A trip to the L.A. Mart

We have been so busy running around with our heads cut off. We were busy preparing for our photo shoot on Sunday. Photo shoots are a lot of work. You have to design for the camera and for the client. Hopefully we will have the images soon, hopefully being the key word here.

We also went down to the L.A.  Mart shopping. We visited different showrooms and loved Bassman and Blaine. They rep companies like Noir furniture, Jamie Young and Arteriors. 

We loved this chair and the pillow at B.B.

The traffic has become so bad in L.A, it is unbearable. It's hard to get anything done if you're driving to the design center or the mart. Without traffic it should take us 45 minutes to the mart. With traffic it takes 2 hours! Doesn't that sound like fun! Clients really love it! We wish the design center had a satellite center that was down the street. 

OK, we're done complaining about the traffic. What do you think of this light fixture? 

This line of pillows were wonderful at the showroom Moda Dora.

We also wanted to thank all of you for the beautiful and touching comments you left us on the last post.We so appreciate your support and kind words.

For some of you out there in blog-land is Linky working for you? Have you found something else that works better?
Julie and Danni


  1. Looks like plenty of inspiration to be had there! Love that turtle art. And I'm hanging on to Google Friend Connect. Thought it was supposed to be done by now?


  2. swooning over those pillows!!


  3. Interesting light fixture and I love those blue and white pillows. I know what you are saying about traffic! I was actually born in L.A. (50 years ago it wasn't so bad) and saw lots of change as I grew up there.


  4. I'm pretty mad about this ocean influence, love those bottles. Is the light fixture a lobster basket trap? Kind of neat

  5. Beautiful things. Even with 2 hours in the traffic, at least you get to see all this at the end! I don't know if I've missed the concept of Linky Followers but it seems to just sit there on my sidebar and does nothing! With the old Followers gadget I at least get updated on all the new posts of the blogs I follow. x Sharon

  6. Some beautiful finds here. Love the pillows and green glass. I sympathize with you about the traffic. Houston can be awful too!

  7. Some lovely things!! I especially love the pillows.....all that glass reminds me of summer!

  8. two hours in traffic is stress filled, especially when you are swamped! suddenly those southern california images seem less enticing.

    loved the chair with oversized nail heads, is that noir?

    have a great week!

  9. Love the chair and pillow too! Gorgeous. And the table in the last image is perfect.
    Happy Wednesday.

  10. Pretty finds. I love all of the coral everywhere! Good luck with the traffic.

  11. I feel your pain about the traffic. My son went to UCLA and when visiting I could not believe how bad the traffic is and I lived down there for 5 years. You two sound very busy and productive, that is a good thing in this economy. Hang in there!!! Kathysue

  12. I love window shopping with you two! II'd love to find some green glass accessories for out little design vignette we're doing. This weekend is the big push... Love the light fixture AND the turtles behind it.


  13. I love the chair with the nail heads and the tables in the last image, and I envy your ease of access to showrooms and reps, but I don't envy you the traffic. Good luck with Sunday's photo shoot. Thanks for the tour.

  14. That traffic sounds nightmarish! I'm just dying for all of the so gorgeous blue and white pillows!

  15. Tell me about the traffic! If I want to go to the mart it just has to be for the whole day (from Newport). Otherwise, I go to Laguna or Stonemill in Costa Mesa. I love Arteriors (just ordered two lights) and Noir... you used to be able to go to Noir's factory. Looks like you saw/found some great things...worth the effort.

  16. I avoid L.A. but then I see images such as these of showrooms that are brimming with lovely things and I think, well, maybe we could time it so we'd miss traffic. Probably not.
    Thanks for saving me the trip. :-)


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