Wild Thing

This is my dog Sway...


Wild Thing!

(Courtney Giles)

Friday night she decided to take a walk....
or should I say...

she escaped, took off...

Did I mention... all by herself! 

We didn't realize she was gone for at least an hour!  

By that time it was 7:00 at night... 

Dan Carithers

We were panicked,

 Where in the heck did she go! 

We were so scared...we were afraid she would be eaten by coyotes.

 We can here them at night attacking their prey....

So you can imagine what we were thinking! 

Barclay Butera

We drove all over the place looking for her and calling her name...

 She was no where to be found!

The next morning we handed out flyers, went to two shelters....and still no sway!


We thought for sure she was gone..

(Art and Design)

We even searched through the list of deceased dogs at the shelter. 

And finally...

We got a call around 8:00 Saturday night.... 

(Style me Pretty)

Thank God a neighbor found her...

( Indigo Crossing Tumblr)

Oh my gosh...

We were so lucky to get her back...

Like I said...

she is a wild thing!


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  2. So glad you had a happy ending! (Love the designer dog photos!)

  3. Oh my dogs have sent me through many a similar panic! So happy she is home where she belongs!! xo

  4. Have been there, sooooooo heart wrenching isn't it! We had that experience with Teddy on Mothers day and it was such a sad scary day. Thank God they were both found! A happy ending is always a good thing and love these pictures...she is too cute!

  5. I am so happy that you found her! I can't imagine!
    I am well aware of the actions of coyotes. There are plenty at he beach, and when people are missing small dogs, I assume the worst! I write this so people will not leave their animals out while there.
    Beautiful rooms here, Julie.
    Happy Monday.

  6. Thank goodness for kind neighbors, I would have been an absolute wreck!

  7. Oh my goodness, I don't know how you made it through those hours. So glad she is home. Did you figure out how she escaped?

  8. I have been there, and it is so scary! So glad she is back. My shih-tzu chases deer and is gone in 60 seconds. Ive had to rescue him from the pound several times! So glad she is home. Give her a hug for me!
    xo Nancy

  9. I had an anxiety attack just reading about your ordeal. Soooo glad she was found and returned home. Naughty girl!

  10. Oh my goodness, heart stopping! I'm so glad your little wild thing is safe back at home and that this story had a happy ending. The little devil! I hope she's figured out that there's no place like home! Glad you are breathing easier. XO

  11. You poor things! We don't know what we'd do if our "girls" got out... So glad there are good Samiritans out there who will scoop up a neighborhood pup. Sway should get a doggy grounding for that!
    C + C

  12. Oh my, that would be scary. I'm relieved this story had a happy ending. Our neighborhood is populated by coyote as well. We often hear them and they sound like they are very near. We have a large dog and small dog. If the little dog ever got out I'd fear she'd be gone.
    What a cute little girl she is.

  13. So happy you got your dog back! I'm sure you must have been going crazy having her missing that long! It is a happy ending, to be sure! She is a darling dog!

  14. So glad you got her back! That is a terrible feeling indeed! Thanks for stopping by earlier!

  15. Thank goodness for kind neighbors,

  16. Whew! I spent the worst night of my life when our small dog was missing! She jumped out of the car because a noise scared her; right in front of an outdoor restaurant...no one put her back in!

    We have coyotes and bobcats, not to mention people driving fast.

    I left my car where I was parked with the back door open at 3:00 am and when I came back at dawn; she was shivering in the back seat!

    Do you know they now have "GPS" collars! ????
    I think they are even affordable!!!

  17. So, so happy you found her...love the dog as accessories in all of these gorgeous rooms!!

  18. Reminds me of the day our Chipper and Coco took off down the street for the main highway 6 blocks away. A neighbor found them a few hours later and brought them back. They thought it was a wonderful adventure! Meanwhile back at the ranch....

    Glad yours was a happy ending, too!


  19. Oh no.. such a worry you must have had. I have two dogs and have been through so much with them. They are true friends, show unconditional love, and (in my opinion) essential for every family and home:) So glad all's well!

  20. Thanks goodness she is okay, nothing worse than when these little wildness take off!!

  21. I am trembling at the thought...First she looks just like my Cappi that I lost almost two years ago, and frankly will never get over it...she was my baby. She got away from me a couple of times and as I searched the street my screams became more panicked each second...I cannot even imagine going to bed not know where she was...Praise God your neighbor had your baby. Those little wild things wrap themselves right around you heart.

  22. So glad you got her back. From your story, it sounds as if she had an ID tag on. Microchips are essential, too, these days -- it's the first thing that shelters check.

  23. OMG she is SO stinking cute!! I am SO happy that you got her back. Our neighbor dog did that last month, with the worst results (she made it to the highway:( Again, I'm SO glad you got a happy ending!

  24. So pleased your story has a happy ending. Hopefully she will feel she has had enough adventure for a while! I would be devastated if my dogs went missing! x Sharon


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