Robert Allen fabric and New Blue Jars....

Remember that ratty chair I bought at an estate sale.....
Well, I finally got it reupholstered and painted.
I know...... its about time! 
Its been so long you probably don't remember it.


It brought some life into my dinning room... it added the depth and drama it needed.


The fabric is from Robert Allen. 

This is the before look.... notice the pumpkins!

I also found some new antique jars.  The one in the back is my newest one.


And the one on the right is the other new one...
I love it! 

I'm still looking for one more to replace the larger one...
its OK, but its just a cheap one that I found at a local store and I love the vintage jars....

 I'm looking for fabric for pillows and drapery for a clients family room.....

I just got these in the mail....boy, sometimes the fabric looks so different online...

I ordered them through Duralee fabrics.

I'm still going to look for more fabric...

 I'm not quite satisfied with what I have.


This is the same fabric but in another color.
What do you think about this color combo?

 One of the linens will go on the sofa and the chair fabric sample is on order.  We started demo on the kitchen...I will get some pictures next week to show you.....Have a great weekend...



  1. Julie, I so appreciate your collection of the beautiful old pieces of blue and white. I search for these beauties all over the world, so each one I have tells it's special story. LOVE the chair!

  2. LOVE thc chair!!!! Absolutely perfection. And you know how I feel about the blue and whites....can't get enough:)

  3. Julie,
    I LOVE the new chair - a total transformation. And those fabrics for the client - loving the second option with the greys and browns. What I like about that fabric is that it's cool and warm tones all in one fabric. It makes for a really nice transition when the client is wanting more current greys, yet the rest of their house is all warm neutrals. So, that floral looks to be a perfect mixture of both! It won't make the rest of her house feel dated(if it's warm tones) - which is a trick in and of itself! Happy Weekend! M.

  4. The first thing I thought when I saw this post was "I wonder if Tina has seen this beautiful chair yet?"And there she is two comments about me loving it like I knew she would. It is totally amazing and makes me want to redo a room in blue and white!!!

  5. OK Julie, I have that very fabric that I did a chair in and some lumbar pillows...I loved seeing it here too...love those peacocks which is why I bought it...looks so great with those jars!

  6. I am so jealous of that chair! It looks amazing!!! Julie that John Robshaw animal print looks fabulous everywhere I think. I am going to be using it soon as well.

  7. Julie,
    I love the way the chair turned out. Great fabric. The blue and white jars look wonderful and I love the placement.
    The bottom image is my favorite of the fabric swatches. I love the combination of the bold with the neutral.
    Have a great weekend.

  8. Love the new chair and what vision you had to pick up a ratty old chair with good bones and give it new life with such pretty fabric! And it's amazing how the same print can look totally different when the color scheme changes... Hope you have a great weekend!
    C + C

  9. In love - or at least major lust - with the blue & white chair. Holy transformation!


  10. you are BRILLIANT! the fabric is pure perfection, love this chair and look

  11. What an amazing transformation - just love the chair and of course your blue and white antique jars - happy weekend!!

  12. First love the chair transformation and second this is first time I have noticed you finished the china cabinet
    looks really nice. I like the fabrics in either colorway. Love the gray with mustard. I have just ordered a similar colorway in a fabric called Boogaloo in Graphite by Stout. I think Duralee has it too but do not know what they call it.
    Happy weekend.

  13. I love your blog. You have a new follower from Spain



  14. Loving your Robert Allen Fabric on your chair and you beautiful collection of blue and white porcelain, so pretty!! Hope all is well, xo Kathysue

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  16. Your chair looks fantastic! What beautiful fabric! And your bell jar vignette is just lovely!
    Hope you're both doing well,
    ~ Wendi

  17. Love the new upholstery! The chair looks beautiful!

  18. I'm a sucker for anything in blue and white. Your chair makeover is fantastic.

  19. I love the direction you're going with the design for your client who loves all the natural stone and wood. I hope they go with the overgrouted stone somewhere....I know that it's something they'll enjoy for as long as they live there. Can't imagine they'll want to move once you've done your magic!

  20. That chair looks amazing! Perfect fabric choice. I'm always looking forward to your posts to see what your up to.

  21. That chair is gorgeous and looks so new! great eye and paint job. Love it in your home with your blue jars and your topiaries..I love your decor.
    xo Nancy

  22. I'm really loving blue and white lately. Your chair looks fantastic and better than new. Bravo!


  23. Gorgeous choices Julie and Danni! The dining chair turned out perfectly!!

    Art by Karena

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