Blue and White Decor

Hi there! 

I am so happy to have been asked to guest post at one my regular go to's, TG Interiors, such a wonderful and always beautiful blog! 

 I tossed and turned about what to write about and wanted to do something relevant for what is big now. 

And my aha moment hit me when I stared at one of my many blue and white vases...blue and white of course!!

 Blue and white has never and I do mean never been bigger. 

You cannot open up a magazine without seeing it. 
It is taking over, woo hoo!

As anyone who knows me or follows my blog knows, I am a true aficionado of blue and white. 

I love it anywhere, everywhere and as my own house will attest, you can never have too many blue and white pieces!

I also love its versatility. 
It literally as I will illustrate goes with every color in the rainbow and still manages to look incredible. 
It also works beautifully in traditional and modern rooms alike.

So......today a look at the impact of blue and white and how much it can add to literally any space it is used. 
Ready to feast your eyes on the blue and white beauty?

 Let's go.........
augustblue2Beautiful outdoor space by Kim Courtney Interiors


Blue and white flowers sure do make a beautiful table, The French Bouquet


Wilson Fuqua architects clearly has mastered the use of blue and white!


Love the way pink blue and white go together, Blue Bell Gray

Love the crisp appeal of blue, white and green! So very pretty

ec3This is so charming! Kirsten Kelly

NC1Hey on a yacht, navy and white is practically a given, Kirsten Kelly

dd12Love the chic coastal vibe in this elegant room, Kristen Kelly

Love a dash of orange against blue and white...stunning! 
(Nells Hills)

Andrew Skurman created this breathtaking space

465ce920db215ece5967b4d7a421ff13 Stunning table by Aerin Lauder

Such a beautiful elegant space, Wilson Fuqua

Love the power of a dark blue wall with the drama of blue and white, Ballard


Another example of how beautiful blue, white and green works together House Beautiful

Union Street Inn 
Blue and white is always so fresh and inviting in a bedroom, Union Street Inn


Adore these beautiful blue and white prints! Ballard

Think this is so pretty, with a touch of orange, this room exudes personality and chic elegance.

And a blue and white party? 
I am so there! 
(Evantide Designs)

Wow I never get tired to being wowed by blue and white in all it's many forms. Just stunning, isn't it? It is specifically fresh and crisp during the summer and I love it as much outside as I do indoors. Are you too a fan of blue and white? How do you like to use it? Thank you so much for stopping in and to Taylor, for inviting me over, it was my pleasure! Enjoy your day.


  1. Crisp and classic, Tina! Blue is that color that exposes itself in so many comforting hues from aqua to cobalt, and white is its perfect companion. Only you can present blue in all its glory!

    Have a gorgeous day dear lady! Anita

  2. Such a beautiful blue and white post, wow it makes me realize how much I love the timeless combination. Tina is a pro on the subject for sure.

  3. If anyone knows the classic touch of Blue and White it is Tina!! So happy to see you sharinf your expertise and aplomb!

    The Arts by Karena

  4. Such a beautiful post, Tina! I love that bar cart and the garden stool and the beautiful bedroom with the blush wall color!

  5. I love blue and white. And it goes so well with almost any other color. Nice post!

  6. If I could change the colors in my home I would go with blue and white. I am in love with it all over again! I have blue and white in the foyer now and it works. Thanks for so much inspiration. Gorgeous pics.

  7. Everything shown is so beautiful but I expected nothing less. That last picture took my breath away, I think I need more blue and white in my life. I am happy to also find your blog via Tina.

  8. Oh, I got to visit "Nell's Hill" in Kansas City and it was a blue and white WONDERLAND!! franki

  9. Tina,
    I hereby appoint you the blue and white ambassador. I still love the blue and white porcelain I purchased from your online store some time ago. Blue and white is always a good idea!

  10. This post is so beautiful and I always get the best ideas from you Tina. I love the bedrooms with touches of blue and white and as I am rethinking ways to do over a guest room we just built, after seeing this post I am once again inspired. Thank you.

  11. I think what I love most about blue and white is how fresh it is. It is like a breath of fresh spring air and I agree it really looks great with so many different colors.

  12. Wonderful post. I love the bedrooms that are done in blue and white, they are so inviting and soothing. Tina is definitely the almighty expert on blue and white! Have a lovely day.

  13. Will always remain a classic, love t!

  14. That outdoor patio is amazing! I've always loved blue and white. Even my teenage bedroom was blue and white!

  15. This confirms why I love it so much. Tina you have me collecting it again and now I am in the process of filling a beautiful antique hutch with all kinds of blue and white pieces. Lovely!

  16. I love this timeless combination, but if it comes to home design I'm a fan of (sometimes quite cold) modern minimalism so it's not so easy to combine blue and white following this style, however I can still imagine something like this (the interior in the second picture). But on the other hand, I just fell in love with the blue-white prints from your post (well, but I still cannot imagine them hanging on my wall :))

  17. Not surprising that you found the most gorgeous images around! Stunning post, Tina!

  18. Classic! The print would look good not only with blue but with other colors as well.

    Patrick Tan


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