TG is loving Blue and White....

Loving blue and white....So glad it is back! This has been a fun project. Using fun decor and funky items. We are showing you a sample of some of the items we used. Kravet fabric on top and Calico Corners on the bottom.

Calico Corner on top, a natural antique linen, and a Kravet fabric on the bottom.  

Soon Professional photos are on their way.. But we wanted you to have a sneak peak!

A casual California style.   This is image one, below is image # 2.

We know that this a double image. We couldn't make up our mind which one to use. One with a flash or no flash? This is image 2. Which one do you like better?

A mix of white, blues, reds and blacks. How fun is that?  An antique flag that has been framed and we love it and yes we are being a bit of a tease. 

Our other project with the soft blues and camels is going to be photographed on Sunday..You can check out the before here.. YES!   FINALLY....Hopefully we will have the images soon so we can show you.

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  1. Red, white and blue is such a classic combination and I love flags used in decor. Image 1 is better in my opinion (I'm guessing that's the one without a flash) Have a great day x Sharon

  2. What a nice color scheme and I love your fabrics. Can't wait to see your final shots!

  3. Like you.....love blue and whits. A true timeless classic, and I feel the American flag is always in style, love it as a decorating element. I like the first picture of the two that you asked about, its more natural looking, with better saturated color, just my 2 cents.
    Your projects are always wonderful...so I look forward to seeing more!

  4. I love your choice of fabrics so classical. I can't wait to see your finished pictures either.


  5. I am loving blue and white again, too. Can't wait to see the reveal. The first photo of the bottles just needs to be lightened up in an editing process like picasa, photoshop or picmonkey.com.

  6. In love with the fabrics!! Can't wait to see the room when you are finished.
    Happy Tuesday.

  7. Thank you for the sneak peeks! Wonderful fabrics and color scheme---love the reds with the B & W. I think both shots are great. With my own photography, I almost never use flash. Looking forward to seeing more of this project. Loi

  8. Love this! These are the colors I use in my home and I love them..... that antique fabric is my favorite!

  9. I love the antique flag! Also a fan of blue and white - a classic. The first image is my favorite.


  10. Fresh, cool and summery! Does it feel like pattern and texture is making a little comeback? Kravet is one of our favorites!
    Can't wait to see the after pics. Don't show too much if you think the project is publishable... Editors like to publish "fresh" material...


  11. Love this post. I've been loving blue and white with touches of red lately.
    I'm wanting that big old framed flag for my family room

  12. I love blue and white and love the touches of red...which I have lots of in my house. I also like that you mixed the new and antique fabrics.

    I think image 1 is best!

  13. What's not to love, right? Even though my home only has one blue and white room, I love each and every blue and white room I see. Someday I'll have to make a change. :-)
    Pretty fabrics and accessories, thanks.

  14. Can't go wrong with a blue and white colour scheme - so classic. Love the fabrics you chose and looking forward to seeing the room reveal.

  15. Can't wait to see your reveal. I love your work. XO, Mona

  16. Blue and white just always looks so clean and timeless! I love it too. xo

  17. Is there anything more classic? I love it!!!

    I hope you guys are having a wonderful day! :-)

    Big Hugs,

    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  18. These are beautiful fabrics... I love the Kravet. Just in time for July 4th...seems far away , but the decorations are in my stores already!

  19. Classic! Thanks for the blogroll add! Updated mine as well! xo

  20. I love your color scheme. The fabrics are beautiful!



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