Boards.


  1. What a brillliant and breathtaking post!! I am bookmarking this...love love love fall. And today it feels more like winter, high 30's!! Brisk and defintiely coat weather for my sons game. You nailed it here with all my faves, the change of the wesather, baked brie, cozy sweaters, gorgeous leaves and those magnificent cinderella pumpkins, can't get enough of them!

  2. What a perfect collection of fall favorites...off to walk my pup in the crisp morning air and enjoy the changing scenery...one of my favorites. Happy weekend!

  3. I am seriously craving some pumpkin pancakes :) It's chilly in DC....definitely fall here. Have a great weekend.

  4. WOW!!! This makes me love fall even more that I already do! Best post I've seen in a while! Loved every picture…I literally almost made pumpkin waffles this morning….now I wish I had! Thanks for sharing this!

  5. You hit the nail on the head..... all of the above are Fall favorites too, plus a fire in the fireplace and lots of soft candlelight!
    happy Fall to YOU!

  6. What a beautiful post. Fall is my favorite season!!

  7. Youre coming around! We had our first frost last night in Virginia, it was sad for me... It's coming too quickly! At least yours will happen more slowly so you can savor it! Have a great weekend,
    xo Nancy

  8. This is such a beautiful post! I love fall; and you have captured it beautifully! Thanks for sharing!

  9. wonderful photos! fall has hit us full force in Connecticut!

  10. Gorgeous post! I remember growing up in Southern CA and having 80 degree weather in December! You can still feel a change in season though :) and we all enjoy the rich fabrics and colors. The coat and jacket here are beautiful!


  11. We are just starting to get a bit of spring here and now these pictures have me longing for Autumn! Absolutely beautiful post! x Sharon

  12. I love being bundled up in a thick cozy sweater and socks. Starting the first wood stove of the season yesterday to warm our bones. Watching the blue gray sky and leaves in every color fluttering to the ground. Time passes and if we're lucky we get to see the changes. Simply beautiful images!


  13. Fall is my favorite season.These are beautiful pictures. I love a rainy fall weekend that requires nothing of you but snuggling in bed with a book or old movie.

  14. Love those pumpkins and tablescapes! I'm just ready for the cooler weather here!

  15. WOW! This is one gorgeous post. I LOVE fall, and the 80s here just are not getting it. These images are the epitome of fall. Thank you for sharing.
    Happy Monday.

  16. I like what you like...good moody post!

  17. My favorite time of year, for many of the reasons you share. Love the Cinderella pumpkins and jeans, boots and blazers, fall leaves, warm fire (even if we Southern Californians are sweltering this week). The cozy feel of a warm throw.
    Great post.
    P.S. I want to learn to tie a scarf like the leopard scarf!

  18. Oh, how I want the stack of lidded baskets in the second picture. I love the warm colors of fall, too and the cooler air outside.

  19. well chosen images that depict fall beautifully. don't you just love it!
    i am here in the english countryside, pure magic......

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  21. There sure is a lot to love! I especially love the pumpkins set up like runners on two of the tables - awesome!!

  22. Love it all.. Fall is my very favorite time of the year.. OH, and I will be scouting for some shoes like
    the leopard ones- killer !
    Heading out to find our own Fall- to the lovely Nashville, Franklin and Leiper's Fork areas of TN..
    think I would love Fall anywhere.
    Thanks for the lovely reminders of this season. . .hope it hits in California soon. We are just starting
    to cool our heels here a little in Texas.. hoping for more soon.


  23. Beautiful images! There are so many things to love about fall, the wonderful fall colors, Halloween decor and accompanying my son go tricking or treating are just a few of them!

    P/S: Come by and enter my current comforter giveaway if you like!



  24. What a gorgeous collection of Fall favorites! I think it's the most beautiful one I have seen! The clothes, the food, the pumpkins, everything is gorgeous.

  25. What a beautiful, beautiful group of inspiration photos today! Thank you for making my heart smile!


  26. Autumn is coming, winter is awaiting, and this blog presented the beauty of house design interiors and of nature outside.

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  27. Beautiful images! I love the fall table decor.

  28. Taylor
    You really captured the essence of fall in my mind...we think along the same lines! This is my favorite fall post! Love it

  29. Those Cinderella pumpkins are so gorgeous....love the colors. I love fall also and it just makes you want to throw texture all over everything!


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