Good By Summer

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I always have a  hard time saying good-by to Summer.... 
its my favorite time of year! 

I'm going to miss barbecues and summer  gatherings.... 

Summer clothes and cute little shoes 

(House Beautiful)

Pretty flowers and bright colors  

Our Pinterest Board..

Warm weather and flip flops

but I wont miss this!

 Good bye Summer and hello Fall...


  1. HA!Nobody will miss that! Can't say I'm sorry summer is easing out. I'll miss going barefooted and the beach. Bring on the sweaters, fires, and football!

  2. There are still a few summer days left....Enjoy it! Lovely post!
    Sunny greetings from the Périgord, karin

  3. For me, it is all a countdown until next summer. We have a beach 'babe' just like her, around here that sits at the local lake all day long. Summer is not over for you, September can be really hot.

  4. Oh my word that last photo is a hoot. Yes, goodbye summer. Wettest one on record for us ever.

  5. me too! hate to kiss summer goodbye:( love the last shot of magda!

  6. I am so laughing at that last picture, someone should have come in out of the sun! NOT GOOD~BYE SUMMER IT HAS ANOTHER MONTH LEFT!So cheer up and celebrate you have another month of outdoor fun!


  7. Julie,
    Ha,ha,ha...oh my, that poor woman needs to get out of the sun. I'm a fall/winter person although I DO love spring, so I will miss the longer days and the backyard barbecues but I'm always ready for cool nights and fire in the fireplace days. Enjoy your Labor Day.

  8. Ha! Ha! Someone should have intervened with a bottle of sunscreen about a decade or so ago! M.

  9. GASP!!!

    there's a reminder! typically we get another good month out of the heat still, you california girls bask for so much longer

    this fall/winter gal is thrilled to be in the month of september, bring on the fires, sweaters and falling leaves!

  10. That last image was the best!!!
    XO Karolyn

  11. I think it was the fastest summer ever...so sad to see it go, but I always look forward to the crisp, cool weather of fall!

  12. Oh I am so happy cool weather is near!
    These images are gorgeous, Julie, as always!
    Happy Tuesday.

  13. I am like you I love summer and hate to say goodbye too. These pictures are so pretty.

  14. That last image, LOL!!! Yes, so sad summer is over :( Where did it go? I will really miss the long days, ice cream runs, grilling parties, and garden flowers. Cheers, Loi

  15. Ahaha! Was NOT expecting that last image! As excited as I am for fall, I'm sad to see summer go too. I love it!

  16. Hey Julie, this is great! I love that 1st dress so much. I saw it on tumblr and thought "what a great little dress, but I'm doing Fall now." Great minds, you know. Thanks for your thought on the e-zine. A test copy is a great idea. I'm really kinda flying blind but I have much professional help, so we shall see.

  17. I'm sad it's over too but will be enjoying what's left of the sun in the weeks ahead.

  18. I hate the thought of summer leaving. Im still going to sit by my pool when the leaves are falling. The weather has already turned a corner. Time to embrace change once again.
    xo Nancy

  19. You are too funny! Sadly, we can count the number of days we wore a swim suit this summer on one hand... Thank goodness since that meant we could have a cocktail every night!
    C + C

  20. How did you get my picture for your last image???? LOL! Seriously….I am never laying out in the sun again! That made me cringe and laugh all at the same time! I LOVE summer and could stay out in the sun all day long if I could! Love the freedom it brings but also looking forward to some cooler temps around here for sure!

  21. We're just coming in to Summer here - can't wait!

  22. HAHA that last photo made me laugh! I know plenty on people that look like that, but I always wear my sunscreen :) Thank you SO much for your kind comment about my mom - it means so much to me. in fact, I'm saving all the emails to show my dad, who obviously doesn't have the online support system that I do. Thank you again
    xo Stacy

  23. Lol!
    I'm going to miss summer too. Why does it have to go by so fast???

  24. I am just laughing out loud!!! I won't miss that either...I'm ready for Fall!

  25. Lol...last picture is hilarious. I'm so not ready for fall. I know everyone is all fall this and fall that, but it only means winter is coming. Boo. Not ready for cold weather (even our LA cold).

    Have a great week!

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