Summerland and a Birthday Lunch

I just celebrated my birthday with my daughter and daughter-in-law up in Summerland.  

We visited some of the cute little shops...
This was at Botanik, one of my favorites..


We also went to an area called Santa Clause Lane and had lunch... 

I loved these big pots... 


 We had lunch at the cutest restaurant...

It was the perfect place to eat with my grand-daughter...

 She was entertained by the birds and had fun playing in the water fountain...

Isn't she cute? 

It was so relaxing sitting out in the garden and enjoying the day... 

Here's the family...
My daughter and I, my daughter in-law and my cute grand- daughter...
My daughter is 4 months pregnant and she is just starting to show...... 

There's nothing better than a day with the girls!


  1. Happy Birthday! What a special time to spend it with your girls.Such a great picture of all of you--love that baby girl!

  2. Happy birthday. What a gorgeous bevy of girls! Lucky you! X Sharon

  3. Julie,
    Your granddaughter is adorable. Happy Birthday! The weather has been so spring like, an ideal time to enjoy shopping and lunch outdoors.

  4. The perfect way to spend your birthday, Julie. Your granddaughter is precious…and excited your daughter is pregnant. Lots of fun in your life!!

  5. That looks like such a perfect day....she is too cute and you look way too young to be a grandma!! Happy Birthday!

  6. Happy Birthday! A beautiful day with beautiful ladies.

  7. Happy Birthday! Aren't those shops at Santa Clause Lane great? Darling grand daughter!!

  8. Happy Birthday! What a wonderful way to spend the day. Great weather too!!! Have you been to the store right down the way called Porch? I think you'd like it!

  9. Love all of these pictures! It looks like such a great day!

  10. Happy Birthday! What a lovely way to celebrate - can't beat a day with the girls! Your family is beautiful and your granddaughter is just adorable. Hope the celebration continues this week! XO

  11. Happy Birthday! Cute, cute little girl! Her hair reminds me of my youngest's when she was that age- so blonde with a tiny curl at the end.

    That restaurant patio looks so inviting. Wish I could be there for a few hours! We've had snow again!


  12. Happy Birthday, cute friend!! What a wonderful way to celebrate! I'm loving all those pots, too!

  13. Happy Birthday!! What a perfectly lovely lunch and such wonderful pictures! I have lots of time in Summerland ..growing up in Westlake/Thousand Oaks area (and having my babies there) I was there in September wit my daughter and had lunch at that very same restaurant. The shopping in that area is wonderful:):) xxleslie

  14. Love seeing a day out with the lovely ladies and adorable children!What a fabulous place you went to I would love all of those large pots!

  15. what a cutie pie! yes, there is nothing like a day shopping and dining with the girls. love when you share shop images, i can pinch an idea or two!
    happy birthday, enjoy

  16. Looks like the perfect day! You all are gorgeous and what a darling granddaughter. Happy Birthday and wishing you the best year ahead. I love those big pots in that store btw! xo Nancy

  17. Percious, precious. precious! doable baby. I know that you had so much fun.

  18. Oh looks like a wonderful time. Love those big pots too!

  19. I can't believe how big she is already!! She is SOOOO cute :)

  20. Looks like a fun day! That looks like my kind of place to shop and have lunch too! Have a good week end!

  21. What a glorious day with your loved ones. Thanks for sharing it!

  22. Happy belated birthday! What a lovely family!!

    The Glam Pad

  23. Happy belated birthday!!! What a great outing with the girls. Your grand daughter is adorable. And congrats to your daughter - great news! xo


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