North Ranch, Before and After

This is the before picture.

A couple of weeks ago we did a post on brick. We had mentioned that we had put brick on the stairs of a client's home, you can see it here. Our clients were getting a divorce and we never got pictures. We actually couldn't finish everything that we had planned to do. 

But....lucky us, we just got pictures of our client's home from the realtor. Now remember realtors take pictures to sell  homes and to make the rooms look bigger. Designers take pictures so you can see their work and focus on the details. 

This is the after picture.
 We added the stone on the fireplace and  the eating area. We also added the iron chandelier, beam and walnut hard wood flooring.

We had to keep the amoire and the pine table that the client's Grandfather had made in the dining room. We had panels on the windows in our design plan, but because of the divorce we had to scrap it. 

Here is the living room with the stone on the fireplace and new wood floors.

Dinning room Before

We added the banquette seating to open up the flow of the room and the stone on the wall. We were going to buy another chair, but we couldn't get the new chair because of the divorce. Wouldn't it look great to have a mirror above the banquette.

This is the close up of the fabric. Sorry it is hard to see. The brown pillows were an animal print and coordinated with the sofa pillows.

 Moral of the story is, get pictures of everything you do.....Even though that isn't always so easy. Most clients will work with you, but sometimes they don't want to go through the hassle.

We also wish both of these clients happiness in the future. It is always hard to go through a divorce. It brings so much sadness for all. We hope they both can look forward to the future and pray that they both can come to a place of peace for the children. We send hugs and love to both....

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Thanks, Julie and Danni


  1. Such lovely work...We will have to keep encouraging each other to take pictures. we just work so hard and usually work right out the door so late and we are so tired...we just don't get them. also never as good as the styled magazine shots...even if the work is that good. Lighting and good photography make a huge difference.

  2. Looks fantastic, especially love the banquette, so cozy AND pretty. Love before and afters......fun fun fun!

  3. Wow I love what you two did with the fireplace the stone makes it pop and looks so fresh. Love seeing your before and after pictures and always carry that camera ladies because it's great fun seeing your work!


  4. Hulie and Danni - tihs is the greatest before and after EVER! It loos SO amazing!!!

  5. Look at you! Looking great ladies! Especially love the banquette and the floors! And because of YOU the house will sell quickly!

    Hugs to you & Happy Weekend!


  6. Great design, Julie and Danni! Love the stone.
    Yes it is sad to go through a divorce. Difficult to find a winner.
    Happy Friday!

  7. the difference is just gorgeous....so much warmth and character now!

  8. I can close my eyes a see what it might have been... So beautiful and so sad - for everyone involved...

    Now on to photographs. (My apologies in a dance for my little lecture...) Your work is your life blood. Each project you do is an investment in your future and your reputation as designers. Believe me - find the best professional interior architectural photographer you can afford and pay them to shoot your projects. A good interiors photographer will instinctively know the right angle and camera lens to use to show off your work at its finest. With those pictures in your portfolio, you can walk into an interview fully confident that your work is beautifully represented, you don't have to apologize for the quality of the pictures and you can concentrate on making sure that the person sitting cross the table from you likes you and wants to hire you to make their home as beautiful as the homes they just saw in the photographs.

    Julie and Danni (Mona if you come back and read this) you do wonderful, wonderful work. You're thinkers. Find a way to get our work photographed professionally.


  9. I love the photo that shows the 3 areas of the stone you used. Very thoughtful to show this. The home is now so cozy. Thank you for sharing your work and photos with us!

  10. Hi Julie and Danni, I love the stone on the dining wall. I agree with you about taking your own pictures. One of my art collectors bought a painting I had finished and was hanging in my sisters loft. he bought it took it off her wall. I think it is the only painting I did not get as image of!

    I am having a $100 Gift Card Giveaway from Soft Surroundings If you would like to enter.

    Art by Karen

  11. Hi Julie and Danni - So pleased to have just discovered your blog. Love all the stone and brick: great texture, organic and very warm. Thanks for sharing. And yes, I am bad about taking photos of projects....need to be more diligent. Cheers, Loi

  12. Lovely job here Julie and Danni. So sad about the divorce though. I always shoot my projects the minute they are ready. Too much can happen if you wait! The stonework and wood floors add so much value here. Great ideas! Love the banquette too.

  13. What a difference the stone and brick made - add such warmth and texture to the space!! Always love your work...

  14. julie and danni
    how warm and inviting of a home you created, beautiful! so glad you were able to capture some photo's, i too am guilty about recording my work even though i tell myself "don't forget to take photo's!"

    love seeing your work, more please?!

  15. I know I already commented, but I just came to look again because I'm in awe of this!

  16. Love the stonework and banquette seating! Beautiful work as usual!

    P/S: Thanks for your lovely comments. :) Is that a birthday song with different lyrics?

    Hope you both had a fantastic weekend!


  17. Great job...same thing happened to me once...house was finished and I was feeling great...and then the couple got divorced. Love the beam and iron chandelier.

  18. Love the brick on the stairs. Too bad about the divorce because they won't be able to enjoy the lovely work. xo

  19. They might be getting a divorce but you are going to help them sell their home much quicker. Great improvements!

  20. Amazing job - I love the brick!!

  21. I enjoyed what you did do...I can imagine how great it might have looked had you been able to finish everything.
    Great job.

  22. The brick on the stairs is a beautiful touch. So sorry that your clients won't be staying in the home. I wish them well.

  23. That stone really makes the room! Lovely!


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