The Pacific Design Center....

I took a client down to the L.A. Design center to shop for a dinning room table. 

We saw some fabulous things.....but we came home empty handed.  

This showroom, Ebanista had a lot of interesting and beautiful furniture that I loved...


It was so quiet at the P.D.C. you could hear a pin drop.... 
I remember when I first went to the design center around 20 years ago, there were so many showrooms to choose from.

This was the Paul Ferrante showroom..... 
which we overheard the sales woman talking about an order from Jeffery Allen Marks from Million Dollar Decorator
We were dying to see what he had ordered....

I love Gregorius Pineo furniture and style. This showroom was one of my favorites which I just did a post on a style called Simple Elegance... click here.

 Soft grays, whitewashed woods mixed with dark woods and Grass-cloth walls....love!


The style reminds me of a pair of jeans....you could dress it up or dress it down...Casual but sophisticated 

I loved this lantern....
To tell you the truth...I love most of thier things...do you? 

Sorry this is a short post....
I'm exhausted!
 I have been running around with my head cut off! Hopefully I will get some R&R this weekend...
 I'm going to clean my house and rest....
what a combo, huh! 
What are you doing this weekend?  


  1. It always amazes me how you can't get parking at the PDC, but once inside, you never see anyone! It is fun to make a day trip!

  2. I love going to design centers. Is that lantern Holly Hunt? I was obsessed...that is probably putting it mildly, with Holly Hunt lanterns.

  3. Wow I am in love too with everything you showed! What a stunning showroom and yes do love that lantern too, so gorgeous. Thanks for the mini tour:)

  4. Do you know what the bulbs in the lighting in 4th and 6th picture are called and where to get them? Nobody seems to ever know and I have searched for them.Love your blog

  5. I love the showrooms at our design center, but too pricey for my clients, there's never anyone there either...hmmm. I would LOVE to clean my house and rest! Enjoy!

  6. Design Centers are my happy place, even if I can never afford anything, even WITH trade discounts! Sad that it was quiet - I hope they are doing ok! Get some rest and eel better soon

  7. I'm dying over the lantern - that's statement lighting at its best!! Hope you have a great weekend.

  8. Hey Julie,
    I LOVE Ebanista...haven't every purchased from them but definitely one of my favorite showrooms. It's sort of quiet around Casa de Moore, just working on some home projects of my own!
    Happy weekend...get that R&R!

  9. that lantern is killer!

    smiles to you. sending calm.


  10. Love the peek into the LA Design Center ... The Boston Center is fairly busy and I do go often for my inspiration feeding!! xo

  11. our lives are momentarily mirroring each other. was with a client at the chicago merchandise mart, dead silence. what used to be a hive of activity on 6 floors has been consolidated to two.
    but the fun is that my client ordered from ferrante, pineo and another i would bet you also like; formento......LOVE these companies.

    cheers to a restful weekend!

  12. Beautiful. I love that Gregorius Pineo showroom, too, and that contrasting art over the console. Hope you have a nice weekend. I HAD all intentions of cleaning, but got a better offer to be outside. It's finally warmer and sunny here in VA this weekend, so we have to take advantage!
    xo Nancy

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  14. Gorgeous showrooms!!! Thanks for the lovely tour. Our DC design center is fairly quiet, too. But I was told they get a lot of orders via emails and phone calls.

  15. Absolutely stunning. I love the Gregorius Pineo furniture and style .. the soft color palette.. the gray is so pretty. Thanks for taking us along on the tour!


  16. Loved this post and I am with you, lovely vendors, with beautiful vignettes


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