What a day

This is what I woke up to this morning......

All of the hills behind us were on fire! 

The wind was blowing so hard....

I cancelled all my appointments and my hubby and I were glued to the news....

We live in an area in California called Dos Vientos....
which means two winds in Spanish.... 

It was a little scary......and at times I was nervous

Especially when my hubby wasn't home and I couldn't get a hold of him...

He rode his bike down the road to see if we had to evacuate...

I loaded all of my clients fabrics into my car that had just come in and a $3,000 rug that belonged to another client.....
All I could think of is that they were paid for and I didn't want anything to happen to them...

My friend called who is married to a fire fighter and told me to take pictures of every wall in the house and all of our rooms....

Smart idea for insurance reasons...


We heard helicopters all day.... 

I grabbed all of our birth certificates and some important papers and packed them... 

I couldn't think of what to pack....but just everyday needs....
tooth brush, makeup, my camera, our meds and vitamins... 

What would you pack? 

I totally went blank!


News trucks were all over reporting the fire......


This is down the street from us...

By evening the wind had died down and the fire was headed towards the ocean...... .. 

we are still here and packed....

Boy, You never know what your going to wake up to!



  1. Hope you are OK!
    Sending good thought your way

    xxx' kelley

    ps no smoke here

  2. Oh wow...how scary. I can't imagine waking up to that!! So glad that you are all okay and that the winds died down. Stay safe...

  3. Yikes!! Hoping it stays far away from you. That would be terrifying!

  4. I'm right down the road from you and all I could see was the wall of smoke! All I could think of was fires in the past and how scary it can get. It can turn on a dime. I was worried for all the horses that may have to be evacuated, along with the people and homes. I'm glad you and your neighborhood is safe. Just think...it's so early in the season!
    Take care, and keep the windows closed!

  5. I think you did everything you possibly could without franticness taking hold of you. You were blessed!

  6. Positive thoughts. Prayers your way.

  7. I heard about the fires from a friend who's daughters live in California. She said something like
    6000 acres burned? I hope the worst is over. I cannot even imagine how scary. Glad you are safe
    and your home. Thinking of you.

  8. Wow, that would be so scary to watch that and wait. Glad it went the other way.

  9. Jeez! I hope you can come home soon….funny, I would have packed the same things. Especially the client rug!
    Best to you and your family,

  10. Omg I am praying you are not in danger anymore and that no one was injured in those fires. We heard about it on the news. How scary! Funny how you thought of your clients first. I don't know what I'd do in that situation. I hope it never happens again for you.
    xo Nancy

  11. Oh my gosh, that's just terrifying. I hope it has all died down at this point.

    I'd grab clothes and shoes too...and maybe all the old pictures.

  12. Oh my god Positive thoughts. Prayers your way.

  13. Goodness - we hope things have died down a bit. We heard about this fire on the news this morning and have a good friend in the area, too. We don;t know what we'd pack but given that the house is under construction, we'd grab whatever box we could find. Taking pictures of the wall is a great idea and once we're done redecorating, we'll make sure to do a complete inventory of the house. Stay safe!
    C + C

  14. Oh my goodness! You all take care, and please keep us posted (when you can). Be safe!

  15. So glad you are safe! It is the season for fires...isn't it? Everything is so dry!

  16. We have relatives and friends that live in Newbury Park, so I know how scary the situation has been. Last night they told us that all was OK...but this morning we got word that the fire has come back toward them and it was across the street from them. Their pictures looked just like yours. I hope and pray that you and your family are safe. We live in the hills too, and fire is one of my biggest fears. I know what you mean about what to take....I have thought about that many times and I my animals are first, then papers, photos, my paintings and computers and then I guess some valuables that can not be replaced. Because in the end, as long as we're safe, everything else can be replaced.

  17. Oh my gosh, that's so scary it was that close! Glad you're safe, sending prayers your way. Isn't this early in the season for fires?

  18. We raised our family just down the road from you and lived here the last time the fires blew through Newbury Park. So sad to lose such beautiful landscape. I'm glued to he tv and sending out prayers of thanks for the safety of you and so many of our friends who still live in your neighborhood! Our fire fighters are just the best! Praying they catch the fire in time to protect our beautiful Hidden Valley too.

  19. OMG this is sooo scary. The pictures really bring it to life..I cannot imagine. So happy you are safe and thought to bring the important documents etc....sending my best wishes and prayers for you to remain safe (and for your neighbors) and that this situation calms down very soon. I can only imagine how frightened you must have been. Take good care!

  20. How terrifying. I hope you and all those you love continue to be safe.

  21. you poor thing, what a dreadful fright! as i watch this unfold on the news my eye is looking for my nephew, he is one of the fire fighters.
    blessings to you and yours. keep us posted, we will be concerned

  22. What a scary situation! It's lovely having natural bush land around you but in times like these.....the photographs you've posted are amazing. Hope all homes were saved from damage. X kl

  23. WOW - bless your heart. I can not imagine the panic you were feeling!! I hope you and your family remain safe and that the fires stay contained!!

  24. Julie,
    How scary. We live in Southern California and were once given the order to be ready to evacuate...after danger had passed, I realized I hadn't packed any shoes other than the sandals I had on! It's difficult to think clearly when danger threatens your family. Stay safe.

  25. Oh my! How terrifying! I hope you're okay and everything has died down.

  26. I'm glad you and your home are safe. This must have been beyond frightening. That fire was so huge and they can be impossible to control. Thank God you are okay. xo

  27. OH MY GOODNESS!YOU were very brave to hang out..............your photos are too close for comfort!

  28. Obviously I saw this on the news, but seeing this post really drove the scariness home. I am so glad you are safe and ok, and am praying for those who aren't

  29. That's crazy! I couldn't even imagine. We went through a horrible hurricane here and we did some of the same things you did before it hit-packing up important papers/photos and taking pictures of the interior of the house. I was so stressed out from the day that I actually slept through the hurricane that night, which is a good thing since everyone said the sound of the wind was terrifying.

    Stay safe!

  30. Oh my ... I am hoping as I am reading this that the emergency has settled and you are no longer threatened ... i have been watching this on the news. You are so right, we never know what we will wake up to. A good lesson to all of us to kind of "be prepared" ... although I know I wouldn't know where to begin! Hope all is well... sending prayers of thanks! xo

  31. So sorry to hear of the too close for comfort morning and day experience. Your post was great better than anything I have seen on the news. I lived in Florida for 8 years and went thru 3 hurricanes and your heart aches to know there is nothing you can do when mother nature unleashes a force bigger than man. Happy to know you are fine and your home not damaged.


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