Plates and a Bit Eclectic

Do you remember those black and white plates I found? 
 Well, I found a spot in my kitchen for them...
Not the best place for taking pictures... 

so many of you wanted to see where I was going to hang them....


 I had friends over for dinner and bought these pretty Sun flowers and put them in one of my jars......


I was going through my files and found this picture of my dinning room table all spiffed up for a dinner party....

I know this picture is a little out of left field...

It was taken last year in October...

I also found this image of my blue and white pot with hydrangeas...

One of my favorite flowers...

Who knows when it was taken...

It could of been last summer...
Like I said...

This post is a little bit eclectic... 


  1. Isn't it wonderful to have a change in season? I'm totally inspired too. Have a great week, guys!

  2. I love white and ? plates in EVERY color!

  3. Fun! I still love those black and white plates!!! Hope your week is wonderful ladies...

  4. Blue white and sunflowers - some of my very favorite things and something that I love pulling together this time of year. Yours look fantastic! Happy Monday! XO

  5. Looking fabulous! Love your plates and the footed alabaster compote!!

  6. The plates look great :D I love the blue and white with the pumpkins too!

  7. Hi Julie and Danni
    I love your style and think the black and white plates look wonderful!

    2013 Artists Series

  8. Love the plates. Love your whole style actually!

  9. Love that collection, You are ready for a Fall Party!

  10. Those yellows and oranges look so beautiful combined with your blue and white. I think you've just given me an idea for my next dinner party! X Sharon

  11. They look perfect on that wall, love black and white with blue and white! In fact that is what you will see on my blog post today. I am like you in that I add a little bit more black to my decor for the Fall/Winter months,
    Happy Monday,
    xo Kathysue

  12. oh the mix looks great! i loaned my black and white plates to my mom who really knows how to use black. i on the other hand can't seem to balance it with my whites. the blue and white is so elegant and fresh looking!



  13. Gorgeous...isn't it amazing how EVERY color looks amazing in blue and white?? All your vignettes are simply stunning.

  14. The plates look great and I like you wall color! I love old plates too. I've been collecting old transfer ware and mostly recently Johnson Bros The Friendly Village. They are so colorful and charming!

  15. I love the black and white mixed with blue and white!!


  16. Transferware and hydrangeas is always in style! Looks great!

  17. Your plates look gorgeous in the kitchen, and those sunflowers in with the blue and white are a beautiful touch for fall!

  18. I love that you mixed the black & white and the blue & white. It looks great!

  19. You found the perfect spot for your plates - gorgeous, and my favorite is sunflowers in blue and white ginger jars!!

  20. Gorgeous photos! Your blue and white with the hydrangea is so pretty. I've got them in pots and baskets around the house ~ some are alive and others are dried. They look pretty regardless:) Your plates look great in this spot! I have six that need to go up.. they are sitting on the counter and I can't decide where to put them! I like you blue and white table too! Nicely done!

  21. Julie,
    Your black and white plates look wonderful in your kitchen. I just love the blue and white pieces you've shared and the sunflowers are such a pretty, seasonal flower in the blue and white vase. Your blue and white dinner plates are a particular favorite pattern. All of the seasonal touches have me even more eager for cooler temps.

  22. I adore the heirloom pumpkins...can't wait to get hold of some...your table looked fantastic!

  23. Love this and loved your plates hanging! So beautiful! I'm loving left field right now! That seems to be where I live!

  24. Love your blue and white pieces and the way you styled them. Very fresh and gorgeous!


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