Christmas Lodge

My designer friend Shelly,  decorates her house  with a lodge feel for Christmas...

Her house is beautiful and my pictures don't do it justice. 

She takes her art work down and puts up Charlie the deer and her cute dog pictures...

I'm not sure if she has given him a name or not, but  I've given him a new name and Charlie it is!

It's very warm and charming.

She adds fresh garland, flowers and plants to her home for Christmas....

I love her tree ....
She added gold and silver ornaments to it.
I always call these the Charlie Brown trees...

You can see the pretty ornaments hanging from her tree...

A close up of her antique pine cabinet...

I keep telling everyone that pine furniture is going to come back in style...

Which it is getting harder and harder to find.

She brought her custom patio table in from outside and it looks charming!

My husband and I are going to her house for a Christmas party...

I'll take pictures and show you....

By the way, not only is she a talented designer, but shes a gourmet cook...

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  1. GORGEOUS! My favorite style of Christmas decor and I absolutely love her tree, it reminds me of European trees. Karolyn

  2. Love her design approach! so charming, warm and really "Christmas" in feel!!
    Let us see the pictures from the party!!

  3. Julie,
    This is my favorite style of decor, I absolutely love your friend's house. I am getting so many ideas from her she should send me and invoice! :-) Thanks for sharing this, this is honestly the first house done in the lodge look that I adore and I'm still smiling!

  4. stunning julie! when i sit and stare at your images i see so many desirable details like the reindeer in an arrangement on the sideboard. shelly is one talented lady, enjoy the party and take lots of snaps!
    ps; i will always LOVE pine!

  5. Wow! I love this home all decorated for the holidays!! Especially the greenery hanging from the chandelier! So pretty!!
    xo. Leslie
    Segreto Finishes

  6. Warm and charming is right - it's gorgeous!! Just love all of the holiday decor…beautiful!

  7. the rustic look for Christmas just could not be any prettier!

  8. Wow, that is amazing. It looks so inviting and like you could kick off your shoes and have a beautiful, old-fashioned family Christmas. Love it!

  9. So beautifully understated, decor with lots of love and warmth. I can't wait to se photos from the holiday party!!

    The Arts by Karena

  10. Such a warm, beautiful home. And I love Charlie :)
    Have a great time at her party!

  11. Such a beautiful home and I love that kind of tree, too. I love the way ornaments hang on it.

  12. This is absolutely charming!!! I surely hope pine furniture is coming back...it is so beautiful with age :^)
    Charlie is lookin' good!
    Christmas blessings to you,


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