Displaying Black and White Plates..

I found these beautiful antique plates at an estate sale....

  The black and gray colors pool together looking like soft water colors...

I fell in love with them....
aren't they gorgeous?

Tobi Tobin..photo by Karyn R Millet

Wouldn't they look great in a black and white kitchen

Tobi Tobin...photo Karyn R millet

or a bedroom with black and white wallpaper......
like this bedroom.....
ooh la la... 
that would look great!

Kelly Mcguill

Do you like plates displayed on walls?


Kishani Perera

Now to find a place to display them..... 


  1. Great find! I love the photos shown too. Such great inspiration....

  2. Black and white is such a clean look. I love it. Can't wait to see where you hang your plates.

  3. I love black and white plates. They're not that common.

    I had a chance to visit Kelly McGuill's house and not only is it gorgeous, she is one of the nicest, giving people I've ever met.

  4. Black and white is a beatiful an look. I love it. Can't wait to see where you hang your plates.

  5. Lovely. I love the contrast and visual strength they have.

  6. The plates are beautiful!! I love that pattern in black and white, it looks so chic! Great find. And yes they'd look great in any of these rooms.

  7. Julie,
    I do love the plates, black and white are favorites, next to blue and white. There are a couple of rooms you've shared that I adore...the piano and framed items with the plates is my favorite. I hope you'll share where you end up displaying them, great find.

  8. They are so pretty, and I LOVE all of the rooms you showed, especially #2!

  9. Yes, I do like plates and yours are beautiful. Black and white makes a lovely change from the more common blue and white. I hope you show us once you've hung them. X Sharon

  10. ♥♥♥ them, black and white perfection. I love when plates are displayed on a wall with a frame around them. You found a real treasure!
    Happy Monday,

  11. We can see these displayed on a book shelf with some great black and white books - modern yet traditional. What a great find.
    C + C

  12. Julie,

    Gorgeous plates! I really like your idea of displaying them in a black and white kitchen or space, although my inclination would not too much black so that the plates can be the stars of the show :-) I wonder how they'd look in a room with a pop of red, pink, turquoise or green?

    Sorry I've been "hiding" for a while. Been crazy busy with several large projects. Happy problem...


  13. they're great! love those documents framed with the plates! awesome.



  14. I certainly love having plates displayed/hanged on the wall! And I'm sure that you will find the right "spot"/wall for these lovely and decorative plates!
    Greetings from the Périgord, k

  15. Ooooh I LOVE those plates! I haven't seen many black and white ones so you got a find! Love that little powder room too. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Love those plates and yes -- love to display them on a wall... ALWAYS looks great, doesn't it?

  17. I love black and white. Great score on those plates.

  18. I could not love those plate more....except if they were mine:) And the inspiration photos....killed me!

  19. I love everything you post, Julie, and these plates are fabulous! I love black, gray and white.
    Happy Wednesday.

  20. oh how i loved this post, killer images and my long held passion, transferware. i collect the brown and white and black and white and they look great together
    can't recall seeing them in gray and white, how wonderful that would be!

  21. They are beautiful and you must show us where you hang them. How cute is that tiny bathroom?

  22. I adore plates on the wall - the black and white is so striking.

  23. covet covet covet...wonderful find Julie. OMG I am inspired by the bedroom with the
    black and white wallpaper works so well with the furniture that room is truly a
    masterpiece. Great post! I am not familiar with Tobi Tobin - very talented designer.

  24. Oh I love these plates. Yes when the china is cohesive and hung in a pleasing manner!
    I cannot wait to see where you put them!

    Designer Barry Dixon Feature

  25. I love black & white all the time, but the arrangement of black & white plates with the blue & white ones is so unexpected, and I love it!

    I love picking up pieces that I have no idea where they will end up, but I just find a home somewhere for them. It makes it even more personal sometimes.


  26. This is one heck of a beautiful post!! I love your plates...they are stunning. And yes love plates hung on a wall. You gave so many examples of how to use plates beautifully! Enjoy your Sunday.

  27. This comment has been removed by the author.

  28. How did I not see this post? I wish so badly you could visit my shop as it is known for it's antique transferware plates, platters, pitchers, you name it! We help people create their own collections to hang almost every day and the black and white is what I have in my own home! All of this was so beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  29. I love plates displayed on walls and yours are magnificent. I hope you'll show us where they end up.

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