Art and The Pink Pagoda

(Adrian Brisco)

I hope your Thanksgiving was nice...

I think it was the best tasting Thanksgiving dinner my daughter and I have made. 

Everything was organic and every recipe was new to us...

We cooked for two days and I'm so glad my daughter helped me...

Other wise, I would probably still be cooking!


I've been shopping for art work for a client and found these images of art being the center of attention...all of them I found interesting and artistic..

I love these pictures and would love to have all of them for my own home...

(Adrian Brisco)

Pictures leaning against a side table in this image looks very arty!

I love these pictures of the sea 

(House and Garden)

Black and white drawings surround the portrait in the middle.... This is a great way to fill a wall but have the one painting be the center of attention.

House Beautiful

(House and Garden)

(House Beautiful)

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  1. Julie-
    I am so happy your Thanksgiving was wonderful!
    Your images are gorgeous, as always!
    I love Blue and White Monday

  2. Thank you for linking up today, Julie! These photos are gorgeous. Glad you had such a lovely Thanksgiving!

  3. sharing any recipes?
    oh julie, what a selection you presented, one of which helps me make a decision with a client.
    have a great week!

  4. Hi Julie, these are all wonderful works of art and there are so many great ways to display paintings! Have a wonderful week!

    The Arts by Karena

  5. Your Thanksgiving sounds like perfection, and I adore all of these art selections!! How to decide??

    The Glam Pad

  6. Art just makes me so happy! It adds such amazing personality and class to a space!

  7. I loved your blue and whites - beautiful art!!

  8. Beautiful examples of art....and how blue and white can be applied. Your Thanksgiving sounded picture perfect...I love when I try new things and they are a hit.....hope you have a great day!

  9. The art really adds so much personality to a room - beautiful choices!!
    xo. Leslie
    Segreto Finishes

  10. these images inspire me--they really do. they are a testament to the fact that there are endless ways to display art we love and we need not feel bound by any rules or gallery laws! and the way to discover a beautiful arrangement is to GO FOR IT! peace to you, friend.

  11. I studied the shelves with the white dishes for a very long time last night!

  12. Glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family! Beautiful spaces, love the variety of art arrangements! :)

  13. What a great collection of photos you chose. I struggle with placing art in my home. I wish I "got it". I do have a collection,3, paintings that need to be framed, but still fell insecure about placement. These picture helped as I got a better feel for arraigning. Such a useful post. Thank you!!!

  14. I really like the one with the pictures stacked and layered on the side table rather than hung!


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