Jaipur Rugs

When I first saw this room by designer....

 Windsor Smith....

 I fell in looove with the rug.....
the colors are beautiful...


what am I talking about....

the room is gorgeous!

I'm not sure if this is the same rug... but this one is by Jaipur...

it has the same feel...

I would love to see these rugs in person...

they look so pretty... 

I always like to bring a rug home or have a sample of the rug and try it in my home.... 

rugs can be a little tricky......
it might not look the same as it it did in the store... 

The lighting in your own home can be different than the stores... 
 it could affect the color and look completely different when you get it home...

A lot of companys will loan you the rug or let you buy it and return it the next day....

I have also been able to get samples from company's...

Another good idea is to bring your fabrics with you and place them on the rug so you can see if the tones are the same....

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  1. almost like a sari scarf...love!

  2. What a beautiful rug and you're right about colors being different when you see them in a store or in your own home. We just installed new area rugs in our living room and den and thankfully they look better than they did in the showroom!
    C + C

  3. I love that Windsor Smith room and the rugs are beautiful!

  4. Love them, the softness and that first room is fabulous!

  5. Hi Julie, You are right! I've made the mistake of bringing something home without trying it out first. It's interesting how colors change with lighting. Beautiful rug!

  6. Julie,
    I love Windsor Smith...that blue room is so striking. I love the rug as well. Are they made from a combination of antique rug parts? So pretty. Sound advice on the rug/room/color thing. That is why I cannot buy rugs online. The colors are just not accurate for me.

  7. This style rug is so beautiful! Those are great tips for rug shopping- I always worry about that when I'm picking out a rug, that the colors will look completely different when it gets in the house.

  8. Julie, that rug IS gorgeous! I haven't seen one in person either, but I'd love to!

  9. Julie,
    Spectacular!!! Now I'm wondering whether our local rug merchant can get them. Great tips on purchasing! Light changes everything - bingo!


  10. Hi Julie

    Bassman Blaine here in N.C reps Jaipur. They can get you samples! And...thank you for highlighting that rug...I might just use it for a new project...but as you say...must see it in person first!

  11. I have wanted one of those patchwork rugs for the longest time. Have you seen the overdyed versions? Stunning! I can't find that on CL :)

  12. to my friend with the most exquisite taste..........

    these are stunning in person, saw them at highpoint. it was love at first sight!

  13. Yes that room is absolutely stunning - love the serenity and sophistication of it, and that hue of blue to die for. Gorgeous rugs for a gorgeous space.

  14. Oh that rug is striking. I have never seen one quite like it. Love it.

  15. Fun rugs! I agree it's great to try a rug out before purchase if possible!
    Have a great weekend!

  16. I have not yet looked at this months Veranda. I need to make time - looks like I'm missing some great stuff!

  17. Albert and his store absolutely define what yelp is all about . Hooking you up with great product, service ( the local business) that otherwise , you would never find it. Cow Rug

  18. Love them, the softness and that first room is fabulous!
    "Best Jaipur-rugs"


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