Custom Pillows and Little Details....

Les Indiennes

I love adding custom pillows to my home....

I don't mind spending the extra money to have the custom look...
it also saves me time and energy in the long run........

A home is like an outfit....

you got to add the bling to make it look fabulous....

Jeans are jeans...

but look how she added the jacket and the necklace....

Wa La...

now it makes a statement...

a home is the same way...

This is a picture of my side table in my living room....

I like using some vintage or antique finds....

My lamp is made out of an antique ginger jar and I also like using coral in my vignettes.... it adds a natural element that I love...

I was playing around with different vignettes.. 

I think I like this one the best...

Here's my little secret about pillows..........

I buy cheap pillows for my family room that we lay our heads on and we use them every day.....

 but I also have a set of custom pillows that I put out for company....

they're stored close by so they're handy to grab...

that way I always have beautiful pillows when guests come over...

when your cheap pillows need to be replaced.... you just go to HomeGoods and buy another pair...
and your custom pillows are still perfect!

Thanks for stopping by.....


  1. I don't know if the pillow on your sofa is the cheap one, or the good one. I sure do LOVE it! ( it looks like a good one )

  2. Julie, Your side table looks so pretty and I love the ginger jar, lamp! I've got lots of pillows on my couch and they are always needing to be cleaned (my dogs!) Such a good idea to keep you favorites (custom made) away and ready to come out for special occasions. Beautiful colors!


  3. Hi Julie, I need to hide the good pillows. I like that idea. Your vignette is so fun and fresh.

    1. Had to come back, love this space. Thanks for joining.

  4. Yes,put the good away when grubby little hands are in the house. Love your vignette and you have a nice fiddleleaf fig.

  5. I love your taste Julie, and always enjoy looking at pictures of your beautiful home! Love the nautilus shell styling as well!
    xo N ancy

  6. Julie, Your side table looks so pretty and I love the ginger And your vignette and you have a nice fiddleleaf
    Beautiful colors!

  7. Your home is so beautiful. I am in the market for new pillows and found some at One Kings Lane but have read mixed reviews on the quality and since they are not returnable I am nervous about that. Love your side table, and how you styled it.

  8. Love all your pretty blue and white details. I couldn't agree more that a custom pillow is the perfect accessory for the home. A dear friend has a darling shop and specializes in pillows made from vintage French linens. I just wrote a bunch of copy for her website redesign and she paid me in pillows! The perfect paycheck, I think! Happy Monday XO

  9. I love the tip about the pillows! that is so brilliant- especially with kids! I love the way you decorate; your home is gorgeous.

  10. Your vignette looks beautiful, love the way you styled them. Now I am curious to see the rest of your home. :)

    Thanks for your tips on the pillows, maybe I should get some cheap pillows for daily use as well. :)

    P/S: Come by and enter my current giveaway for a chance to win some colorful handcrafted dinnerware and more!


    Have a great week!


  11. Gorgeous styling and smart tip, Julie! Your fig looks nice and healthy, mine makes me worry sometimes, but then I get new leaves??? :)

  12. What a great trick! With our boys using our couches as forts, beds, etc., we do the same thing and get cheap pillows but now we'll have to invest in some better ones for company. We do think that custom pillows add a little bling to the room. Hope you're having a great start to the week!
    C + C

  13. the vignettes look beachylovely, julie. the blue and white is so refreshing and timleless!

    have a wonderful new week.


  14. i love all your vignette's julie, so fresh and classic. you are so very good!

  15. I love the blue and white on your side table. So pretty! That's funny that you put out the nice pillows for company. I'm too scatter-brained to remember, lol.

  16. I love your pillow secret!! I just wrote a post today on pillows too!!
    xo Kathysue

  17. Just beautiful and that fiddlehead in the background is divine! M.

  18. Julie!
    So beautiful...love everything about your peaceful space!

  19. THank you for sharing your secret! I just had beautiful silk pillows done for the sofa and someone made a mess of them one night--I'm going to get some day pillows and leave the good ones for the guests!

    Have a great day!

  20. Love this idea! And you are so right about spending a little extra on the details. The details make the space and yours looks gorgeous! xo

  21. Julie,
    I love the blue and white vignette you've arranged. What a great lamp. Good idea about the pillows. I feel the same way about custom framing for art. There is something about the touches of a truly talented frame shop that makes even lesser art seem fabulous.

  22. Julie your vignette photos could be in a magazine - perfect!!

  23. You've got some serious styling skills! Absolutely breathtaking and could be in any mag! Those prints you mentioned a couple of days ago are not mine, but they're beautiful!

  24. love your vignettes Julie and your room of blue and white.Blue and white says summer to me. I,too, always put out my blue and white with shells in summer wishing I had some coral in the mix. Great look.

  25. I love your pillow idea. I usually get tired of my custom pillows before they get worn looking but when they do its a good excuse to order new custom goodies.
    Your blue and white accessories are gorgeous.

  26. What a great idea!! I am going to try that one!

  27. Julie,
    Your vignettes are beautiful! Love all the blue and white accessories and accents. Happy August!
    x Loi

  28. It all looks so beautiful, Julie. Just love the addition of the shell and coral in the bowl!! Happy weekend ~

  29. Love your vignettes with the blue and white! But, I have to say I got distracted when I saw your fiddle leaf fig in the background!! I want one of those :)

    Great idea for pillows. I have a mix of custom and HG pillows on our family room sectional. Maybe I should take the custom ones off and save them for guests :)

  30. I have that Les Indiennes paisley fabric in my guest room. My good pillows get trashed...but I do mix in cheaper ones...once in a while. I just like to see the good ones out all the time. I pinned your vignette.

  31. I love your vignettes and your home is beautiful...thanks for sharing. Have a good week. Mona

  32. styling whisperer....dang girl....you got it! I am also big on using something from the sea...preferably coral or a pretty shell...not a shark or anything...in my styling!

  33. Such lovely vignettes!!! Love!!

    The Glam Pad

  34. You are seriously one of the best stylers of vignettes that I have seen. Love the last one, too and your custom pillows look like a million bucks.
    xo Nancy

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  36. Beautiful pillows. I love the combination of colors blue and white.

  37. This comment has been removed by the author.

  38. I love those pillows in my room. Very beautiful looking.

  39. These custom pillows looks so pretty. I want those.


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