Over Grouted Stone and Old Barn Wood

Love this....
 Maybe I'm just crazy, but I'm ready to find an old fence and tear it down....
I would love to put this in one of my clients dinning room.
 I haven't done any research on where to buy used or weathered wood, but if anyone knows where to buy this in Southern California please let me know.....
This was designed buy Jeff Jeffers....he used it in his Napa Valley home..

Designed by Bernard DE Clerck,wood from Corvelyn

Jeffers also used this style of wood in his bathroom in his Napa Valley home. 

Bernard De Clerck, wood and stone from Corvelyn

This is a new kitchen that used a stone to create a collected look that resembles an old European kitchen.....
 If you want to see a glimpse of this home check it out on Cote De Texas.blogspot

Cote De Texas blog and Chateau Dominique.

Designed by Sandra Tarruella

Rik Storms Ancient building supplies used 200 year old pine barn-wood from old Swiss sheds for this floor

Pam Pierce...
You gotta love this stone!

Designed by Kevin Harris and Annelee Primos...

It's tempting...any old fences around?


Chateau Dominique...

Calligan Abraham Architectures.

What do you think about the look of over grouted stone?

Brook from Velvet and Linen is building her new home in Ojai California... and using an over grouted style on her fireplace. 

So what do you think....Do you like the over grouted look and the old barn wood look as much as I do
Keep your eyes out for neighbors replacing their fence....
Can't ya see it....


I'm just all talk..... don't worry.... I'm not going to be taking anyone's fence....

I'm the biggest chicken ever...and honest!



  1. Funny.....yes love love love old wood in its many variations. On floors, and in all the other ways you have shown..its just beautiful!

  2. Wow! This is one beautiful post! I love every single image, and the weathered wood and stone is stunning! Pinning away!
    Happy Tuesday.

  3. Yes, I do love this look. Love the stone with the old bread boards.

  4. Love that first kitchen with the stone and the chandelier!! xo

  5. LOVE the weathered wood look. We have a lot of it (house siding - shingles) in New England, but I really love the idea of using it inside!

  6. I just LOVE it!! The overgrouted stonework is amazing and gorgeous aged beams...I'm completely smitten. Hope you have a great day - we're in the throes of a huge rainstorm...

  7. I love it, too. For the longest time, I wanted those barn-wood and concrete floors they have in Pottery Barn.

  8. I've been collecting "rustic cool" photos like these. I like it in just the right amount and place. I have a friend who had an old chicken house dismantled and the wood was used for the overlaying the walls in her son's room. It was impressive.

    You might be surprised how easy it is to get that worn wood look. There is a link on my current blog post for oxidizing wood. Basically, you take really strongly brewed tea and coat the wood; once it has dried take a solution of white vinegar with steel wool soaked in it at least overnight, and apply that to the wood. Within five minutes oxidation will have occurred and you will have gray, rustic looking wood. It's at least a way to get a similar look if you can't find any neighbors willing to part with their fences.

    Now that I've rambled on about far more than you probably wanted to know, I'll bid you adieu. :)


  9. You think you are crazy…just check out my last post! I know I am crazy and now everyone will know it as well! LOL! LOVE all that you showed with the wood, the stone, etc…my son does tons of this in his remodels! Can't wait to do a post on it soon! Love Pam Pierce….one of my true faves! Hope you are doing well! LOVED this post!

  10. I was going to say to visit Brook.. and you mentioned her! She might be a good resource? Gorgeous rustic decor and so fitting for the Napa Valley area. I had to pin a few pictures:) The kitchen.. the bread boards.. the wine was missing!!


  11. crazy about the over-grouting and weathered wood. don't forget you can age new wood to look aged! craigslist is one of my sources for old wood. bet you already know which of those images are my favs...pam pierce's kitchen and the patina farm under construction one!

    love to you.


  12. That first image is crazy beautiful! I like the weathered wood better than the stone, although it's lovely, too!

  13. We had an old fence but the husband has been using it for projects as well. Love the use of old barn wood and luckily he's getting ready to use more, making doors for an old hutch that is out of style. The over grouted gives instant age, love it! Check out salvage yards for the old wood.


  14. Love both the over grouted stone and the weathered wood. Give me weathered wood any day over new, sleek or glossy wood. It has so much more character. I'm glad I don't live too close to you.... my wood fence might be in danger :) xx Sharon

  15. THat first fireplace is awesome!!! I am going to rip the old barn down next door and start nailing up boards!!! THese are fantastic images.. what inspiration!

  16. I love this look, although it would have to be in another dream house of mine. Lots of stone and wood and glass. Dreaming again!
    xo Nancy

  17. I did an "aged white wash" treatment on old "weathered" pallet boards. I LOVE the herringbone application in your photo. I did a diagonal, but wish I'd done the herringbone (next time) even though it will probably use a bit more wood.

  18. Love this look! And Brooke also used the pallets from their painters and plasterers!


  19. This is a great inspiring article.I am pretty much pleased with your good work.You put really very helpful information. Keep it up. Keep blogging. Looking to reading your next post.

  20. Love the over grouted look! How do you DIY it?


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