My Christmas

I woke up bright and early this morning and finished my table....just the table!

The rest of the house is waiting to be done!
 I have to tell you a little secret about myself....

I'm a little cheap when it comes to holiday decor...

I would rather spend the money on something else in my home that will be on display all year round...

I also like fresh garland and flowers...
I'm not a big fan on fake things, even though I do use some ...

I think its a throw back from the 70's....
Aah natural...

In those days even hairy legs and arm pits were the thing!

A friend just told me that people are dying their arm pit hairs pink and blue and going natural...

I'm not sure how I got into this topic....but here's my Christmas this year!

I added a little blue and white so the fabric on my chairs matched..

My daughter and I fell in love with these critters and I thought this year it would be fun for the grand babies...

Now to finish the rest of the house before Christmas...


  1. I don't think a post has had me break out laughing out loud until this one! Lol. Love the holiday decor. I'm going all natural this year.
    PS the Stonehaus is deck out! Looks very festive

  2. You are a lot further a long than I am!

  3. Looking good...I just started this past week seeing so many bloggers DONE kind of freaked me out, inspired and intimidated me all at the same time. Good luck and happy holidays!

  4. I love your little penguins:) I like your style .. a-la-natural..... with the fresh greens and outdoor elements. Starting with the kitchen is perfect and I like the blues and whites. They work perfectly with the colors of the season.

    Thanks for stopping over today;) I'm still trying to get used to the snow. Fortunately it's usually just an inch or too but every now and then we get almost a foot and everything shuts down. We aren't equipped in this area.. too many hills and the roads get really icy.

    Have a wonderful Friday! xxL

  5. I love your critters too. Perfect.

  6. Your table decor is lovely. I'm not into over the top Christmas "stuff". Do a tree, a few vignettes and that's about it. Our home is on our community tour, so I added more than normal...but not that much more....

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  8. Your table is beautiful. I love the penguins and pomegranates. I just finished decorating yesterday, but I started really early this year so I would be done ahead of time. I'm crossing my fingers this means I won't be wrapping presents on Christmas Eve. And, yes I heard about that trend!

  9. wunderschöne dekoration!!! liebe grüße zum 2. advent von angie

  10. It looks amazing and I love the greenery on the breakfront. So hoping to get my tree decorated today!!

  11. Looks fabulous!! Can't wait to see the rest!!

  12. It looks gorgeous and I love the tablescapes with the pomegranates! Have a wonderful holiday and my thoughts are with you as you miss those who are not with you. xox Nancy

  13. Julie,
    The penguins are wonderful and you do the best table top vignettes! I was determined not to buy one new thing this year for the whole "Decorating for Christmas". So far so good.
    I hope you'll share the rest of your inspiration with us when you finish.

  14. loving the mix of penguins and pomegranates! peace to you right where you are and whether you opt for pink or blue highlights under your arms. :)

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  16. Christmas is still far but I'm already imagining my living room with these decors. :)


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