A Wedding in January.

Its about time! We finally got pictures of Julie's Daughter's wedding. It was a beautiful day in January. We were so happy for the bride and groom. They are perfect together.

Love this image.The rings symbolize unity and commitment and their love for each other.. 

The bride's shoes had beautiful sparkles on them. They were gorgeous. She kicked them off running down the isle and never put them on again. 

Aah, the bouquet! 

So lovely! Do you like the dress?

The bride and Groom 

The bridesmaids 

You guessed it, the groomsmen. 

They shared a moment of communion  between the two of them that was so romantic.

The bride and groom exchanging their vows. It was a ceremony that was centered around a spiritual bonding between them and God.

Wow, Love this picture!

Pictures were taken at Westlake Inn and Calamigos Ranch.

Photos by Chris Glenn and Evan Guston.
Flowers by Marcia Mc Cann

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 Thanks Danni and Julie


  1. How beautiful. Great pictures and my daughter wanted peonies, but were too expensive to get out of season. She would have loved that bouquet.

  2. The wedding looks like it was amazing. The bride's dress and flowers are amazing. I also think she and the groom make such a stunning couple. How fun.
    Congratulations to all.

  3. Wow, so beautiful. Such a beautiful bride and handsome groom. Love her dress, and SO perfect for a garden wedding.
    Thank you for sharing. Congratulation to the happy couple. Great photographs.

  4. Beautiful wedding, beautiful people! Congratulations to the newlyweds!


  5. Absolutely beautiful wedding - but not as beautiful and handsome as the bride and grrom. Wow! Such a lovely couple and the photography is superb! Thanks for sharing! Happy Easter, Barb

  6. simply stunning in all regards.......

  7. Oh my goodnes.....she is GORGEOUS (oh was there a groom? I should know better as a mother of a groom! ) I love those sparkly shoes.

    Beautiful blessings to you both for a wonderful celebration of Resurrection Sunday.


  8. What a beautiful couple and a beautiful wedding! Those flowers are amazing and how lucky to have such gorgeous weather in January. I always love to see beautfiul wedding photos so thanks for sharing!

  9. Absolutely gorgeous!!! I get goose bumps...
    Our son Drew is getting married in August and I'm to perform the ceremony...


  10. They are a simple gorgeous couple. The photo are SO creative and I'm sure they'll treasure them for a lifetime. I LOVE the one of the rings on the leaf!!

  11. So elegant and {as always} gorgeous BRIDE. Love those Peonies!! I can't wait for mine to bloom. Have a wonderful weekend!


  12. Oh My! I can feel the good vibe all the way to Seattle! Stunning couple!

    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing!

    My kids are on Spring break x 2 weeks! You will see more of me soon. (:

    Spring Hugs to you both.


  13. everything was right about this wedding. The expressions on the faces told the whole story.. there is no faking that!

    I love your blog......you are all about "real" and "comfortable"and living a great life.

    I have listed you among my blog post recommendations...

    and thank you again for your post on me. Seriously.....I choked up.....and had tears in my eyes.....had to come back an hour later to read the rest..

    and then I read the comments...and it all started over again!

    You guys are the real deal.....congratulations.......and thank you again.


  14. What a beautiful couple and her dress was stunning, so simple and elegant. Looks like it was a gorgeous day all around! Thank you for sharing.

    Have a Happy Easter weekend Julie and Danni!


  15. What a gorgeous bride and wedding! Everything is so beautiful and the shot of the groomsmen looks like an ad for Ralph Lauren! I'm sure you're very proud. Just lovely images that captured a magical day of memories.

  16. Beautiful pictures! What a gorgeous couple!!

  17. Awww so cute and wonderful:) Makes you belive in true love.
    If you want some swedish decor inspiration..you can check out my blog:)
    Have a very happy easter.

    LOVE Maria at inredningsvis.se

  18. This is such a beautiful wedding and the couple is stunning! Congratulations!

    Have a lovely Easter celebration.


  19. Gorgeous...gorgeous...thanks for finally sharing the photos...What a fabulous setting and absolutely beautiful bride and groom. A ceremony centered around the Lord...a match made in heaven. so happy for you guys. XO, Mona


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