Bookcases in the Living Room

(Phoebe Howard)

Hello Blog-land...

hope you had a great weekend....
Ours was fabulous....

Our Granddaughter was dedicated on Sunday and we spent the day with family....  

We ordered food in and it was so good!

I'm working on a living room design that is going to have bookcases on both sides of the sofa...

we want it to look like a loft and my client has a lot of art...
 Restoration Hardware has a lot of examples of bookcases...

 If you know who designed this..please let me know.

(Restoration Hardware)

The walls are very high and the bookcases will keep everything in balance...
It's a smaller space..but with high ceilings..

(Phillip Jeffries)


We decided to use this one from Noir 

I considered this one, but thought it might be to busy looking.....

This one didn't have the pizazz we needed...all of these bookcases are from Noir furniture..


This will probally be the sofa...
we are looking at one other choice

We like this chair...

Our pillows and drapery fabric...

This room is going to be a multi- functional living space...
they wanted it to be a room that they could work in and entertain.... 
Do you have a living room that serves different purposes? 
Or is it a room that no one really goes in?



  1. Hello Julie,
    I'm loving your fabric selection for this job. Book cases are agreat idea for a space filler with balance and function. Who doesn't like that? Can't wait to see the room finished!

  2. I plan to do this very thing in my formal living room. I saw a pair of pretty vintage etageres in Atlanta that I would love to use. Great fabrics!

  3. I love the black bookcases with the all white accessories. I love the bookcases you chose and the fabrics are beautiful. It's going to be a fantastic room!

  4. sharon smithMay 13, 2013 at 8:10 AM
    Hello Julie,
    I'm loving your fabric selection for your pillows,,,,Book cases are agreat idea for a space , i love the black

  5. That is going to look great. Love the fabrics.

  6. Those bookcases are wonderful! They will add such impact and architecture!! And the fabrics are fabulous.

  7. Gorgeous choices, love the symmetry of bookcases flanking a sofa, it will be beautiful!

  8. All of your choices are so perfect and I hear black and browns are going to be huge this fall so you are right on the cusp with this room.
    Congratulations on the dedication of your sweet little Granddaughter, what a wonderful occasion to celebrate,
    Happy Monday,

  9. Ours was a living room that held antiques but now that we've sold all the old stuff, we're updating with comfy couches and bookcases so that we can entertain, read, hand out and not be bothered by the kids. We'll be looking at bookcases, too, and will need to look at the ones at RH. Sounds like you had a wonderful Mother's Day!
    C + C

  10. I like that Noir bookcase...can't wait to see the finished product!!

  11. This room is going to be amazing!! Can't wait to see! No one ever uses our living room. It's 14x22 feet of wasted space and makes me a bit ill to think about it!

  12. our living room looks more like what most folks think of as a family room--very relaxed and comfy. we have one of RH's etageres in there that works so well. it's huge, heavy, tall and everything looks good on it.



  13. The Noir bookcases are wonderful and I hope you'll show us the finished design. Our living room gets used for entertaining and reading and that's it. We're redecorating it and I'm hoping to put a small desk for a laptop. I want the living room to get more use without a TV since we don't watch much.


  14. First ... I love bookcases. I have become more of a committed bookcase girl in the past several years. I love the warmth and texture and color and love they bring to the space. When you need two as you are looking for .. simple and clean lines make sense! The one that is too busy ... I have used that one for a client (only one!) ... hoping to post on that one very soon!! xo

  15. I love the idea of the bookcases and a multifunctional room. The fabric and decor styles will be gorgeous. RH has some great pieces!

  16. All the textures and colors in Phillip Jeffries photo are my favorite..the sofa color in that photo would mask any mishaps. I cannot wait to see your finished project.

  17. WE have a living room that everyone passes through and hangs in, but also a quiet grown ups only room for night time.

  18. That is going to look fabulous – that Restoration Hardware photo is one of my very favorites from their catalog. I do have a living room with built in bookcases that no one ever uses. But I an in the process of turning it into an office, so hopefully that will change! I really can't wait to see this room when you complete it – I know it is going to be awesome!

  19. I LOVE this! I am a symmetric person, so this is perfect as far as I am concerned. Hope we can see.

  20. This room will be fabulous...love the fabrics...the bookcases will add some nice architecture. Great job.


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